The Yowie People

I am related to the Yowie People on both sides of the family. My people used to trade with them when travelling up the mountain range for the annual Regional ceremonies. The Yowies liked a shiny object. I saw two Yowie people in the Bush. Male and Female. I was on a night-time walkabout. The Yowies intercepted me; they knew I was coming. The male was about 7ft; the female, much smaller she hid behind the male and peeked at me. I lost track of the Yowies. I could not relocate their spiritual vibe. Last week I felt the Yowie spiritual presence. They gave me a visit last night. They are the most beautiful creatures—Yowies vibratory tone in tune with the Earth’s. No wonder I could not track them. They communicate with animals and are vegetarian. The Yowies highly tuned to their surroundings and sense human presence miles away. It is whys trying to find a Yowie so rare. They have beautiful energy—nature creatures of the Earth. The Yowie people know what is going on and are happy to be connected with me.

The Yowie People are gentle giants of nature

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