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Turtle Life

Since I visit the dimension of the animal spirits on 19 March, I often thought about the tiny little turtle at my feet. He died. The animals were starving, and I fed them. A feral cat blocks the turtle from the food. That tiny turtle visits me tonight. We can make a difference to the world of animals in our lifetime. A charity service for animals that I support does bush regeneration work. They purchase property and care for it, restoring the land close to its original state. A former sheep property had significant damage to sheep eating below the topsoil undeterred Bush Heritage began to regenerate the land ‘corridors’ for wildlife to move freely within their designated home grounds. Six years later, it paid off with the sighting of a Black-Footed Wallaby was spotted in the area, the first in almost 80 years. Not long afterwards, bush regeneration workers see two Black-Footed Wallabies, a sign the Wallabies were mating. The situation in our oceans is the same and can be restored for the beauty of all the sea creatures. People have come to the realisation we have populations of endangered species, both flora and fauna. I see a world without pollution. It was hard choosing graphics to show off the internal beauty of turtles, and they are adorable creatures, cute and lovable every person can contribute to their welfare and that of all ocean dwellers. Switching from a plastic lifestyle is a step in the right direction. The bush regeneration on a country deemed unfit for sheep to a sanctuary for lost wildlife is a beautiful ‘come true’ story for me. I have the same dream for the turtles, the whales, and the fish people living in harmony with their kindred spirits, the human race.

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