The GAME is OVER 11/1/2017 @11.11PM — The cover Ups Uncovered The killers revealed and the Key Whitness speaks Out after several attempts on His life

U.N. The Notice to be recorded on the day dated 11/1/2017 Time 11:11 PM The GAME is now over .! warning the game is over. Check mate. game over. Red Dog the Goat Concured NO KIDDING ! Game is Over Now. The True king of kings of England Has been check mated and excepted gracefully […]Continue reading “The GAME is OVER 11/1/2017 @11.11PM — The cover Ups Uncovered The killers revealed and the Key Whitness speaks Out after several attempts on His life”


The rhythmic cycles of growth for the earth and humans are driven by pulsations of invisible force fields, which the Origine’ tribal people call the ancestral creation beings. The great ancestral beings were vast, unbounded, intangible vibratory bodies similar to lots of energy. These same hidden fields of force pervade our earthly environment, as wellContinue reading “THE DREAMING OF MAGNETIC COSMOS”

Spirit of Existence-Goong

There was a disrupted ceremony for the plan of the great spirit of Earth. Proliferation of all living species- magic increase sites also for the human races longevity. According to the Starlore Skinlore traditions Predetermined by annual transit of the celestial vault mirrored terrestrially onto the topography of the earth itself to signify harvest marriageContinue reading “Spirit of Existence-Goong”

Wild Side of life

I don’t own a television or listen to the radio. I get the latest reports on the health of the world, and all the latest archeological founding into my website feeds. It is becoming more evident to those in scientific circles of the huge anomalies that don’t fit into the suggested Evolution of Species ofContinue reading “Wild Side of life”

Prehistoric Society

The history of the natural world and the ancients go back further than the history books. The ancient Dreaming stories I was given over my lifetime is authentic genuine, and perfect truth. The celestial calendar followed by the semi-nomadic tribes or clans of prehistory way of life predetermined according to the annual star patterns isContinue reading “Prehistoric Society”

Dream Time

I have been in ‘streams of consciousness with no break or interruption for fifty years since age four. Bootherum Dreamtime continuum is a seamless beginning to beginning within the time-space continuum. Quantum physicists theories drool Dreamtime. I connected the two after watching a seven-minute video on Einstein’s theory of relativity on YouTube. Quantum sciences supportContinue reading “Dream Time”

The Tree of Life

Bootherum Dreaming stories given to me since I was a child. I remember all the Dreaming stories. The command thread was always a big fight involved with the peoples. I’ve noticed the old Bootherum Dreaming stories have disappeared over my lifetime. In my mother’s creation story centres around The Tree of Life. The Moreton BayContinue reading “The Tree of Life”


In Sacred Geometry, the Archangel Metatron guards the Tree of Life. Metatron, the angel of life, oversees the flow of energy in the Universe. The most famous symbol associated with him is the mystical cube known as Metatron’s Cube. Metatron’s Cube represents the journey of energy throughout the Universe and of balance with the Universe.Continue reading “Creation”