Prepare for Judgement

Aboriginal Creation Lore, Gran, Warrazum the Rainbow Serpent and myself Bugal Wena, All-Mother God on behalf of the Higher Lore/Law to the known Universe have a sacred and spiritual responsibility and obligations to inform the inhabitants of Earth a ‘ cut-off point to the life of the world as we know it has been reached.Continue reading “Prepare for Judgement”

Preserving the Seed

It is a question of preserving the seed within rests the chances for human survival during the closing and opening of an enormous cycle. The Australian government’s total lack of vision is viciously symptomatic of governments all over the world: instead of recognising the cultural treasure of the Origine people, it continually thwarts their effortsContinue reading “Preserving the Seed”

Dreaming and Creation

Aboriginal Creation Lore would like to begin to prepare the mind of those ‘ connected people for their lives in the New Heaven on Earth and give an idea of how we will live our lives. Modelled after the Original Blueprint to Humanity a culture that has proved its capacity to integrate the entirety ofContinue reading “Dreaming and Creation”

Cruising Home

The team at Aboriginal Creation Lore, Gran the Rainbow Serpent and myself, Bugal Wena, are on auto-pilot now the dilemma that entertains the masses into mass illusions of grandeur complete. Our efforts to right a wrongdoing and injustice to the world’s people are fraught with immense obstacles deeply entrenched in the human psyche over generationsContinue reading “Cruising Home”

Which Way to Heaven?

People are confused, no doubt, by false and fraudulent historical narratives. Aboriginal Creation Lore is created to dismiss lies and dishonesty. The world is on the cusp of eternal rebirth; many people have blocked access to truth from ancient times. The Albino Illuminati and their lowlife leader, the Mowi, aka satan, continue to blind theContinue reading “Which Way to Heaven?”

Brand New Day

Aboriginal Creation Lore would like to thank our loyal subscribers for believing in the grand dream of All-Mother God Bugal Wena for the children of my world. The Universe is actively submerged in Goonge – Spirit of Truth and is a positive natural vibration of the earth mother with her natural satellites and that ofContinue reading “Brand New Day”

A Crying Shame

Aboriginal Creation Lore, Gran the Rainbow Serpent and Bugal Wena All-Mother God find the “authorities.” campaign to eradicate ALL TRUTH is absurd and ludicrous beyond belief. The depths of depravity in the demonic planes now infest the people. Our Mission Statement is that Aboriginal Creation Lore aware that people have free will to make informedContinue reading “A Crying Shame”

Coming in From the Cold

“Few entities have revered the All-Mother Earth God vibrant worship and devotion in humanity’s long and varied history. Also commonly referred to as the Great Mother, this figure would find expression in multiple forms throughout the world’s innumerable cultural traditions and historical epics. In her most essential representation, this figure would symbolise the sanctity and provenance of the earth itself.”

Payback Time

The evilness and lies of the authorities were exposed. A world Grand Jury established and found the Coronavirus vaccine to be ineffective. A deliberate ploy to eradicate the human population for the minority elite who control the mainstream media and world governments. The Illuminati bloodlines families are the core to rampant, unbridled disorder, chaos andContinue reading “Payback Time”

Celebration of a New World

Aboriginal Creation Lore is family owned and created for the children of mother earth. We move forward into a new beginning and a clean slate. There are no barriers or requirements for entrance to the new heaven on earth; belief in the dream of a lifetime is the recommended and only prerequisite for admission. WeContinue reading “Celebration of a New World”