Butterfly Dreaming

It all began in Firstlight country and will end when it all started in the Alcheringa – the beginning of the Dreamtime. East Coast Australia. Wollumbin, cloud catcher, caterpillar Dreaming. The Arrente in the central Australian desert since the beginning “sing” the Storey to embody the Origine Consciousness and sealed for the next Dreaming. I will continue to Dream Dreams of the new truth—the Australian Aborigines, the – chosen people – who remained faithful to the Lores of Creation.

– Ascension – by DeviantArt

Earth Speaks

Gran (RS) and I feel people must understand the life and intelligence owed to Earth, the mother of the world. We hear the voice of the children. It sustains your life also. My earthly body has seen, and experienced pain and suffering since the human heart rejected the sustenance and nurturing All-pervading earth mother and began her descent into denial of the existence of life itself. No good became of it except decay and entropy led by an enemy, not of the life force of my planetary existence. It’s nearing the end of its reign over my domain.

Before the business of a family reunion matters close to Gran (RS), and my heart must be made known to those whose hearts yearn for the truth. Without truth and justice, the people suffer. It is not the end of life of the Earth, and the children she breathe for a turnaround event to transpire will occur and end the mourning to the children of my world.

Time allowed to gain strength and conditioning to the life that the original inhabitants endowed and taken away worldwide. Sin in itself. The source of our power is the benevolent thoughts and acts of kindness that strengthen our resolve to expose the lies and bitter hatred for fellow humanity caused by an error in judgement that costs precious lives. The result of an experiment in nature that was never meant to be but is being held as a living testimony of deviations against the creation of Lores/Laws to existence itself a natural cosmic order of heaven and earth in the union of all. Every soul will see with the heart and mind errors in plain sight.

Stay wise to instincts that come from the heartbeat to the soul—the reflection of the eternal mother’s abode within each of us.

– Mother Nature –

Secrets Revealed

The past few days have opened up avenues of information and discussion on grave matters to interference with the cycles and the natural rhythms that drive the function of the world and its inhabitants – cosmic foul play. Great minds think like the original gangsta who parades the hall of ill-gained vulgarity to its well-defined form of vanity and pride inherent in the human psyche. The underpinnings to humankind downward spiral into the abyss of despair and led to the undeniable mistruths guise of charitable respite that alleviates human suffering through unnaturally enhanced propaganda-the result.

The blog post is short-an update on the ongoing investigation into the enslavement of my world. The atmosphere is one of the nonsense by beings who bully and control the masses, firing flaming darts at unsuspecting targets of their plans of a better life. They are called lies. No truth exists in the world. Time has smothered over the once pristine beauty and validity of the natural world a program to make humans slaves to themselves and their suppressors who instigate suffering. They are at the top of the food chain.

– Hells Bells –


The world is under investigation.

The time has come to ratify past wronged doing that has put my world upside down. This blog post is a humanitarian gesture for those who pursue the art of truth. It is a short post. My previous posts have revealed ‘ Spiritual foul play in the realm of the spirits and creatures of the Dreamtime.

The cover up goes way back in time. We have enough evidence to support mother earth and her children. I cannot go into details, but it involves the original inhabitants of the world of native descent. It is severe, and the consequences are the root of racism that did not exist in the world. And it never did.

Behind every crime involves the motive, and again it involves the Mowi, the original rebel without a cause. My people knew of the Mowi methods for the unnatural occurrences and developed the mindset to counteract the ‘ interference physically, spiritually and mentally. But this crime goes back before the creation of the world, and the results of it we see in the world today in human society and the fact that it exists; this alone evidence of tampering with the natural order of nature,

It occurred as a lesson that had to run the course of its natural path. If it did not do so , there would be no life. The conspiracy theories that have been floating around the world for years come nowhere near it. I am unable to add further information about the devastating crime against my world. The investigation is still ongoing

– World Crime –

The Uluru Connection

The health of significant earthly locations has a direct impact on my physical body. Before the realignment of the earth Solar Plexus at Uluru with the Diamond Galactic Grid on 12 January 2020, I suffered from heartburn regularly. I knew I connected to Uluru – the Rock. Following the connection with the Galactic Grid, my frequent heartburn goes away. I could never go to visit the most iconic landmark on the planet. I would pass out from the sheer power of the vibratory frequencies the Rock emits. I have a DNA connection with Uluru and can prove it.

The Ngarakbul Githabul clans is the East Coast Keeper of a ‘ Bird-Lore to the Feathered Serpent Traditions to the Rainbow Serpent Culture/Lore. The Alcheringa is the beginning of the Dreamtime, or the Ngarakbul Githabul dialect is Bootheram for Creation Lore or Lore of ALL Creation. It commenced in Ngarakbul, the first light country, The first energy rays from the sun hit the summit of Wollumbin (Mount Warning) at dawn, the first location on the Australian continent.

Wollumbin is a primary PowerPoint to mechanisms that drive a rotating planet that orbits the sun with it’s natural satellites. Uluru was a sore spot in my Earthly form. The Alcheringa Songline is the beginning of the Dreamtime and is a sacred story and must NEVER CHANGE. It travels West to the Anangu to Uluru, the aligned moiety of the Yookum Yookum, the East Coast Keepers of Origine Lore. Here is the heart and soul to my Earth

The last surviving direct descendant, too, is uncle Uluru himself. The most humble, meek and very mild elder. Uncle Uluru speaks Fourty two tribal languages but cant speak English or read and write. Uncle Uluru and Uluru – the Rock were the missing link and the key. He is a powerful healer and gives Gran ( RS), and I much needed relief from pain and discomfort in our bodies and that of the planet.

Uncle Uluru is a national treasure and should be Heritage-listed Australian icon of significance for restoring global health. I will make it transpire. The actual history of Australian settlement to my people was one of bloodshed and tears.

It continues today. The clandestine covert genocide of the Matristic Rainbow Serpent culture persists in the most recognisable landmark of Australia by people around the world, Uluru.

– Restorative Healing –

The Seed Bears The Fruits

The positive energies of my earthly essence ignite the dream of the Great Plan for the spirit of the world. Many people of many nations will participate in the rebirth of a world made new. Regeneration begins. I have connected to a dedicated global healing facilitator to implement the program for the new world order of Caring and Sharing. Nothing can halt the Quantum leap of the shift in global consciousness to come.

Australia will be the centre of the world’s leading maintenance of my earth body and health care of my children, the animals and plants. The world restored to its former glory but beyond human comprehension and imagination. Nuclear power plants across the globe will disappear overnight. There will be no need for electricity or fuel to run a car. The commodities needed to give humanity their comforts all derived from my earthly body. The plans of the world’s leading manufacturer of vehicles will be no more. Neither will be the exploitation of my precious resources stored in my internal worldly body

The dream of the new world order is complete. Humanity is presently unaware of the plan of my world new future. However, technology has made it possible to communicate with earth care facilitators around the globe before significant change occurs. My earthly body is worn. I own an air purifier system to aid in breathing as the atmosphere of the planet is poisonous. The breath of life will breathe new awareness of living breathing, and quite intelligent earth exists in the human flesh.

My Dreamtime family will be among the world’s population, including all the hidden beings and creatures hiding behind a veil of secrecy. The All-Mother herself will reveal to the human race the spirit of truth and existence. People are ‘ stuck in a nightmare and suffering from previous world leaders in the early 19th century who made it clear that the world is only for exploitation, and the rape and pillage of my earth began.

Earth has become too unwell. I have limited movement and need aid in breathing. The atmosphere of my new body will be intoxicating, and people will be high in love and fresh air. Life will be for living, not for recreation. It will be Heaven on the new earth.

– Breath of Life –

Benevolent Vibrations

Love and wisdom come from experiencing good and evil. Experience leads to knowledge and eventually to love and understanding. Every living soul ultimately learns the Laws of nature and the universe. For magical work of much importance, there is usually a preparatory period of considerable duration. By fasting, purity and other strict austerities, the wise person transforms the mind to perform the work contemplated.

Sacred objects have a special vibratory rate with the thought-cells of the owner Dowie (spirit). The more active a group of thought-cells are, the more power they have so that working from the psychic world, they bring the desired effect into the owner’s life.

The ‘ wise person, makes an assertion of the importance, points out that frequency with which the.’ sacred object is thought of, the thought power of the individual thinking about them; and the directness with which the thought carries; all enter into calculations. In any case, they form a bond between the spiritual and physical worlds and adjust the mind to any meditation or deep concentration.

Every act of the preparatory period, according to the pre-determined schedule, drives home into the unconscious of the ‘ wise person, a particular result will be obtained. As a result of the initial period, the.’ wise person enters into the ‘ magical act with all their energy concentrated to give a terrific impact to the accomplishment of their work. Consequently, the ‘intelligent person can do under normal circumstances would be pretty impossible.

The physical brain has very little power to handle electromagnetic energies, which makes the magical process of any kind possible. Cerebral concentration tends to generate electrical frequencies which are not suitable for either spiritual activities or the production of physical phenomena.

For use in white magic, the electrical frequencies are generated by the nervous system while the mind is in a state of exaltation is most suitable. They not only tune the.’ wise person in on spiritual levels which are constructive, but they readily become converted into energies which permit the Yowie or soul to become highly active in the spiritual world.

The work accomplished by magical procedures constantly changes the Dowie (spirit) spheres, and to bring about some change, the Yowie (soul) needs to be active in that dimension of existence of the Dowie dimensions to direct the energies towards bringing about the psychic modifications necessary for the desired results.

– Benevolence Prospers

Home Of Earth

The Summer Solstice 2020 marked a one-off astronomical event. The Sacred Geometry of The Cosmological Circle. At 4.00 UT, at sunrise on 21 June, looking NE to the Heeling Stone, this sacred geometry is replicated on the ground at Stonehenge. The ecliptic crossing on the Galactic Equator at the Heeling Stone, the moon lost in the glare of the Sun. This coincides with the beginning of the Solar eclipse in Central Africa.

The pattern is the exact structure of the interior of the Milky Way orbital stars, which creates the Milky Way Galaxy. The ancient keep track of the Galactic cycles of time and space—the fine-tuning to the Galactic Clock. This extraordinary event marks the beginning of a new process.

The ‘ Timekeepers to the stars upholding the Matristic Starlore societies also the Universal Lore of Reciprocity keeping order and balance with the natural cycles of the natural world. The original realm of existence.

– Planet Home –

The Dream Of Life

My coming into ‘ being has always been present. Gran (RS) Rainbow Serpent ‘ dance began over 3.6 billion years ago when the first land emerged from the primordial sea in Western Australia Pilbara. ‘Tjookapara Tcheringa when the waters covered the planet. The ‘Butterfly Dreaming breath of life ‘ sung back by the traditional desert aligned moieties of the Yookum Yookum to the East Coast Australia.

I have always known but did not understand.’ how? I do now. My life has been a dream now bearing the fruit of the.’ Seed on the threshold of a new existence in a world restored to its former glory but even more beautiful than the eyes of humanity can behold. The ‘ interrupted ceremony that occurred will resume being the Grand plan for the spirit of the new Earth mother.

The ‘ dream begins my kin of all, living species both within the hidden and physical world’s waiting in anticipation for the new life into the ‘supernal vitality.’ Seed Dream also known as the.’ Butterfly Dreaming.

Within the Dreaming of the seed pulses the entire drama of Genesis

seed dream
- Return to Live -
– Return to Eden –

The Chaos Of The Realms of the Spirits

The ‘ big clean up in the worlds of the spiritual beings of the Dreaming takes Gran ( RS) and my many years to recover also restore the order of the Spirit realms. The multi-levels of existence dimensions also had been tampered with. My family world’s had significant interference from an outsider motivated by the principles of all that is good and wholesome, including the balance and order of the structure of beings of supernal origin.

The primary suspect again, the Mowi knew across the country by my people as a trickster. Demonic forces dominate the spirit world. Gran (RS) would do the sweep and cover my tracks. I found the female entities sinister also were involved in.’ The stolen property from the Dreamtime and charms unknowing humans ‘ seductively misleading their minds to believe in an idea motivated by greed and power, primarily males.

I first became aware of the Mowi existence at age five years. I come back from the Dreamtime to track him down and.’ fix the damage he had caused both the spiritual and physical world. More evidence will be public before the end of the year. I am also aware of Mowi ‘ influence on the outcome of world affairs. Gran (RS) and I will never understand the motives behind the ‘ trickster wrongdoing against the Universal Lore of Reciprocity, a fair and balanced arrangement between the two parties in agreement. I call it the mental.’ Square peg in the round hole syndrome.

Gran (RS) and I had to work with our spirit families to restore coherence and harmony in their Spiritual Society. I am the brains of the family also a spiritual.’ Sonar radar. Like the creative ancestors, I had to make an order and sense out of chaos and mayhem. For the most part, my spirit family relied on me. Even the realm of the dead vandalised. The process had to take time for the right moment to occurs to drive the wedge further between the two parties and make a distance from the contaminating influence and relentless hell-bent behaviour of the.’ Evil entities who trespass onto sacred grounds. The job is to be done well and proper.

Our spirit family always maintain open communication in many forms and a variety of ways. Most of the family were bird form in sync in the Dreamtime continuum. It was a black undercover operation. The negative energies infiltrate access all areas they take over. While being.’ hounded, I would hide in the ‘ spaces in between them never saw me, and the trail goes cold. The family is always on their toes. Their home was ‘ bugged. Security measures need in place. I was the.’ antenna and forewarned everyone I had to be a step ahead to ensure no unexpected mishap or ambush takes place.

I was in face to face battle with a ‘ legion of demonic forces and the only one who can. There are all.’ Types. The kamikaze types had nothing to lose also their allegiance to the Mowie to prove.’ Nothing. The crazy types who lost their bearings as a result of ‘ depravity to evilness unchecked. Then some impersonate. Nothing gets past me. My spiritual Grandfather gave me the.’ Redback Spider totem. The female catch prey ten times their size also have the most sophisticated webs in the Spider world. It is natural to me the Redback Spider entered into my life at conception. I have all the hunting traits and trapeze in the.’ underworld on a spring-loaded web.

I will never forget the moment we sealed off the.’ outsiders; we even had a helicopter flyover to celebrate. The family home was safe and back in its rightful place. Everyone in the family now understands how it works. It was backbreaking work for everyone involved; however, most grateful.

– Order Restored –

Coming into Being

A spirit child enters the world directly. My mother was spiritually fertilised being in contact with her tribe’s, Dhungutti, most potent site – Burrel Bullai. My mother, fertilised by this type of power, establish my identity directly with that spiritual power. The Mountain can bring the people back to their homeland. The older men would take the young boys up the mountain for their initiations. It is taboo for women to be on ‘Burrel Bullai. The women had to walk around it.

One day when the old men take young boys up the mountain for their training a young boy wanted to go. But the old men say you are too young to be a ‘dilga. The little boy was naughty, followed, hiding behind the bushes. That night the little boy saw a old man kill a Goanna. The old man shared the Goanna to eat. It was too late for the little boy to go back to the women. They fell asleep. The old man wake up early but the little boy was still asleep. He was so naughty the spirit of the Goanna entered his body and turned him into a Goanna. The Goanna spirit still lives on top of the Mountain today. You can see the Goanna form, on top of the mountain.

I also have a connection with the Goanna spirit, in my father’s Dialect called ‘Dirrawong in my father’s ancestral lands. Goanna Headland at Evans Head NSW. The Dirrawong is alive in a cave. The Goanna Spirit is an important creation being in Origine’ Bootheram Dreamtime. An aerial view of the tip of the Headland. The way of the Goanna can be seen.

The Dirrawong (Goanna spirit) an unseen spiritual creature that protects, guards and help its people with values, wooden articles, wooden sacred objects and the beliefs, values, rule and practices concerning the peoples relationships with the land.

My blog graphic is the Sacred Mountain of my mother people and a meandering creek called Nulla Nulla Creek. My birth water. The creek also has the power to draw people back to the area. My grandfather told me as a child the water is magic. The Creek was created in the Dreamtime by the porcupine being hunted by the ancestors. A large rock sits at the mouth of Nulla Nulla Creek mark the spot the porcupine was captured and speared creating the quills we see on the porcupine today. The name given to me for the Dunghutti most powerful site ‘Burrel Bullai. – Watch Over You

– Conception Dreaming –