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In the Beginning…

A Bootheram

Aboriginal Creation Lore, the Original Blueprint of Humanity, is the only website of its kind in collaboration with the Ancestral Creative Spirits, who are the intelligence of the Universe and, therefore, beings of a high order. An honest and accurate account of the actual natural history of the world that smothered under the weight of time. The world once Matristic Starlore culture semi-nomadic clans whose lives were dictated by the celestial vault. The Stars. The fragments of the Starlore culture still be found in the lost world of the ‘Old World Keepers of the ancient Galactic time of life and the structure of their ordered society. The original Grand plan for the spirit of the Earth.

But it goes back further before the appearance of the physical world. It was a spiritual society embedded within the timeframes of the eternal life of beings whose dwelling places exists in multi-levels of existence. The time of the Grandmother’s and Grandfather’s being is unfathomable. The makeup of the human mind is unable to customise vastly Archaic timeframe for the ‘ Old People. The dance of the original Galactic creator of the Rainbow Serpent began over 3.6 billion years ago. The Feathered Serpent Traditions of the Rainbow Serpent Lore start life on earth.

What happened? There is a beginning and an end to the story. It begins in the realms of Heaven itself. The Kingdom’s of the ‘ Old People thrived and were happy. Their world was disturbed by an outsider who forfeits the gift of existence or the Spirit of Truth and Life itself. In favour of rebellion against the structure and order of the Heavens, including the natural order of the world and the universe we live in. Its deeds and ways knew by the original people of the earth and thus possessed the mindset to counteract its methods of unnatural occurrence. This specific being has become lost over the history of life on the earth and remains anonymous until now.

As we move forward through time and space the actual story of the world’s natural history will become apparent and will determine the fate of the story. Events are taking place right now across the globe as the catastrophic results of humanity’s interference with the universe’s natural order. It is an unavoidable mistake, but good is to become of it, and a Testimony that the Bootheram Dreamtime Lore must NEVER CHANGE. The Aboriginal Creation Lore website is designed differently than most other sites. It is a story unfolding of time itself, a dream already complete but remains in the ever-present moment of the Bootheram Dreamtime continuum. Time does not exist. Clocks do, and down through the ages, the minds of humanity revolves around it, slated and prophesied to understand the true nature of experience in the existence of Goong – Spirit of Truth.

Join us as we navigate through unchartered territory. The Truth.


Stories of Spirit

The Dowie or spirit is immortal. Even after death our spirit goes home, back to the source of its beginning, in the Dreamtime continuum; the ever-present moment. The Dreaming never cease to exist. The ever-present moment remains in the past, present and to the future, all at one time in all places. It is timeless revelations of the true meaning of life and the core of the Original Blueprint set out for the inhabitants of the earth and it can NEVER be changed. The Starboards in the heavens were the Ancients calendar and record keeper of creation of the world.


The Grand Plan

Many global cultures refer to their matristic epochs as the sacred feminine. A Matristic (a partnership) society centred on traditional thought of the feminine values of nurture, care, cooperation, protection, unconditional mutual respect, reciprocity and connectedness to the Earth – in short, a matristic order recognises that all life springs from the feminine. While concerned for the rights and well-being of women, needs to arise is broadly involved with the source of energy in all of its manifestations. It is a restoration of the balance to unchecked patriarchy.


Return Home

It is unfathomable to begin comprehension of the restoration of my world. The great grandfather and grandmother trees will be back to living again. All species lost to extinction will return-the pristine atmosphere alone, is too beautiful to understand. Death return to life but better than the first time. It will take centre stage in the universe, a thrilling intoxication of natural highs unimaginable. The dream is complete.

Let’s go back to the beginning

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