Earth Holds the Genetic Code

Human dreams human creation takes place within a dream that is already complete. Therefore, humankind must remain cognizant and respectful of the great dream of the world so that all our ways and works and energies reflect the heartbeat of creative ancestors. In essence, this is the Dreamtime Lore: maintaining sensitivity to an invisible metaphysical blueprint, physically sensed and symbolically read in the topography of the earth. The subtle energies and symbolic forms of the landscape provide organisational norms and precedence that people must maintain to be in harmony in the world. A living spirit inherent in the physical body and the earth.

It is important to recognise that the Origine’ way of life retains the seed of human culture. Therefore, it is of great importance to humanity to protect the seed. The return of the seed, the re-establishment of our basic humanity and the beauty and sacredness of nature is the image of our future. After the fruit decomposes and reveals the seed, a new cycle begins when the seed breaks its shell, and the dormancy of imagination ends. Time is the duration from seed to fruit.

– Life Renew Life –

Crystyal Throne

Quartz symbolises the source of creation crystal with an internal fracture that causes a rainbow spectrum to appear within it. This sort of quartz was referred to as the Crystal throne of the sky. The clear stone itself was called the All-Father, the internal rainbow the All-Mother. However, all the other ancestral spirits emerge from the belly of the Rainbow Serpent as Dreaming powers, responsible for the entire creation.

These numerous ancestral beings were disembodied psychic and physical qualities that together express the entire nature of the omnipotent All-Father and All-Mother. During the Dreamtime, their interactions formed the earth, and as it ended, their characteristics were embodied in both animals and humans.

These ancestral characteristics are reflected in the animals’ external bodily forms and behaviour and the psychology and emotions of human beings. The internal life of the animals reflects the Universal spirit or consciousness of the All-Father and AL-Mother. The external human body, with its upright bilateral symmetry, express the same Universal spirit or consciousness.

Therefore animals and humanity are an inverse representation of the metaphysical order that preceded the appearance of the physical world. This implies that humanities internal psychological state and emotions are externally symbolised in the behaviours and bodily forms of the animals.

The foundation of creation, the absolute universal symmetry referred to as the All-Mother and All-Father, are reflected in the uniform enduring nature of the inner life of animals. The same Universality is projected in the external human form through the laws that govern the shape and arrangement of our bodies. These universal geometric proportions form a human canon that most Ancient cultures used as the ground plan for sacred temples dedicated to the source of creation.

– Source of Creation –


The summer firestorms of 2020 catastrophic. Over one billion native fauna and wildlife perished in the inferno. Many endangered species will become extinct due to loss of habitat, crucial for species survival. My spirit has never fully recovered from the natural disaster. I am using blog graphics of Australiana and a little of mothers ‘magic touch and bring about healing.

I will blog over a forty-eight-hour timeframe which I refer to as a revolution. The import of benevolent thought activates the magic power to instigate healing to my earth soul to begin a new regeneration cycle.

Time has been allowed to move past the grieving stage, and the essence of all lost life dissolve back into the Bootheram Dreamtime continuum.

– Nature Achiever –

Creation Creatures

The earth living species is a favourite subject. They have inherited their mother’s nature.

My photo album of animals comforts my spirit; my life is also their lives. Inspiration goes both ways. People are aware the animals, in particular, dogs, have a great sense of judgement on humans.

Dogs will naturally gravitate toward dog lovers. They want to communicate, say hello, get a pat on the head. They sense it and choose who they know will say hello to them.

My neighbour’s dog pops into my place if the door is open. Brief visit all she wants is an acknowledgement she exists. Then she’s off on her merry way, satisfied in knowing I will always give her my attention no matter what.

The spirit of the animals and plants ‘bond with their environment highly tuned in with their senses. Studies have shown plants possess the intellect and communicate to others within their thriving miniature communities.

The earth natural biological systems and rhythm support all of life on earth. The earth responds the same as a dog when they get a pat on the back. Earth mother responds well to benevolent thoughts and acts of kindness. She has been pushed hard for the past two decades, working overtime.

Earth mother is a living entity with a mind and possesses sensitive feelings. People complete forget the earth is keeping its existence. She is currently in a healing crisis. It always gets worse before it gets better.

Please spare a thought to Mother Nature. I know how she feels. She is thankful for the lives she supports. It goes both ways. It’s called the Universal Laws of Reciprocity. An agreement or a pact a balanced give and receive arrangement.

Equally proportionate in both directions to maintain the health and vitality of the earth bodies and those of the people.

– Mother Nature is a Natural

The Winter Solstice

June 21 is the Winter Solstice. This is a special blog post. The annual whale migration north to the mother whales birthing sites in the warm shallow tropical waters. These shallow bays act as a nursery for newborn calves. The mother whale teaches her baby to swim and learn ‘whale songs. The song of the whales differs from one whale species to another. Scientist discovered a ‘new whale song in the oceans using anti-nuclear underwater bomb detection. A population of a new species of Pygmy Sperm whales were hiding in the southern Indian Ocean. Despite their size, sightings of Sperm Whales are rare. The depths of the ocean are vast and shows how much is unknown about deep oceanic life. The whale families also remember the slaughters of mass populations of whales during the 1800 and 1900s. I connect to the family of Pygmy Sperm Whales, a very ecstatic, happy reunion. The Pygmy Sperm Whales were breaching. A sign of joy. The whales feel comfortable knowing I am their mother. I now breathe in purified air, which makes a vast difference to my earthly body; the plants, birds, and animals feel the difference in comfort levels humans cannot. The moon is 77% visibility Waxing Gibbous right now. The time to reconnect to the Source. The mother earth and her natural satellites in sync with the time-space continuum. As above So below.

– Winter Solstice Realignment –

Spiral Of Life

I contemplate my smallness in the Universe as a tiny ‘sugarbag’ bee. This stingless native honey bee is one of my totems. They create spiral hives that go clockwise. Scientists don’t understand why. They grow from the centre outward, modelled after the Milky Way Galaxy. The ‘sugarbag’ bee spiral-shaped hive architecture design moves as it expands outward in a clockwise direction in sync with the Galaxy model. Insects habits and habitat are mini-models of the greater Universe. The spirits of the dark underworld in the high and low places employ predator tactics of the insect world to ‘catch’ unsuspecting prey. The methods are shown to me by Granny (RS) with insects are consistent with vibrations and frequencies and sense danger with.’ feelers’ attached to the head the operation centres in the universal rhythms of life and my strongest.’ metaphysical.’ attribute of my nine totemic species. My ‘kin’ live in the neighbourhood. Late at night while working, I sense ‘something’ the next minute; cousin bird next door will confirm it. Birds are not usually active at night. The birds in the realms of spirits or undercover.’ police.’ I cant all my secrets away. Back to the tiny black.’sugarbag’ bee and its complex hierarchy that is no different from all living species in the natural world. Only humans defy gravity working anti- clockwise. This life is a BIG lesson and definite never to repeat itself—the Plan B.

– Insect World Cover –

Blood & Spirit in Heredity

Aborigines believe that an individuals strength and perfections are sustained by the energies of the spirit of species that make up the totem identity. For the Aborigines, the spirit is related to blood, so that a magnetic field is related to lodestone. Blood carries magnet-like resonance that makes people the spiritual kin of the various animals of their totem identities. This resonance connects an individual to the energy flow from the spirit-field of totem species. It is taboo to eat or drink that (animal) species’ blood, therefore akin to cannibalism; it interferes with the spiritual connection with that animal. Dietary and marital totem taboo restrictions have both beneficial environmental and social effects. These external benefits concur with the underlying metaphysical vision of the integration of man and nature. All Shamanistic and indigenous cultures and many mystical traditions acknowledge that blood has a psychic or spiritual or vibration capable of transferring potencies or characteristics from one being to another from one generation to another. The idea of transmission of spiritual energy through ages also exists in modern religion, which has altered the more ancient concept of spiritual heredity into an abstraction such as karma or soul. The Aboriginal worldview differs from these worldviews because every spiritual quality, no matter how subtle, has an objective form – in this case, blood. The Aborigines believed that blood carries a magnetic spiritual essence through the generations and forms spiritual connections between humans and earthly locations, species and metaphysical sources. This belief not necessarily conflicts with the idea that genetic material transmits information that dictates physical characteristics. Spiritual transmission through blood may parallel genetic heredity. There may be more than one mode of heredity transference. Modern Biology is developing a field theory to explain the morphic characteristics. This new theory suggests that the origin of features lies in a higher energetic or spiritual source, that through resonance, imprints its image on the physical world. I create a board of my nine totemic spirits of species who reside as enduring essence within my physical/spiritual body.

– Kinship Through Spirit –

Good Times

The world needs hope for the future. The current global crisis is not final. I believe, and my peers also agree, the new dimension (new Dreaming) is around the corner. I have been privileged to have a foretaste of the supernal. One legend my grandfather told me as a child of my mother’s people they used to fly. I pondered on this thought for many years. When I first learn this, I visualise flying at great heights. But it’s not like that at all. I was not too fond of the idea of being so far off the ground like a bird I would rather perch myself on the branch of a tree. I am scared of heights. I find for this is.’supernatant which means – floating above or off the ground. It has taken some time to become accustomed to this phenomenon which will be part of the new existence. One night I was lying down on my bed in deep thought about ‘what is to come for the next life. I was in a semi euphoric state from meditation. They say the ultimate pose in yoga is laying on your back, meditating. I started to feel the sensation of my body weight become lighter. I could not physically feel the weight of my body lying down on the bed; it was a floating sensation. I felt so relaxed and still. This occurs over a period of time. I begin to discover what ‘flying’ be like for humans. For a start, it is floating, not flying and not at heights above the tree line. The stillness of floating struck me, and it became apparent that the human body will be in an upright position, not flying like superman or the flying nun. The human body will glide effortlessly above the ground, Mabey six to eight feet above terra firma. The body will have the amazing capacity for self-control over body movement. My experimental ‘floating.’ I noticed this immediately, which won me over to the idea of ‘floating.’ There are more wonders I will put the story in the next blog post.

– Flying High –

Little People

I want to share with the world the Tookinni [TOOK-Hini-ee] people. They are tiny humans—nature spirits. I have seen these little creatures on the night I saw the bird creatures in that dark foggy dimension I mention in a previous blog post. I am not a graphic design wizard but have access to the tools to create graphics close to the memory I remember of these dimensions and their creatures. They stand over just one foot and living entirely in another dimension like our world. I had made it out of the ‘dark.’ place; it was now early morning. I was standing on the side of the road waiting for the bus. I was looking at the site across the road where the bird creatures were ‘locked.’ in. The location is significant. I was led to this area by the ‘old people.’ It was another time-place in the time-space continuum. In amongst the tall grass, I spotted the little people. Two men were standing with tiny spears, and some women stooped as though to gathering bush foods. I soon realised these creatures had also become trapped inside another dimension taken from their original location. The Tookinni people sighting confirmed years later from a friend living in the bush. He saw them too. I have also read Dreamtime stories of these creatures, so their existence was already on record. Many such creatures around the world remain hidden. The Tookinni people were slightly hidden from view by tall grass, and I did not want to alarm them with my presence. I realised after five minutes they could not see me. I don’t remember how long I was looking at the Tookinni people; eventually, I had to leave them. I know the spirit creatures are all safe now. The mystery is why! These are harmless spirits and did no wrong not deserving of such actions against them. The truth cannot hide. Eventually, at the right time, it will come out into the light.

– Nature Spirits Of The Dreamtime –

Star Time

Celestial jewels suspend in balance the universal lore of reciprocity. The annual star arrangements forecast times and days for harvest, ritual, and marriage. There is a time to be born, and daily life activities respond to the Galactic calendar. In our time, the pendulum swings 2008 marking the time for rebirth and realignment for the earth and its natural satellites. We had a new moon on 10 June; it was a quiet time for reflection. My life is active and full. It was necessary to contemplate where life leads next. I am working with a specialist on the official Aboriginal Creation Lore website. It is coming together as it always does in the Bootherum Dreamtime continuum of time-space. I’m not giving away the plot, but again it is a truthful account of historical events leading to the current global crises. Truth be told, this is the time and place for it. The Origine’ were ‘circa’ meaning off the church records or the records altogether. The colonisation of Australia and its bloodied heritage and consequence on the original people of the lands rising to the surface. There is an explanation. I dream for all peoples of the world, a fair chance at what true existence as one with the earth and humanity should be. I have only begun to tell the story. The new moon rising was dark; it is the theme of the ACL website, but like all good stories, there is a happy ending. New life, new start. It is about good people, no sinners or saints here, just decent, wholesome humans beings they call humanity. They are not a lost cause. Bob Marley sings as it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end. One Love.

– Designer Stars –