Out of Australia Theory – The Evidence

Finally, the Out of Australia theory evidence proves the Origine’ Matristic Starlore culture to the Rainbow Serpent Lore was the first on the earth. The delusional view homo sapiens evolved from the apes gives rise to the Out of Africa theory proposed by Charles Darwin, 1859, apes come from Africa. The Darwin theory is seriously flawed as more evidence pushes human origins further. The Out of Africa is the accepted only origins of humanity. Why?

Darwin’s theory justifies the white, male and superior preeminence and believes the Black man is a retrograde human; it was theorised the Black people whose brain cavity more resembles the ape and therefore remain at the bottom rung of the ladder in the food chain. The Aboriginal Creation Lore blog and website reveal the white people, merely the Albino to India’s pure Black Dravidian Indian. The rise and rise of the dominant patriarchal NEW white race perpetuated by the influences of occult relevance. The Albino originate from central Asia. In 112 years after King Edward the I execution, a Black Royal, the Freemason Lodge, formed in 1717. A cult-followed now called the Illuminati made of thirteen families who control the world, education systems worldwide, entertainment, economic, scientific and academic communities, and all public information. The Illuminati is a Satanic organisation that also contains the world’s governments. The hesitance for Archeological research in Australia is due to this very fact. The world has been lied to and deceived continually by the elite families with Satanic Bloodlines who intermarry to maintain monopoly and confusion in the world.

The Royal Houses of Europe, including the British Monarchy, of occult persuasions, has been kept secret with unchecked evilness of pedophilia, child sacrifice and the children sex slave trade. The Illuminati is not above the Laws/Lores of the Creators, and the Law of God commits severe infractions of the Dreamtime Lores, including cosmic foul play. The Aboriginal Creation Lore blog and website are the authority given by the Highest Order in the Heavens and the Earth and is outside and above ALL earthly jurisdiction.

Aboriginal Creation Lore presents sufficient evidence to the Mowi. Its crimes against children trace back to an ethereal-spiritual timeframe.

The Ngarakbul Githabul Bootheram or Dreamtime records the entire creation of the Universe maintained in the Oral format and is subsistent throughout because Bootheram Lore comes from the Stars, an incorruptible Lore. Nobody can change the Stars. Bootheram must NEVER change that is the LORE.

Alcheringa Island – Moreton Bay – East Coast Australia

The traditional Lore of the Yoocum-Yoocum Moiety is Matristic Rainbow Serpent Culture.  Commencing from the Alcheringa it is the marriage of the fresh waters and the salt waters.

I am going to share a “Boogaram” [creation lore] with you about the Alcheringa and why it is SO important….and how it starts in the land and waters [geology and hydrology] of the ancient Clarence Moreton Basin of east coast Australia….the lore of Warrazum/Warrajam – Grandmother Rainbow Serpent    

Alcheringa is indelibly linked to the Rainbow Serpent [water serpent] fertility cult of the Old-World tribal culture of Australia…It is the most ancient of the continent’s cultures. It is a Matristic culture – not matriarchal, not patriarchal…It is the Dreamtime Matristic waterlore.

The song[line] of creation commences on the continent’s most easterly geographical sites and then travels right across Australia, following the stars ……BUT the sea levels change throughout time, and so the ancient lore sites move here on earth…But the stars remain the same, and so the Higher Lore NEVER changes.

As above, so below – the creation Lores of Grandmother Rainbow Serpent and the Seven Sisters can be read every evening, across the night sky, like a book…and corresponding terrestrial sites can be visited and rituals performed to commemorate the creation of life on earth.

The grandmothers form can be seen in the southern hemisphere of the Milky Way galaxy

Commencing in the Alcheringa [the beginning] the songline rites celebrate the union of the salt water and the fresh waters in the ancestral lands of the Yoocum Yoocum Moiety of the most easterly landscape on the East Coast of the Australian continent – in the words of Archibald Metson Cheif Protector of Aborigines “the most extensive dialect in Australia not even excepting the ‘Kamilroi’ and ‘Wirradjerie”….. Geologically this region is known as the Clarence Moreton Basin, and through it flows the fresh waters of Alcheringa Waterfall to merge and mingle with the saltwater’s surrounding Alcheringa Island


Alcheringa Island is located in the salt waters of Moreton Bay Australia [@ 27.6102° S, 153.3554° E]…… It is a small island which colonial surveyors gazetted as Macleay Island, named for a colonial secretary from the 1820’s……but to the Yoocum Yoocum it has always been “Alcheringa” and very sacred to the Rainbow Serpent Waterlore.

Alcheringa Island is the most easterly volcanic plug from the Tweed [Wollumbin] Volcano eruption of 23 million years ago …. Located 80km to the south of the island the Tweed Wollumbin Caldera is the biggest erosion caldera in the southern hemisphere, and among the largest calderas in the world….. It is also one of the few places in the world where erosion processes have revealed the sedimentary deposits and metamorphic rocks underlying the caldera…….

The Wollumbin volcano erupted when the earth passed over the East Australian Hotspot about 23 million years ago, its lavas [then] erupting through the first ancient layer, the 250-200-million-year-old Brisbane Metamorphic Series, and then spreading out over the secondary layer of the Clarence-Moreton Basin sedimentary floor which was deposited 135-200 million years ago…These three separate eruptions mark three distinct geological epochs which can be clearly identified, and the final stage eruption is the one which birthed ALCHERINGA Island along with the lavas which created the Lamington Plateau where Alcheringa Waterfall is situated…

Compared to the greater context of the ancient Dreamtime Lore geological metaphors 500-250 million years is relatively recent in the exploits of the Rainbow Serpents Creation  ‘dance’ ….. In actuality the geological story of the Rainbow Serpent creating the very first land begins far, far, far early, in the west of the continent, in the northwest Pilbara, over 3.6 billion years ago

But because the stars rise on the east of the Australian continent, and the stars themselves are the storyboard, the story is sung backwards- from east to west from the beginning, the ALCHERINGA, is sung way back…I mean way, way, way, way, way back – 3.6 billion years back to the time when the very first land emerged from the primordia waters “Tjookapa Tcheringa” – when the primordial sea covered all of the planet. Long BEFORE the Pilbara began……..and, that “song line” happens EVERY single day & night as sure as the stars rise and travel from east to west, for no human force can ever dream of welding the power to halt the stars.

” And the dragon was wroth with the woman and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.” Revelation chapter 12 verse 17

Aboriginal Creation Lore apologies for the removal of the Out of Australia – Evidence videos. We will have copies back on the ACL blog and website soon

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