Hidden Power of Earth

The previous months since April 16 have been chaotic for remarkable planetary restoration or repair. During this time, much information presented itself (I trust my sources) in a sequence of events unfolding as the cosmos displayed an astrological portrait of the time-space continuum in sync with Earth, in particular, the Planet Leylines. It’s also anContinue reading “Hidden Power of Earth”

Earth Secrets Revealed

Gran, Warrazum the ancient grandmother the Rainbow Serpent and Bugal Wena, All-Mother share the same physical body. Gran lives on the left side, I live on the right. The Rainbow Serpent is the original Galactic creator, Bugal Wena is the earth made flesh and bone. I know my earthly body well, having Gran, the RainbowContinue reading “Earth Secrets Revealed”

Artificial & Fraud History

Aboriginal Creation Lore must note historical discrepancies to the “natural history of the world human origins clouded in mystery. We did some investigations. “The history of the first civilisation question why human beings advanced so rapidly than those who already existed on the ancient planet. People, through their religion, try to offer answers to theContinue reading “Artificial & Fraud History”

The Last Laugh

The team at Aboriginal Creation Lore possess a highly evolved ‘ sense of humour. We laugh in the face of ‘ absurdity we confront daily, the “Albino fake history.” an excellent example of ‘ ludicrous. Each day archeological findings and scientific research.’ believe there is evidence claiming to be the “extinct ancient humanoids.” that resemblesContinue reading “The Last Laugh”

Which Way to Heaven?

People are confused, no doubt, by false and fraudulent historical narratives. Aboriginal Creation Lore is created to dismiss lies and dishonesty. The world is on the cusp of eternal rebirth; many people have blocked access to truth from ancient times. The Albino Illuminati and their lowlife leader, the Mowi, aka satan, continue to blind theContinue reading “Which Way to Heaven?”

True Life Reborn

Aboriginal Creation Lore is very understanding of the nature of humanity. All people are born innocent—the “structures and systems” in place doom people to failure. The fabricated lie of today’s existence humans believe, since birth, has always been the same since their great-grandmothers. We will try to explain the difference. In Origine’s cultural beliefs, lore,Continue reading “True Life Reborn”

Bring Back Life

Aboriginal Creation Lore blog and website is the official authority on the earth bestowed by the Highest Order of the Creator Spirit, Pronounced WOO-PA-Ra-Yo-wuh and the High 24 Celestial Elders. The conflict between good and evil on my good Earth continues unabated. Gran (Ancient Grandmother, Warrazum, the Rainbow Serpent), and I have been in spiritualContinue reading “Bring Back Life”

Order of the Spirits

The Aboriginal Creation Lore website is accurate, honest and truthful. A “Goong” was passed down to me from my maternal Grandmother. Goong translates to – Spirit of Truth. When Gran (RS) and I cleaned the realms of spirits and dimensions of the Dreamtime creatures, we moved in the circle of spirits. Often, when entering aContinue reading “Order of the Spirits”