Butterfly Dreaming

It all began in Firstlight country and will end when it all started in the Alcheringa – the beginning of the Dreamtime. East Coast Australia. Wollumbin, cloud catcher, caterpillar Dreaming. The Arrernte in the central Australian desert since the beginning “sing” the Storey to embody the Origine Consciousness and sealed for the next Dreaming. I will continue to Dream Dreams of the new truth—the Australian Aborigines, the – chosen people – who remained faithful to the Lores of Creation.

– Ascension – by DeviantArt

The Destruction Of Innocence

Aboriginal Creation Lore, Granny (the Rainbow Serpent), and I, All-Mother God are the last bastion of truth remaining on the earth. The Illuminati, the family of the Mowi, aka the devil, satan, and the worldwide governments they “own” have begun the murder of babies via the death jab, coronavirus vaccine. We are dedicating our blogs to a little boy named Lachlan. Lachlan was five years old. His parents trusted the Australian demonic government to keep them safe and consent to give Lachlan the vaccine. Soon after Lachlan was experiencing breathing difficulties, he was rushed to the hospital. Upon arrival, the distraught parents were refused entry. The father threatened to call Rebel news, The family then allowed into the hospital.

Hospital staff did tests on little Lachlan. The staff well knew Lachlan was going to die, they discharged him and the family was sent home. Lachlan’s health seriously declined. His parents put him to bed. They heard Lachlan scream, they found him dead. He died of a massive heart attack. Lachlan’s father tried to warn other parents via Facebook, but their account was deactivated. Lachlan’s mother is now heavily sedated in hospital while his father continues to care for Lachlan’s little sister. Lachlan’s family has been destroyed.

Families around the world are going through the same experience as Lachlan’s right now. Five-year-old babies are dropping dead and dying in their sleep. Still. parents are being lied to and the mainstream media perpetuate the lies. The number of coronavirus cases is inaccurate as health officials distort the actual numbers to give the public the impression, that coronavirus is rampant.

Mark Zuckerberg founder of Facebook will be personally dealt with by Granny and myself. He will be sorry he was born. I am the mother of life, death, and restoration. This worldwide destruction on the lives of the innocent via the coronavirus and those involved will be inflicted by the curse of the All-Mother God and Gran, the Rainbow Serpent. We are mothers. The Mowi or the devil is the cause of ALL death and destruction through its family, the Illuminati. Their reign of doom is ended.

Babies Are Sacred
– Dedicated to little Lachlan –

Darwin versus The Dreaming

Darwin’s Theory of Evolution- the creation story accepted for almost two hundred years by western civilization – is only a story. While Darwin and his proponents claimed to have “proved” his theory, it can not be scientifically tested. Nevertheless, Darwinism grew into an unquestioned scientific and academic orthodoxy. It has become the paradigm, or, lens. through which all thinking about human origins is assessed. The edifices of modern life sciences are built on a belief of this story.

Darwin’s theory of Evolution is based on the principle of natural selection, which postulates that species regularly overpopulate, resulting in continual struggle for survival in which the victors are the strongest species or members of a species characteristics most adaptable to their environment. Individuals choose mates with characteristics that make them highly likely to survive. Weaker or less adaptable individuals or species – the majority of contestants – die out.

Applied to human evolution, this theory implies that Homo sapiens’ superior characteristics triumphed over those of the lower primates. Darwin’s theory project a world view based on competition and conflict in which nature is a hostile force that must be kept at bay. It is also used to justify the exploitation of the earth and all other creatures to satisfy human requirements

Basic to the Darwinian creation myth is what has been called the ladder mentality; this aspect has infected all aspects of our view of the world. The “ladder” symbolizes a climb through gradual stages: from the simple to the complex, from instincts to intelligence, from nonliving to living, from less conscious to more conscious from inorganic elements to plants to animals to humans, from disorder to order to self-organization. In each case, the world is pinned to a ladder of progression. In scientific thought, the straight climb up the ladder of evolution has been dropped in favor of different pathways: loops, punctuated equilibrium, nonlinearity. However, the idea of the ladder is retained in the concept of an overall movement from one determined or quality (i.e., simple) toward another determined state (i.e., complex)

In its social application, white males are placed at the top of the ladder and all the rest- other races, women, children, plants, and animals – take up the rungs below. All are there to support the institutions, structures, and theories of that exalted pinnacle. Although they appear to be philosophical adversaries, western Christianity, and scientific Darwinism have both supported the expansion of the Industrial Revolution, with its unbridled exploitation of the environment for benefit of mankind. Darwinian biology affirms this exploitation by ignoring the intelligence, beauty, and purposefulness of nature and replacing it with chemical and mechanical explanations.

Origine Dreamtime realized long ago, that the lores and principles from the natural world arose should be the same as those that generate human culture and society. Unfortunately, the popular Darwinian view of biological evolution, with its “survival of the fitness” assumptions, provides such a distorted view of nature that the systems based on this image, such as capitalism and its social variants, have hurried up toward planetary extinction.

– Natural World & Social World of the Origine’ goes Together –

Lost Children of Earth

Aboriginal Creation Lore aware many people still live in a lie. The truth is, again, kept from the children. The world governments mass control precious lives, herded like cattle into believing their governments will keep them safe, sadly, many people trust them. Aboriginal Creation Lore has informed the public of the government lies. The Mowi who has remained hidden in a false assumption held by people of earth it does not exist is the highlighted subject and point of creating the Aboriginal Creation Lore blog and website, to reveal the actual another half of the unknown story. The primary and absolute objective of the Mowi, aka satan, is for that very reason to make people believe, ‘ there nothing like the devil. The children deceived continually Aboriginal Creation Lore blog and website is the ‘ only direct source of truth remaining on the earth, the rest is falsehoods created hundreds of years ago by the Mowi families, the Illuminati.

The Mowi worldwide empire is nearing the end of its reign on my world. The earth is entering the new heaven on the earth. Aboriginal Creation Lore holds the midnight candle for those who find their path to the blog and website. There are lost children who remain it is for those very few, or one, souls the truth is out there.

The Galactic Calendar of time, one-time Astrological event, Solstice 2020 marked the end of an era and the beginning of a new epic. The Lores to the creation of the universe are written into the celestial vaults of the heavens, the stars. Incorruptible lore withstanding beyond scope any human concept of human origins. The Aboriginal Last Days Rainbow Serpent Prophecy foretold many thousands of years before, but the truth became lost in the fictional hoax reality the world exists in today. All roads lead to the ‘ Mowi, Illuminati families who rule and dominate the earth inhabitants, whose scheme of the New World Order conceived then hatched in Australia 1829. The Illuminati families of the devil finger in both illicit and lawful operations worldwide and their movements are monitored. There is no escape from the impending Judgement of the living and the dead.

Aboriginal Creation Lore was created for the children of the world to understand the precise account of suffering and humanity, its beginning and inevitable end. So much trouble in the world is created by the Illuminati families of satan, the Mowi. Demonic entities rule the airwaves and the people are oblivious to the actual problem on the earth today, again a fabrication of lies, deception, and lust for the devil’s eye, money. The destruction and annihilation of earth’s mother were also planned and instigated by the Mowi, satan. The Illuminati program fueled propaganda on the direct destruction of existence itself eliminating innocence and the essence of humanity. Nobody and nothing can get away with mass destruction.

Kingdom of God

New Natural World Order

Aboriginal Creation Lore is the official voice of the earth and its creatures. For those people who have subscribed to our site, we will continue to blog daily as we move into the New Heaven on the Earth. Aboriginal Creation Lore believes the genuine value and worth of ONE soul are not compared, in the slightest with the manufactured, distorted origins of the homo sapien created by the family of satan, the Illuminati, with an artificial order and program unbalanced, not of the earth, manufactured for death and destruction and defies gravity. The world is a natural being. Every natural lore of existence has been violated by the Mowi, aka satan, for the deliberate destruction of the human race and the earth mother herself. The stamp of the world is now a satanic haven for vileness, immorality, and the nonexistent human spirit.

A great cleansing of the world taking place, the separation from the sheep and the goat. The connected are in tune with nature’s cycles, unknowingly. But there is much more, the inherent spirit of those connected placed in locations worldwide form a galaxy consciousness with the most far-reaching impacts made to instigate the rebirth of humanity and the earth. Internet is not required. The revolution is in full throttle now. It only takes a spark to get a fire going. Everyone is warmed up in its glowing.

Bugal Wena Dreaming is nearing completion. The family I have always dreamed of. Are the children who Gran and I have fought for over fifty years and it has been worth it. Every satanic attack over my lifetime inevitably backfires the original and only loser. The Mowi can not take being beat at its own game. The Illuminati, the illegal contraband of the world penalty for hundreds of years of human slavery and their direct input to global events since, Napoleon, still being decided by Gran and myself. Those who have destroyed our children’s lives will be punished. Including the animals and the plants, especially the great grandfather and grandmother trees.

Since the “Albino.” invasion and takeover of my world, their efforts to find life to how they feel fit, with delusional thoughts of grandeur, avail to nothingness. For example, the space program, Illuminati funded, designed to take away the focus to the actual source of life, the earth mother. All these human endeavors or what they claim to be achievements are just plain silliness. The Mowi behind their every move. The dominant white, male worldview is a regulated sex show in public view. The “sexy” status preens young children’s view of themselves as they mature, the outcome of this is inferiority complex, fantasy, delusions, violence, and suicide. The anti-social restrictions on human life the idea of the Mowi who will be publicly executed.

Plant Power
– Newborn –

Eternal Lores of Nature

The current climate crisis and the health of the physical world have been in decline since the early 80s. The sun’s effect on me, earth, began around this time and deteriorated now to zero heat tolerance. I must stay in air conditioning and out of the sun’s rays, or I become very unwell in a short time. We live on the verge of no existence but will not become extinct; a change is around the corner. The ‘ cover-up to my natural world history allowed an unchecked passage of time for the fabrication to the ET stories to evolve unhindered, leading to multitudes of decent folks blindsided by the intervention of the alien’s in ‘ saving the Earth and its inhabitants from impending doom.

The alien theory does not fit the oral traditions to create the world’s natural history or measure sacred geometry patterns. The complexity of DNA now convinced scientists an ‘ intelligent order behind the workings of DNA, and its intricate details compelling evidence to a ‘ higher intelligence organisation of the universe. The doubling design of a single cell implies accurate pre-determined rules of creation apply to everything in the universe.

Bootheram is the Ngarakbul Githabul word for LORE or LAW of all creation natural history. Science held in Oral format. Bootheram uses plants and animals and creates heroes and heroines as metaphoric puns to denote each time for each creation lore. Bootheram uses the landscape and the sky as reference points of this same creation lore, a living library.

The Bootheram tells the story in tribal code. Natural objects used to describe the creation are used as sacred objects. It is truthful, factual Lore. Every significant natural feature has cultural value and a role as a knowledge tool. Knowledge is vital for survival that connects us to the country. Lore, Land, Language are linked. The Bootheram travels through the landscape and is mirrored in the night sky – Guyoongun Bootheram – Starlore. The fractal waves of the Earth’s biosphere magnetoelectric spiral upwards into ‘ space creating a solar shield to protect our planet from solar flares coming from the sun. The order of nature is completed.

Lore Of Nature


Horrific crimes against the earth mother and her children continue to this day. I had to wait over fifty years of blood, sweat, and tears to regain order in the realms of my spiritual family then find the ‘ people world far worse than demonic entities Encountered over a lifetime. An entire ancient genome sequence ‘ wiped out of existence, the original inhabitants of the world indigenous cultures of the Matristic Starlore to the Feathered Serpent Traditions of the Rainbow Serpent Lore the first religion on the planet. Created in their home of origin, the original blueprint. The earth life span shortened and is suffering, the animals and plants life threatened to die out. The lies and cover-ups dominate. The desire for superiority trait of the Mowi, who still lurks in the darkness. There has to be closure. My earthly body is preparing to restructure and will welcome the new life.

The spirit of the first peoples of the earth who suffered and died has been gathered reunited with their source of life and sustenance. An eternal rebirth takes the souls of the slow return to the good life. There is unfinished business. The interference to the natural history of the world must be accountable. There is mounting evidence to support a massive hoax reality leading innocent people up a ‘ blind path today. The earth mother will not continue to rotate for ‘ evil to prosper, mankind poisoned the earth to death.

It is not all gloom and doom. The best news is the truth will reveal itself plainly as day. Naturally and soon. Time is short but not lost. Aboriginal Creation Lore is a step ahead; we cover our boundaries inside and out. Time is of the essence; few people are aware of the Aboriginal Creation Lore website and the message for humanity. Every soul deserves to know the truth. Our mission statement empowers the people and a second chance at life in a new world.

The New World
– New World of the Dreaming –

The Conception of New Life

The first blog post was on November 26, 2020. Earth Birth. It wasn’t a new birth. Instead, the earth conceived impending new life. The timeline of the Universe I created in two charts, the square and the circle, where the equations for the rebirth of the world. The Earth’s Solar Plexus realignment at Uluru, central Australian desert with the Diamond Galactic grid in early January 2020, followed by the Solstice one-time Astrological event of the Cosmological Circle of Life, completes an entire metamorphous with the impending new birth of the earth from its cocoon waiting to be born. I knew a birth or conception had taken place in the south of Australia, nearby the earth’s reproductive system. The world conceived on 26 November, the Cosmological Circle of Life’s new Life, the alignment of the celestial bodies with the planet, activate the earth’s, or rather, stimulate activity deep within the womb of the world. In this case, my physical-biological earthly body will get a makeover.

There are many sacred locations on my earthly body; I feel sore spots on my physical body and is always connected to a temporal place. I think the profound difference in my physical body when a home is activated somewhere, most usually in Australia. The Uluru connection is a powerful boost to the planet, the last traditional owner of Uluru, uncle Cassidy Uluru, is a powerful healer. When Gran and I made contact with him, he couldn’t speak English but said the name of my mother tribe in clear English. He knew we were coming for him. We both felt healing take place, not only with my physical body but that of the Earth itself. Uluru is the heart of my world. It has been a most sacred location since the realignment occurred in January 2020. Significant improvement in the Earth’s circulation.

– The Earth Chakras and Vortex –

Aboriginal Creation Lore is aware the occult takes advantage of sacred locations to perform their Satanic rituals. Rather than utilise a location for benevolence, the satanic occult carries out evil towards the good Earth, its inhabitants, and their lust for satanic power and chaos. The occult perpetrates methodical murders to times, dates and locations. Those who practice satanic rites will soon end; my world is not their domain to enact ‘ black magic. In Origine culture, no wise person would ever condone the use of black magic and consider the act of harmful intent not by the social harmony and coherence of a group. The Lore of Creation is reciprocal, and the Earth is balanced to create atmospheric “mystic” essence on the surface that benefits the animals and plants in particular. The path of this time and place will end and begin a new one.

Aboriginal Creation Lore will not cease to put pressure on the evilness in my world; there is no denying that the Mowi orchestrates mass destruction to the Earth. It believes it is the owner of the planet and has a right to perform its evil doings against humanity. The Coronavirus fraud ends the human race for a few dollars in the pocket. I fail to find where this minority elite will live out their entire lives; it will not occur on my earthly body. Little do these ultra-rich persons know, the planet can not continue to turn another year. The Australian summer is my last. I want to end the misery on the earth soon as possible; the animals and plants are dying. The “Illuminati” of the world do not care for the environment of my Earth and hold false beliefs they have the right to dictate satanism on the Earth in the form of a deadly vaccine that restructures DNA. What they have done was fulfilled Prophecy unaware.

New Birth of the Earth
– Conception –

The first Full Moon for 2022 was Monday 17 January, signalling the beginning of the end for the Illuminati, including their master, Satan or the Mowi. The Gate officially shut. There will be notifications at the last minute for believers, not Christianity believers. Those who care about the Earth and ALL its creatures will receive a calling from joining our Dreamtime family for the final countdown to the new Earth.

Order of the Spirits

The Aboriginal Creation Lore website is accurate, honest and truthful. A “Goong” was passed down to me from my maternal Grandmother. Goong translates to – Spirit of Truth. When Gran (RS) and I cleaned the realms of spirits and dimensions of the Dreamtime creatures, we moved in the circle of spirits. Often, when entering a spirit domain, the heart to that place ‘ demands to know who I am. I always said I am with the spirit of truth. We were given way. We are aware of the location on the earth. A young Chinese boy escorted me to a Chinatown ghost den; I had to identify a person I knew, the spirits who held the dead person spirit put their hands out to show me they had nothing to hide. The escort was a celestial being. I recognised we walked through a dark alley, but now I know it covered something very evil; I believe the location is London. The place was terrible; the celestial being had their wing around me; I went to the site in my spiritual body.

I want to accentuate the domains of spirits known to Gran and me; we are constantly in multiple dimensional existence levels. There is so much falsehood about the spiritual realms, as mentioned in a previous blog, the spiritual entities in allegiance with the Mowi impersonate the dead. These demonic influences unnatural occurrences, causing death and injury. And can manipulate the weather to their desired outcome. The domain in the Dreaming spirit is separate from that of the demons. When the “gate sealed.” in and contained our family abode, extensive security measures were put into place. These barriers can not be penetrated by any outsider, primarily the Mowi. The Mowi has certain restrictions to contain its evil. It perfected its art of lies and deceit and shared the craft among its Illuminati family.

The Spirits, who are not in league with the Mowi, are docile and harmless. The Mowi disturbs their peace, so they remain hidden. In 2018, I met a young man who worked in the Northern Territory; he intercepted me, and we shared stories on the traditional lifestyles of the people in the desert. Three weeks later, his spirit bird came to me in a dream. It was from the male spirits from the Dreaming needed to address issues only can be done by males. I took them to a dream I had in 2003, inside a blowhole in the Great Australian Bight in the south of Australia; I was there. Somebody was in there, a male; I had to wait for assistance from the male’s spirits to remove it.

The male spirits begin to do a cleanup. My visions had been invaded by a person who practised in the occult. Unbeknown to me, I casually tell the person of my strong eye. I was sitting in front of a campfire outside; a humpy made up of sticks with cover to keep off the dewy nights. The person entered my vision but had to leave; my husband was on his way. When the male spirits went into my eyes, I heard feathers ruffling. Then they commenced cleaning the Dreaming Tracks, which was a shambles and not secure. I was having dreams of celebrities who are members of the Illuminati. At the time, I could not work out how these dream entities entered my dream space. I did, soon after, the male spirits got rid of the “rubbish.”

The spaces in between are hard to locate in the spirit worlds. I found them great hiding spots while being chased by demonic entities who became lost and confused when I vanished. The security around my neighbourhood is tight-knit. Nothing can get in also; the spirits are camped outside my home and notify me of unwanted visitors I quickly dispatch. My huge Dreaming family understands the Mowi moves and how its mind ticks, forever trapping the souls of people, which greatly pleases the Mowi who is hellbent on hellbent. One certainty we know of is the demise of the Mowi, one death blow from me; after Gran has her way with it for what it did to her, there won’t be much left of it when Gran finishes making my job easy.


The Deceit Continues

Since Aboriginal Creation Lore began to publish the “truth” of the Mowi and its evil empire, the Illuminati, who cower in fear, hidden away in the darkness, counteract my claims of debauched satanic activities by blocking the public, once again, to the truth. The Mowi is well versed in Scripture and knows the time has come for its demise. Nothing can stop it. We are aware the Mowi is a powerful supernatural being, and its capabilities are well known. However, the first prophecy in Genesis is now to be fulfilled by myself, Bugal Wena, All-Mother and the ancient Grandmother, Warrazum, the Rainbow Serpent. We have been tracking the Mowi for over fifty years while at the same time cleaning and restoring the chaos it created not only in the spiritual realms but to every level of manifestation – spatial, stellar, energetic, plant, animal and human.

The Mowi face the wrath of God for crimes against humanity, the natural world, including the universe, and the spiritual disruption to my family’s existence placed very ancient spirit beings in confinement and took away their liberty; my family was trapped. It tried relentlessly to stop my coming into the world right from the start. Even when my mother was in labour, she had to walk across a flooded creek to get in the car on the other side to take her to the nearest hospital, 67 km away. On the way to the hospital, a tree fell across the road and blocked the car. My mother had to wait for an ambulance; then, she gave birth to me in the hospital basement, the segregated ward for Aboriginal mothers. My Grandmother told me the nurses did not attend the Aboriginal women until the baby was born. They were left alone in the dark.

The Bible is clear the Mowi will be destroyed after it endures the torture fitted out and will be in agony. It stole my babies from a spiritual realm they should not have entered into. And disturbed the realm of the dead that Gran and I fix. The Mowi, aka Satan, aka the devil, has done untold damages causing and subjecting to the natural life of plants and animals to humans to be enslaved people for Satanic family the Illuminati to indulge in sadistic, debauchery and sodomy of children and babies and defy all laws of the land. Not anymore. We know what you do at a satanic ritual in sacrificed children; we know how you turn around the facts and distort the actual view that God All-Father, WOO-Pa-RA-Yo-wuh, brings suffering and misery in the world. At the same time, you stay hidden in a “cloak” and become the biggest lie that you don’t exist. Gran and I will hound you along with my family, who have blood on their hands for the torture endured by your hands.

The Mowi maby is a supernatural being but no match for us. It is getting sloppy and desperate. There is no way out of the trouble you have caused in the physical and spiritual worlds. Gran and I fought your demonic army and won; it will be no different when the time comes for you to get the final death blow from me, Bugal Wena, All-Mother. The world will witness your destruction and end your satanic regime on earth.

Satanic Influences Human Life
– Dead Meat –


The Aboriginal Creation Lore website is accurate, the truth and nothing but the truth. We have put the evidence of cosmic foul play to the world’s natural history and the evidence to Out of Australia Theory. The “Albino”, Illuminati, created a fake account and a hoax of their so-called version. With the actual history destroyed, there was a timeframe from the late 17th and early 20th century; archeologists owned by the Illuminati destroyed the original artefacts in Egypt by removing the most prominent feature of a black person, their nose. Also created Albino Egyptians to support their Darwin Theory of the white, male and only origins of homo sapiens.

It was during these times the ET originated. I never looked into much; however, one of the stories caught my eye, so I investigated. Zechariah Sitchen’s Theory claims Alien Ancient Astronauts from the planet Nibiru are the Anunnaki Alien Gods of Egypt. Taking pieces of historical fact, which is distorted, to begin with, the ancient Egyptians themselves regarded the era of the Gods as actual history and not a myth. I could not read the information any. Further, it was far too detailed in the account. How can such evidence be presented in a story that does not exist?

The Ngarakbul Githabul Bootheram records our ancient connections with Cairo, Lisbon, Paris and London. The Ngarakbul Githabul people were the first on earth and retained their Bootheram Lore. Origine culture and conceptualisation situate themselves in an ever-moving passage between two planes of being, unlike many today’s world religions who reject the physical world and sensual experience favouring transcendental or ideal states. Origine spirituality considers the desirable understanding of the physical world the only means to realise the metaphysical creative powers’ truth, beauty, and reality. In contrast to western thinking, there is no categories or word in the Origine language for an intermediate position between the super-reality of the Archetypal Bootheram Dreamtime epochs and the actual physical world. There is no word or concept in Origine language for fiction, fantasy or personal imagination. Something that does not occur or is not perceived in the tangible physical is a lie, pure and simple. Any story that does not directly refer to real perceptions or the Bootheram Dreamtime stories is considered deceitful or just plain silly.

Thousands upon thousands of people are led up the garden path through the alien fraud. And the Covid fraud continues. The Mowi is very desperate; it knows its time is up, and he can not win. We had some satanic interference on our website, and yesterday we had an intruder in my home. Once the Hounds of Hell is released, anytime, the Mowi will be on the “run.” Aboriginal Creation Lore speaks on behalf of all humanity who have become the Mowi victims.