The Ultimate Life Event

New Moon 11 May 2021. It has now come to that point in the time-space continuum to vastly disclose a deliberate and systematic academic, scientific and left Christian philosophy perpetrated by an elite minority to overthrow human rights rob the people of their—inherited birthright freewill and freedom of choice. People need new hope. To wake up and live free from greed and corruptible systems.

My totemic skin name is Bugal Wena [Pronounced BOOG-AL-Wee-nuh] and means Caring and Sharing, from the languages of the Bird Tribes. It was given by my creative ancestors and through tradition related through kinship lore. Hence, I become the living reincarnation of the ancestral spirit I am named for and inherited the traditional obligations to protect and uphold lands and waters just as it was in the Dreamtime. I am the reincarnated living All-Mother God in the flesh and bone. The physical-biological body of the earth.

I must remain relaxed and comfortable to maintain the planet’s internal temperatures stable to the plants’ and animals’ thermostat temperatures. Scientists worldwide monitor planets’ activities, oblivious to the earth made flesh and in a healing crisis. Humans cannot feel the changes in the atmosphere; it is subtle. I am keeping the planet stable in balanced.

I am a powerful healer and mitigate with all creatures, all places everywhere. I dream of the new heaven on earth and all humanity under the umbrella of one big happy family with kindred spirits: the animals and the plant kingdoms. Society has been treading on the wine mill for much too long. It is time to tell the children the truth.

-Reunion –
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