Aboriginal Creation Lore is a factual documented record of the Aboriginal prophetic return of the Seed Dreaming. Source of information direct Ancestral Spirit’s knowledge and inherited cultural information. The “Seed Dreaming” storey originated deep within timeframes, inside another time frame. The Australian Aborigines have no concept or words in their languages for time. Wiangaree, the seven sisters, are significant creation beings for all Feathered Serpent Lore Traditions across Australia’s continent.

“Wiangarie Boodharam gawari is the lore of the journey of the Rainbow Serpent and the Seven Sisters – as they dig the freshwater springs and seed the waters with life – it begins way back in the alcheringa – the beginning of the Dreamtime…the Cretaceous epoch.”

The Origine Matristic Starlore Skinlore systems dictate all of the marital arrangements within tribal groups and originate from the stars. The Celestial bodies’ annual movement engaged a birthright to tribal inheritance—the Starlore patterns intention for the proliferation of all living species and perpetuate the human race’s longevity. The great plan for the spirit of Earth.

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