Family of the Deep Sea

I have out of body encounters with the animals, just the same I do with the spirits/Dreamtime creatures. My experience is random and brief. I know instantly where I am, and I know it’s not of the world. I had a visit from Uncle Whale. It’s getting close to the annual and obligations whale migration as they swim their way up the East Coast of Australia to the birthing sites. I can feel their spiritual vibes, so can they. All creatures, including the hidden, are happy to be connected to me. My close encounter with Uncle Whale was a happy occasion. Suddenly out of nowhere, I was staring into a whale Takes a second to realise it was Uncle. His eyes were smiling at me; he waits so long to see me again. I had been sending messages to my Whale family always with love. And it always pays off. I know now the Animals and hidden creatures all happy to be connected. Uncle Whale is not far away. He’s been making contact reinforcing the bond between humans and all creatures. I had to share the story Uncle Whale wanted that. People must understand the lore applied to humans is the same for all creatures, great and small. It must be understood how closely connected humans are to animals. I am the spirit of Caring and Sharing in its purest form. I have a sacred spiritual and social responsibility and obligations I have known since age twenty. Look Listen Learn.

Uncle Whale smiles with his eyes

Transformation and Rebirth

Full moon in six days. Set goals for coming to Winter Solstice. Our biological rhythms tune in naturally to the annual cycles of mother earth. The vault across the Universe speaks eternally truth unchanging. The time for Re-birth is now. Matristic society had both a nurturing quality and quality harmonics in balance with the Universe. A different portion of the sky attributed to continents, in our case Australia. WE are at the beginning of the cycle, the final. Each new epoch The essence of Dreaming Bootheram is love.


The Whale Family

The Mirning people in South Australia are the Whale Dreamers. I was very honoured to see a Documentary called “Return of the Whale Dreamers”2004. It was seven years in the making. The Elder present Uncle Bunna Laurie. He had been a public figure within the Aboriginal music circles since the 80s. The venue was the Southern Cross University in Lismore, NSW. Before the documentary began, Uncle Bunna tells a personal encounter with a mother whale and her baby. He was down by the sea singing the traditional songs of his people. The mother whale heard the song and came close to the shoreline to listen. She remembered the song. Her baby was close by her side. The mother whale then swims away from the shoreline, still in Uncle Bunna view. The mother whale told her baby the song. The baby whale swims to the shoreline close to Uncle Bunna. The baby whale turns over onto its back and reveals a diamond shape on its belly—the Totemic design of the Mirning people. It is a spellbinding and authentic traditional encounter between an Origine elder and their totemic species who have faithfully preserved their kinship ties. The whale family are archaic storytellers. It is time to listen.

– The Whale Family Ancient Living Time Capsules –

Winter Solstice Down Under

It was the first-quarter moon at the time of my birth. Full moon winter solstice six days later. Ti-tree flowers herald the arrival of the whale migrations to birthing sites. To realign with cyclic melody and set our souls free, we flock like birds to the natural terra-henge of Australias East Coast – Wallamban. Here Solstice is a time for honouring the source of ancient lore. Wallamban – Caterpillar Dreaming of the Yookum Yookum. Twelve days before winter, Solstice is the Helical Rise of Pleaides 7 Sisters – Feminine. We are followed by the Helical Rise of Sirius – for the Masculine. A Sacred marriage made in Heaven occurs at the centre of the Galaxy. The Matristic Starlore Pentagram alignment guarded by two celestial dogs. The Ancestral Origine’ Starlore of Australia acknowledges two souls – male and female. And from this comes the Totemic system of connection to this Planet. To the Origine’ it is known as Skinlore, and it comes from the Stars. It is in the heavens above us to inspire and remind us we are all connected. Metaphoric lores of Transformation. Caterpillar to Butterfly. Life birth, death, and return to the source – repeatedly—the song of each and passing year written across the vaults of Heaven.

– Helical Rise of Pleiades & Sirius

Uncle Birdman Says Hello

On some occasions, I can enter into multidimensional existence levels unexpectedly and at any given moment. This was the case when I enter into Uncle Birdman frame of reference. Unlike Uncle Frogman, my encounter with Uncle Birdman was brief. Out of the blue, I found myself in another place; I was in a waking state. I saw Uncle Birdman walking. As soon as he laid his eyes on me, he rushed me in a rage. Boy, did I get out quick—bad-tempered. Uncle Birdman upper body had bird features in appearance. His legs were human. He was also stuck in a place he did not want to be. Years later, he ‘photo-bomb my visionary eye; I knew then he got out of “that.” place. The Dreamtime creatures were all in there, a place they did not belong. How did my family end up there? I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of this puzzle for years. The Dreamtime creatures are safe now. Most importantly, they are happy. And this makes me happy also. The image below is as close to how uncle Birdman is today. Grateful. I can feel his positive vibes.

– Uncle Birdman Is Well & Happy –

Kookaburra New Dawn

I inherited the

I inherited the Kookaburra totem from my maternal Grandmother. I was given the Kookaburra Dreaming story as a child. Early in Dreamtime, the world was in darkness. The people were asleep. The three elders who lived in the sky decided to make a big fire for daylight, for the people to wake from their slumber. They begin their work. Soon the World was filled with light. The people woke up from hibernation and were happy to see Daylight. The big fire in the sky burn all day long. Then the fire in the sky begin to die down leaving only the smouldering coals, which created the first sunset. The three elders knew the people need light for daytime. They needed to be woken from sleep to begin the big fire. One day the elders hear the loud laughter of the Kookaburra coming from the bushland. It was decided the Kookaburra raucas laughter would wake them to begin the big fire for the people to have light. The Kookaburra agreed to laugh at dawn for the elders as the sign it was the beginning of a new day. I am the original Kookaburra chosen by the three elders. While I was in a sleeping state, I went into the dimension of the three elders. I knew immediately where I was. I seen my three Uncles, standing huddled together. They looked blue in colour. I walked past my three Uncles into a cave which was pitch dark. I heard Bob Marley singing. I walked out of the cave and past my Uncles. They were now sitting down around a campfire, their colour had come back. My question. At what point in time did the fire go out?

Inherited Dreaming Story
– The Fire in the Sky –

Butterfly Dreaming

It all began in Firstlight country and will end when it all started in the Alcheringa – the beginning of the Dreamtime. East Coast Australia. Wollumbin, cloud catcher, caterpillar Dreaming. The Arrernte in the central Australian desert since the beginning “sing” the Storey to embody the Origine Consciousness and sealed for the next Dreaming. I will continue to Dream Dreams of the new truth—the Australian Aborigines, the – chosen people – who remained faithful to the Lores of Creation.

– Ascension – by DeviantArt

A Reflection of Another Dimension

I have been into multidimensional existence levels, in a waking state and a sleep state. I saw my uncle, Frogman. He was so sad. I tried to get close to him to give him comfort. He kept moving away from me. I soon realised that he was stuck – someplace he did not want to be. I had to leave. I promise to myself I will rescue uncle Frogman.

Needless to say, ……..

– Other Worlds – by Sally Morgan

Shamanic Healing

I went into the dimension of the animal spirits while in a sleeping state last night. I fed them; they were starving. The turtle was blocked from the food by a feral cat. He died. He turned into an inflatable turtle. When I picked up the turtle, there were more inflatable turtles underneath. It was a comforting sign. In the Dreamtime stories, the dead come back to life. If it’s in the Dreaming stories, it is. Facts. Turtles need only the breath of life.