The Ultimate Life Event

New Moon 11 May 2021. It has now come to that point in the time-space continuum to disclose my true identity. People need a new hope. To wake up and live free from greed and corruptible systems. I could no longer wait. My totemic skin name Bugal Wena [Pronounced BOOG-AL-Wee-nuh] means Caring and Sharing. Was given by creative ancestors and related through kinship tradition. Hence, I become the living reincarnation of the ancestral spirit I am named for and inherited the ancestral obligations to protect and uphold lands and waters just as it was in the Dreamtime. I am the reincarnated living All-Mother in the flesh and bone. The body of the earth. I must remain in a cool, comfortable setting to keep the planet internal temperatures stable to maintain the plants’ and animals’ thermostat temperatures. Humans cannot feel the change. I am keeping the planet stable in balanced. I am a powerful healer and mitigate with all creatures, all places everywhere. I dream of the new heaven on earth and all humanity under the umbrella of one big happy family with their kindred spirits: the animals and the plant kingdoms. We have been treading on the wine mill much too long. It is time to tell the children the truth.

-Reunion –
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