All-Mother God Earth

Many global cultures refer to their matristic epochs as the sacred feminine. A Matristic ( partnership) society centred on the traditional thought of the feminine values of nurture, care, cooperation, protection, unconditional mutual respect, reciprocity and connectedness to the Earth – in short, a matristic order recognise all life springs from the feminine. While being concerned for the rights and well-being of women, needs arise is broadly involved with source of energy in all its manifestations. It is a restoration of the balance to unchecked patriarchy.


Few entities have revered the All-Mother Earth God vibrant worship and devotion in humanity’s long and varied history. Also commonly referred to as the Great Mother, this figure would find expression in multiple forms throughout the world’s innumerable cultural traditions and historical epics. In her most essential representation, this figure would symbolise the sanctity and provenance of the earth itself. This intimate interrelationship between human cultural manifestation and the natural world beautifully enunciated in the words of Marija Gimbutas (1989) in her seminal work The Language of the Goddess:

The Goddess, in all her manifestations, was the symbol of the unity of life in Nature. Her power was in water and stone, tomb and cave, animals and birds, snakes and fish, hills, trees, and flowers. Hence the holistic and mythopoeic perception of the sacredness and mystery of all there is on earth. (p. 321)

The legacy of the All-Mother Earth God stretches back many thousands of years. It is widely understood to exemplify the evolution of nature worship as expressed in human artistic representation and religious ritual (Baring and Cashford 1993).

The Great Mother God in the Evolution of Consciousness

In the tradition of Jungian depth psychology, the feminine principle exists as an essential component in individual spiritual development and the collective evolution of the human species (Jung 1963). Erich Neumann (1954; 1955/1983), one of Jung’s students and most trusted colleagues, produced an extensive study on this subject that outlines the period of the Great Mother as one of the most fundamental stages in human history. During this time, human beings were thought to have ascended to transpersonal levels of consciousness for the first time, especially in the form of shamanic trance. This emphasis on heightened spirituality found expression in personified forms that included “figurines representing certain deities, priestesses, and other mythical personas” (Gimbutas and Dexter 1999, p. 4). Central to this experience of ascent into higher celestial domains is the theme of the world axis, or axis Mundi. In ancient cultures, “the archetype of the world axis produced natural models of the All-Mother eternal life essence in all living things and rituals projected onto natural features like trees and surrounding the natural world. One of “the most ancient of religious impulses was that of animism, in which natural phenomena and the land and all within it, animate or inanimate, were seen as being suffused with spiritual qualities, as being ensouled” (Devereux 2000, p. 20). In recent-ing to such characteristics, Eric Neumann (1955/1983) emphasized that:

numinous sites of a pre organic life, which experienced in participation mystique with the Great Mother, are mountain, cave stone, pillar, and rock—including the childbearing rock—and throne, seat, dwelling place, an incarnation of the Great. It is no accident that ‘stones’ are the oldest symbols of the Great Mother Earth, from Cybele and the stone of Pessinus (relocated to Rome) to the Islamic Kaaba and the rock of the temple in Jerusalem, also the omphaloi, the navel stones, which we find in so many parts of the world. (p. 260)

The Origine’ believe the source of creation is symbolised by a quartz crystal with an internal fracture that cause a rainbow spectrum to appear within it. This sort of quartz was referred to as the crystal throne of the sky; the clear stone itself was called the All-Father (WOO-PA-RA-Yo-wah) The internal rainbow the All-Mother (Bugal Wena). The Divine couple responsible for the entire creation, although all other ancestral beings emerge from the belly of the ancient Grandmother the Rainbow Serpent – Warrazum/Warrajam

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The Earth All-Mother God in World Culture

As outlined above, it was through stones and other symbolic representations of the Earth Mother that this sense of sanctity was expressed, and continued over the centuries and later developed into many of the iconic symbols that still be found today in cultural and religious disciplines throughout the world (Neumann 1955/1983). In European based cultures, for example, the most immediate example of this phenomenon is represented by the Christmas tree, which derives from the ancient and widespread practise of tree worship:

The numinous-feminine character of the tree speaks to us in the romanticism of Greece and the Germanic countries, and the Old Testament. We know— tree cult on the heights; the worship of the cult pole of Asherah, of heaven; and the ritual dance around the tree—from the polemics against it in the Old Testament. In this aspect, the tree belongs to that stratum of life most directly attached to the earth. Older than this stratum is only that of the sacred stones and mountains, which along with water, are direct incarnations of the great Earth Mother. (pp. 259—260)

In the Americas, animals also held great sway as representatives of the Earth Goddess and her sacred covenant with humanity. The inherent strengths and survival Great Mother

 Exploration and experience that arose during this period con-responding represented through such structures as the Ziggurats of Mesopotamia, which signified a meaningful transformation and extension of the powers of the Earth Goddess. Campbell arüculated this critical development as follows:

In the Neolithic village stage of this development and dispersal, the focal figure of all mythology and worship was the bountiful Goddess Earth, the mother and nourisher of life and receiver of the dead for rebirth. In the earliest period, such a mother-goddess may be thought of only as a local patroness of fertility. However, in the temples even of the higher civilizations (Sumer, c. 3500-2350 B.C.), the Great Goddess of most profound concern was undoubtedly more than that. She was already, as she is now in the Orient, a metaphysical symbol: the arch personification of the power of Space, Time, and Matter, within whose bounds all beings arise and die: the substance of their bodies, the configuration of their lives and thoughts, and receiver of their dead. And everything having form or name—including God personified as good or evil, merciful or wrathful—was her child, within her womb. (p. 7)

From the framework above, one observes the Great Mother, emphasizing fertility, nourishment, and the sacredness of the earth, the personified and holy deity of the Great Earth All-Mother, with her markedly expanded spiritual powers cosmological functions. This metamorphosis resulted in the emergence of such iconic figures as Isis, Shakti, Prakriti, and Sophia, which all belong to this widely pervasive archetype of transcendent and spiritually advanced insight (Neumann 1955/1983). And with this revolutionary transformation of the Great Goddess, it thus becomes necessary ‘to distinguish these two characters of the Feminine, which in their interpenetration, coexistence, and antagonism, are an essential part of the Feminine as a whole. These are the elementary and the transformative characters of the Feminine” (p. 24).


The Great Mother’s evolution in mythic form from fertility figure to icon of spiritual transformation would transcend numerous incarnations spanning thousands of years, and represented, according to Joseph Campbell, “a prodigious transformation, certainly the most important in the history of the world” (quoted in Wilber 1981/1996, p. 93). Indeed, so extensive was her proliferation and dispersal throughout world history that no other mythic figure can be said to have held more significant sway or reverence. The All-Mother manifests images as symbolic structures such as the world mountains. The All-Mother Earth divine natural qualities is a compelling expression in a manner that confirms the divine union between all earth’s creatures and its creations—world tree, cosmic mountain, personified divinity, animal deity, and sacred stone. And despite the degradation suffered by the earth in recent centuries and the attendant subjugation of the feminine principle, such mythic images speak to us still, mirroring a place within and pointing to the sacredness of the natural world of which they are divine and eternal reflections. They talk to the very nature of our beings—to the deep and abiding awareness that humanity and the earth are one—and they reveal the earthy hold of All-Mother Earth noble assesses as a sacred place that awaits our redemptive return. In the words of Gimbutas (1989):

The Goddess gradually retreated into the depths of forests or onto mountaintops, where she remains to this day in beliefs and fairy stories. Human alienation from the strong roots of earthly life ensued, the results of which are apparent in our contemporary society. But the cycles never stop turning, and now we find the Goddess re-emerging from the forests and mountains, bringing us to hope for the future, reluming us to our most ancient human roots. (p. 321)

Source: ResearchGate

“And to the woman was given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.” Revelation Chapter 12 Verse 14

Return of the Great Mother

Keeping Box of the Square dance

The keeping box comes into life at five years old as a song. The package was given to me, Bugal Wena, on the same day as the Square dance ceremony place reactivation Sunday 26 March 2017. It was a surreal moment holding the box in my hands two hours after reactivation.
The keeping box is a holy artefact for religious, spiritual and cultural heritage that has universal appeal. The character was known as a ‘ trickster. The original people were ‘ clever and possessed a spiritual mindset to counteract and overdo uninvited spiritual interference. The Origine’ rose above the ‘ devilish tricks. In traditional tribal society, death from old age or injury are considered natural; the group’s elders determined if death occurred outside the Origine norm and usually treated as suspicious, spiritual foul play involvement. Birds acted as ‘witnesses to evils. The structure of traditional society exists in the harmonic flow between the tangible and the spiritual. Any unnatural occurrence has been deemed an intrusion of evil influence. 

The keeping box, the song: a metaphysical “hook.” acts similarly to the magical actions performed in the Square Dance ceremony by tribal priests in subjugating and limiting the “source.” to cosmic foul play.

“the debil is a sly old fox. If I catch him, I’ll put him in a box, lock the door and throw away the key for all the tricks he played on me.” 

The Square dance ritual has its sacred secrets to keep. There was an elaborate plan for the padlock lockbox. 

A vision of a particular colour of blue fabric to place inside the container. At the fabric shop, the same blue colour shown in the picture met me at the door. I purchased one yard of blue material. It has a satin finish. I cut 1 yard of the blue cloth in half and neatly folded the fabric, and placed it inside the box. I placed three crystals on top of the blue satin sheath. The box itself manifests itself in the physical world through the song. An older man from India made the wooden box. The box’s tree was revealed to me, making the package very personal and sacred. His father passed on the trade to him.  

The half of the yard of the blue satin cloth represents the ‘ remnant Kingdom prophesied in the Bible in the last days and how a rest identifies the remnant people chose of God. The colour blue represents obedience to the creative ancestors also God’s Law/Lores to the creation of life.

There was an interrupted ceremony for the grand plan for the spirit of the Earth.

January 2020 realignment to the Diamond Galactic Grid to the Earth Solar Plexus at Uluru, the central Australian desert, followed by the one-time Solstice Astronomical Cosmological Circle of Life, completed the entire cycle of metamorphous and restored balance in the universe.

The precious stones in the wooden box are:

Amethyst – This exquisite soothing crystal carries the energy of creativity and spirituality. It relieves stress, fear and anxiety. Activates spiritual awareness and dissolve negativity – Calms the mind and body during sadness and grief.

Rose Quartz – The Crystal of Universal Love – restores trust and harmony in a relationship encouraging unconditional love. This beautiful energy purifies and reawakens the heart to promote tenderness, healing compassion, self-love and peace.

Clear Quartz: These beautiful crystals are the highest gift from Earth Mother. A master healer and teacher – they can be used for any condition and amplify whatever energy or intent programmed into it. It produces a protective force field of negative ions – purifies the surroundings, and protects the aura. Powerful.

The Square dance Keeping box embodies the qualities of the All-Father Sky and the All-Mother Earth. The half yard of the magnificent blue ‘ remnant represents the world’s first religion: the Starlore children. The Origine’ Matristic Starlore culture follow the Lore/Laws of God the All-Mother and All-Father who have honour creation and all living things.

The first Eternal lore of the tribal initiate’s commencement in the ‘rules is NOT TO BE GREEDY. This lore and obligation of the All-Mother God, Bugal Wena – Caring and Sharing is the first lore of mother earth that sustains all life.

In turn, I communicate with the crystals, relay or transmit vibration from Gran, the Rainbow Serpent and me, and direct the vibratory life force back to the Square dance site. The ritual was Holy, and the ground where the ceremony was executed was unique and special geographically and spiritually. We have an eye on the site anytime at all times. 

The reactivation turns on the power grids in the area, and the ‘ Turning Back stones that gauge subtle shifts in the Earth biosphere alive and sacred. 

The institution, on the grounds of the location, informed and arranged, honoured and respected the details of the place as outlined on the ACL blog/website. And a complete restoration of the importance of the site in Origine culture, religion and spirituality. 

Gran, the Rainbow Serpent, and I clean the Square dance site from top to bottom. It takes some time. We had spiritual assistants to help ensure the place was ‘ properly cleared and contained. Finally got the message, ” the hatch is in the hole. We did it—five decades of experience behind me. All the hard work done. Despite the overwhelming obstacles of the colonial invasion and occupation.

The Dream is completed itself.

The Order of the Universe is restored

Closure Statement

Father Sky and Mother Earth are a sacred marriage between heaven and Earth. The All-Father and the All-Mother are one united to life and to love. The celestial elements are grandeur of a high order and the harmony of the natural world and its creatures, not an afterthought. Eons existed previous to creating the Earth predetermined arrangements for our time are in place. The essence of the spirit of the All-Father and All-Mother God is love.

One Sky One Earth One Lore

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