War in Middle Earth

Oral History

Oral History of the Australian Origine’ has retained ‘ Old World historical facts that support today’s theory of interference with the natural process of the world’s natural history and indirect the course of its intended flow. The planet and its inhabitant’s near-extinct direct impact. The history books are a sham! A plethora of evidence is mounting a crime of supreme covert, clandestine persuasion. Human effort alone could not undertake such a diabolical plan to execute the undeniable action to blatant brutality upon people and still do. It will take the careful judgement of good sense to speak ‘ Truth of the people to be the best judge in honour and fairness.

History Speaks

Many think that Origine Lore, being an oral tradition, must be fallible…after all; how can [verbal] truth be ‘ held unbroken since the beginning when most people today can’t even keep ‘ Chinese Whispers straight for more than three passes.

But what most don’t realise is that the stars, if you know how to read them [across the vault of heaven] hold all the creation lore, or Bootheram, as the Origine moieties call it, and this knowledge of  specific stars and constellations form vast celestial calendars which ‘remind us to remember critical global events

The Bandjalang, not Bundjalung, records a great war between the matristic old-world tribes [of the Feathered Serpent Traditions] battling patriarchal new world invaders from an area surrounding the Caspian Sea. These recent world invaders travelled down to cripple the ancient tribes of northern India, pushing them to the south towards old Australia.

But, before there was patriarchal law, there was Matristic Lore. Matristic lineages follow stars and migrate seasonally. The vault of the stars can be read, and they can’t be changed, unlike artificial books. The Origine peoples call their ancient matristic lore ‘Bootheram’, and the beautiful thing is it matches the Indian Vedas, the Tamil and the Sanskrit Matsya Purana, also epic poetic works

This war took place over 10,000 years ago, marking the beginning of the ‘New World’ culture onto the southern continent of Australia after yet another global cataclysm had forced migration and evolutionary changes upon the planet.

This invading patriarchal culture would wage war over the matristic tribes of the northern hemisphere for thousands of years. The only thing stopping them from completely invading Old World Australia is post-cataclysmic sea level rise, cutting Australia off from the north of landmasses…thus preserving the Old World matristic Starlore culture.

The southern continent has held its ancestral matristic lore since the Alcheringa [the beginning of the Dreamtime] several million years – and several ice-ages during this time many invaders have arrived, but this particular migration/invasion over 10,000 years ago served to successfully split the ancient Origine culture creating a second wave of culture – patriarchal, with its rites and ceremonies. The ‘new’ arrivals appropriated many matristic lands. This wave of cultural anomalies can be identified in anthropological works of early academics, and thus, the wars of 10,000 years ago began forming the next phase of Australia’s Origine history.

Several recordings of Bootheram lore outlining the war in the earth’s centre were made, initially by first colonial researchers in the late 1800s. Many of those records have been systematically eradicated in sanitised historical rewrites,  funded during “the Ministry of the Arts” political portfolios of the mid-2000’s when the aboriginal nation’s system was being developed and widely promoted any librarian or who opposed the alterations was sacked any individual, ostracised leaving only one independently published work from the early 1950s which recorded and preserved the Bootheram hiding it, not in historical records, but in poetry with shared knowledge of a central landmass that had sunk beneath the oceans and Indian cave art with no decipherable meaning, which also matched Origine oral history.

Of Course, current academics have studied the genetic linkages between the Australian Origine peoples and the Indians. But these studies centre on the patriarchal lineages, whilst it is the matristic that records the ancient hairy genome and how [and why] it is linked to the marriage lore star cycles.

So how did the ‘new world’ arrive in the ‘old world’?

One academic, Professor Alan Cooper, from the University of Adelaide’s Centre for Ancient DNA, says the Indian influence may well have played a role in developing the Aboriginal culture – outlined in a paper titled ‘Genome-wide data substantiate Holocene gene flow from India to Australia’.

Professor Cooper says it is impossible to ignore the link with the discovery of the dingo…” The timing of all those things in the archaeological record, about 4,000 to 5,000 years ago, happens to match the timing estimated for this genetic influx from India,” he said…

The matristic lore of Dogs following the tribes as well as the Starlore of the two heavenly dogs [or dingos] who ‘guard’ the marriage cycle in the stars can be found in many global cultures, including the Anubis of Egypt, or Kemet…and that the Kemet were regularly trading with east Australian tribes several thousand years ago and with India

The India Australia link supported by Bootheram traditions of migrations arriving in Australia occurring over several epochs…not just one…..with the standard global link being the celestial deities spiralling from the south cosmic stars, cyclically, almost all the global remnants of this old world lore has been usurped by the patriarchal, save the matristic lineages in Australia.

Unlike the patriarchal cultures, the matristic moieties [which is mitochondrial or MtDNA breeding – based on star cycles] can trace its bloodlines back millions of years and retain the knowledge of events during those ancient times because of the constancy of the stars, including the ability of ice ages and hairy people.

Professor Cooper also points to another development around the time of the Australian Indian connection – a significant expansion of one of the Aboriginal language groups…

“This other language seems to have taken over Australia relatively recently – perhaps 5,000 years ago,” he said. How it did it, how it replaced the other ancient languages, we don’t know, ”So suddenly, 4,000 to 5,000 years ago is starting to become a somewhat tumultuous time in Australian history.”……he says

There are 3300-year-old maps in the Museum of Cairo with Australia identified on them and hieroglyphs which use Origine southern hemisphere Starlore deities on the pyramids and tombs. There are even Egyptian tombs in Australia [the Gosford Glyphs] all sanitised out of His-story or, like the ‘Hairy-man’ lineages, excluded….

Egyptian map showing Aboriginal – 3,300 BC based on mural from Hierakonpolis tomb mural, on the far right is Australia with a little man with a boomerang

“We know so little about Australian human legacy, and yet it’s perhaps one of the longest continuous occupations of any human cultural group in the world,” Professor Cooper said …….“It’s one of the richest and challenging stories in human history, and we know almost nothing about it.”

The present formations of India, Arabia, Africa, Antarctica, South America and Australia started breaking up due to natural upheavals and moving to different parts of the earth at 15,000 years per mile on average. They found their places in the Asian Continent. which makes this ancient lore VERY old….


Also aligned with Origine matristic Starlore, the Rig Vedic Myths are symbolic expressions of astronomical phenomena, both of lunar asterisms and solar movements, linking them to geological activities; again, the same as Origine Bootheram – as above so below.

‘ Kumari Kandam, the land that lay to the south of India and, later submerged in the Indian Ocean, has been a matter of conjecture for many scholars, but few of them realise [yet] that Australian Origine Starlore is recording the other side of the ancient Indian story.

 “Because of a calamity, which took place in 9,000 BC, terrific destruction occurred and destroyed Chera, Chola and Pandiya Kingdoms, and they all then came and settled in South India. The great scholar Sri Avvai Duraisamy Pillai has established that the “Pancha Dravidam” region consists of Gujarath, Maharashtra, Andhra, Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu”.

“This is the time to write the correct history of Tamil Nadu. In “Irayanar Agapporul” (Nakkeerar Urai), it is mentioned that 72 Pandiya Kings had ruled Tamil Nadu (which was inclusive of the destroyed Kumari Kandam) from 30,000 B.C. to 16,000 B.C. (i.e. for 14,000 years)”.

“Eastern Island, 1,000 miles near Japan, has a script called Rongo Rongo, and it is identical with Mohenjo-Daro letters. This has been fixed as 1,000,000 years old.”

These are just some of the quotes of eminent Indian scholars confirming the migration from the ‘centre of the world’ in northern India and the vast timeframes of these world histories….

Hindostan is a historical region of India considered at various times to include only the upper Ganges River Plateau or all of northern India from the Himalaya mountains to the Deccan Plateau and from Punjab to Assam, which also coincides with the area referred to in matristic Bootheram Lore as ‘the centre of the earth’ Kailash with portions of Bootheram describing a central island area linking Australia to India and a ‘sacred spring.’

Mohenjo-Daro [Mound of the Dead Men] is an archaeological site in Sindh, Pakistan…Built around 2500BCE, it was one of the largest settlements of the ancient Indus Valley and one of the world’s earliest major urban settlements contemporaneous with the civilisations of ancient Mesopotamia, Minoa, Chorte Chico and Egypt with Egypt trading with east coast Origine moieties during these times.

All this global academic speculation includes every continent, except one… AUSTRALIA – the most ancient land on earth…The suppression of the lore by Australian authorities systems denies the matristic Bootheram to be brought to the attention of the masses and unified with the work of international academics……one has to ask why not?

Is it to retain control – by suppressing matristic language and changing maps to keep tenure that allows Earth raped? Or a more profound and darker mystery shrouded in secrecy covered by the annuls of time.

” And the dragon was wroth with the woman and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commadments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.” Revelation chapter 12 verse 17

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