Cruising Home

The team at Aboriginal Creation Lore, Gran the Rainbow Serpent and myself, Bugal Wena, are on auto-pilot now the dilemma that entertains the masses into mass illusions of grandeur complete. Our efforts to right a wrongdoing and injustice to the world’s people are fraught with immense obstacles deeply entrenched in the human psyche over generationsContinue reading “Cruising Home”

The Last Laugh

The team at Aboriginal Creation Lore possess a highly evolved ‘ sense of humour. We laugh in the face of ‘ absurdity we confront daily, the “Albino fake history.” an excellent example of ‘ ludicrous. Each day archeological findings and scientific research.’ believe there is evidence claiming to be the “extinct ancient humanoids.” that resemblesContinue reading “The Last Laugh”

The Destruction Of Innocence

Aboriginal Creation Lore, Granny (the Rainbow Serpent), and I, All-Mother God are the last bastion of truth remaining on the earth. The Illuminati, the family of the Mowi, aka the devil, satan, and the worldwide governments they “own” have begun the murder of babies via the death jab, coronavirus vaccine. We are dedicating our blogsContinue reading “The Destruction Of Innocence”

The Other Side

Aboriginal Creation Lore takes time to decide those people who will be placed on the “other side.” It is also a term used in the mental health units where patients are “caged.” privileges are taken away, and patients are locked in their bedrooms overnight and released when breakfast is served. Staff threatens patients to theContinue reading “The Other Side”

How It Works

The evilness of the human mind has no boundaries. The Higher Order of the Universe has taken careful considerations into account to those people who hold power and influence in the world determine the fate of humanity demise. There was a deliberate strategy to roll out 5G technology, the 5th generation internet radio spectrum frequencyContinue reading “How It Works”

Mastermind Agenda

Without truth and justice, the people suffer. There is much misconception and distortion between the actual reality of life and myth. As I grew up, my mother mantra “you have to get to the bottom of the problem.” I was in good stead with pearls of wisdom passed down from the family’s matriarchs. I wasContinue reading “Mastermind Agenda”