Galactic Calendar

Square Ceremony Dance an annual event held in ‘ high up country close to the sky

My two totemic design is the square and the circle. The above diagram represents the ‘ Square Dance ceremony, an annual event held during the warmer months on the New England Tablelands in now, Armidale NSW. Surveyor O’Sullivan White witnessed the final ritual in November 1851 and described the dance. I created the Square diagram in 2007.

The All-Father give me the measurement of ” 9 and 1 between”. (The square measures 8cm x 4). The method I given for the size was a peculiar one and different to a measurement that begins at one cm on a 30 cm ruler. The starting point begins at the centre of the one and two cm mark- the ‘ Spaces in Between.

The two lines that cross over in the middle represents a man and a woman – the little Square is ‘ dead centre and is symbolic of the ceremony held to contain the Mowi or debil debil. The four squares represents the physical world and the Dreaming.

The ceremony of the square dance performed by ‘ Tribal Priests my mother people were the ‘ mullet people – mediators and go-betweens to inter-tribal conflict and disputes. The mullet fish keep the river ‘ systems clean. The stamina and control over the body movement are described as ‘ precision and vigorous. The synchronisation input alone creates a spectacle of awe and admiration by observers one description of the tribal people countenance. ‘ In their bearing, the men often walk with great dignity and an air of singular independence, ease and grace. They use their native weapons with great skill, and their aptitude in using instruments to which they have not accustomed is remarkable.

The physique of the tribal dancers is 6.’ average and even weight distribution. Much mental and spiritual preparation before the ceremony to make a terrific ‘ impact on the Tribal Priests desired effect. Contain the Mowi and limit its powers. In time to the chanting of the women, the performers in a trance-like state concentrate on the formation of their dance routine. Tight straight and never out of shape. The Priests generate a spiritual, ethereal force-field that encloses the human square, always maintaining eye contact on the creature as it ‘ hops about before them. Precision and perfected dance sequences building a crescendo to the final thrusting of spears, in hand, and aimed.

Conception – the spirit of a person totemic species enter into their life at conception

The Creative ancestors asked me to capture my conception Dreaming place, Burrell Bullai – Watch over You. The above is the design I created in 2018. The nine horizontal lines represents the animal and plant Kingdoms and my nine totems. The seven vertical lines in the centre circle represents humans with upright bilateral form. The above diagram is called ‘ Conception. The square dance and the circle diagrams were created eleven years apart. It soon became apparent the two diagrams were intrinsically linked. Seven is the number of completeness and perfection (both physically and spiritually). It derives much of it’s meaning from being tied to God’s creation of all things. The number seven is also important in Hinduism, Islam and Judaism. In numerology, the number nine represents completion, as it’s the last of the single-digit numbers ( which are known as cardinals numbers in numerology) and the highest in value. It symbolically represents a culmination of wisdom and experience with the energy of both endings and beginnings. Not only is it sacred geometry, but a timeline of the Universe and is the trademark design of God.

Marriage of the Heavens & Earth

The Original Stargazers understood the mathematical principles of the cosmos and its relationship to the earth and its inhabitants. It became lost, covered over by time, and the prehistoric ‘ lost tribes of antiquity forgotten- the Starlore culture, once global. In the northern hemisphere the stars can not be seen as seen in the southern hemisphere due to. ‘ depression they have dipped below the north of the hemisphere horizon and last seen in 400 AD. This era of Starlore culture through Astronomical events, foresaw tremendous upheaval to their way of life and was directed by celestial ‘ Sacred signs that the builders of earth temples devoted to the creation of the heavens and the earth Stonehenge the results and the one-off astronomical event both records is made two times in the sky and on the planet. An intimate relationship between heaven and earth that makes the world sacred.

Quantum Theorist Dreamtime Equation

The site of the ‘ Square dance ceremony is in a significant location. The site is close to an advanced men’s initiation ceremonial complex. It is a location of advanced tribal members. The geographic location is high ‘ up on the New England Tablelands. Ceremony sites and rituals at high altitudes prepared for the High Priesthood to the unchanging Dreamtime Laws were ‘ put through the rules’

I am in no way a mathematician; I have never been one. The Square Dance diagram reveals a further understanding of the equation in metaphysical balance and order. The Quantum mechanical concepts are familiar with me. I made the connection after watching a seven minute video on YouTube on Einstein’s theory of relativity. Time and space are, the Origine’ Dreamtime continuum concept of an ever-present moment from the past, present, and future all places all at the same time in the Bootheram Dreamtime. I do understand the mind of Western thought inhibits the full spectrum of the super-reality to Origine’ cosmological, metaphysical events taking place at multiple times in dimensional existence levels in both the spiritual realms and the physical world at the same time and is primarily interaction of their perceptions rather than words or concept. The current model only repeats words and images from a pre-established cultural framework. By doing so , the nature of neural pathways to the brain is deformable. The Origine’ perceptions of their natural environments while they maintain their mental balance well. The neural networks follow the biological neural pathways, which allow the mind to be exposed to greater insight into the two separate realities of the Bootheram Dreamtime continuum and the existence in the physical world. Nothing else.

Quantum sciences support what the Origine’ have always believed, relatedness and connectedness exists in multi dimensional realities

The Origine’ way of life provides powerful insights to assist in the new Dreaming of a future world order into humanity. The Origine’ Dreaming brings in new programs, psychic, psychological and physical processes of consciousness reintegrated. Over 100,000 years ago, we had already achieved this integrated goal. Every aspect of our daily life expressed a sense of fusion between all levels of consciousness.

– The Squared Circle –

Star Stories

Indigenous people are careful observers of astronomical phenomena relating to the stars, Milky Way, and the planets. The Sun, Moon and visible planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn) were known to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. These cultures paid careful attention to these objects, which was recorded and passed onto successive generations through oral traditions and material culture. Aboriginal and Islander people distinguished planets from background stars, noting their changing positions in the sky, their relative positions to each other, their proximity to each other along the zodiac of the ecliptic, and their dynamic relationship to the Sun and Moon as well as other stars in the sky, and the fact that they rarely twinkled.

“The Dreaming Track in the sky! Planets making the pathway! Travelling routes, a pathway you could call it, like a highway! Travelling pathway joins to all different areas, to base place, to camping place, to ceremony place, where the trade routes come in; all this sort of things. The Dreaming Track in the sky, the planets come straight across … walking trail becomes a pad, then becomes a wagon road, two wheel tracks, then become a highway. That’s how they started off.” – Bill Yidumduma Harney, Wardaman Elder

The Great Spirit Baiame saw how much the world was improved by the light and decided to rekindle the woodpile each day. Most stargazing civilisations from the Greeks to the Quechua Indians of Peru designated the sun as male and the moon as female. Nearly all Australian Aboriginal peoples regarded the sun as female and the moon as male.  The people of southwest Tasmania regarded the sun as male and the moon as his wife Vena. The Karruru people of the Nullarbor Plain regard the moon as the wife of the Morning Star, Venus

Comets were widely believed to be flaming spears hurled across the heavens by ancestral figures. The Pitjantjatjara people of the Western Desert associated them with a powerful sky hero who flung his spear across the sky. Aborigines living near Adelaide told explorer Edward Eyre that a particularly spectacular comet was an omen that sorcerers from the north were about to destroy them.

The Gosse Bluff impact crater near Alice Springs is said to have formed when one of the ancestral women dancing in formation as the Milky Way put down her baby in a bark coolamon or food carrier. The baby and carrier fell from the sky and created the crater. The mother and father, the morning and evening stars, are still looking for their child.

Gosse Bluff impact Crater

Everything is written twice – in the sky and on the ground

Cosmological Circle of Life

The one-time Astronomical event of the 2020 Solstice also recreates the pattern of the Milky Way star clusters and their reconstruction of the orbits to several S stars at the centre of the Galaxy.

The alignment of the Milky Way Galaxy, the moon, sun and the Earth. This one-time event was forecast millennium and becomes lost to humanity. The ‘ Spirit of the world blessed with the seeds of light-bearers to the Earth and maintained this most significant event of Starlore Culture
Creators of Stonehenge Indigenous people of Starlore Culture. At the time of the construction of Stonehenge, built in stages, the stars were seen in the northern hemisphere night skies and were last seen in 400 AD which commence the Star culture map of the creation of the universe once known worldwide
The Heeling stone heralds the spark of new life of the Cosmological Circle of life.
Ancient Egypt Pyramids
The ancients possessed vast knowledge of the Galactic Calendar of life.

The Vesica Piscis
The pattern of the alignment is identical to the inner structure of the Milky Way Galaxy and its orbiting Stars
The Squared Circle
A mathematical perfection creates a new celestial horizon
The alignment of the Heavenly bodies with the Earth ends a Bootheram Creation epoch

As Above So Below

Native Title Exploitation

“The Ancestral totemic ‘beings’ not only created the geological features and aquifer systems of the continent, but also carried and distributed objects which were the sources of ritual and tribal Lore as well as the sources of all forms of life, including the people themselves….

In the Bootheram of the ‘Alcheringa’ there exists a comparatively small number of individuals who were half human and half animal or half plant…The Ngarakbal Githabal say that these ancestors didn’t ‘come here’ but that they were ‘made here’…that they are the original Carpet-snake Clan’s…The Bootheram records them as being created by ‘God’- Babbarra is one Ngarakbal Githabal word for describing God …Duramulan is another…….

Bootheram teaches that these half-human creatures were endowed with far greater powers than any living men or women now possess. They could walk about either on the earth or beneath it and could fly through the air….They were the children of ‘God’ and had inherited a portion of the qualities of their creator…they were themselves as ‘demi-gods’…and these ‘demi-gods’ are the ancestors of the existing totemic clans ….’Family’…Ancestors… Nimbinje as the Ngarakbal Githabal call them – or the “Hairy fellas”…the original clans – Carpet-snake totemic clans – they went all over the country, creating the djurebil…making them with sacred ceremonies, songs and dances for the people to enact throughout time. The Feathered Serpent Tradition – Carpet Snake Clan, page 5 and 6. Cultural Starlore by Stella Wheildon

The above statement is my tribal birthright credentials. A time and place prepared my birth were planned and prophesied in Genesis, chapter 3 and Revelation 12 in the Bible. I have known since I was a child my duty to be a mediator between the realms of the Spirits and the physical world. My teachers are the Ancient Grandmother Warrazum – Rainbow Serpent, the original Galactic Creator and my creative spiritual ancestors. The story has to be put ‘ straight.

We ALL come from the Bird Tribes

“We are the Bird Tribes…We did not ‘come’ here, we were always here…we were ‘made ’here”. …

Marlene Boyd 

Cooks Sketch Mt Warning 1770

But our association to this land is much, much older than when Capt. Cook sailed past Cape Byron and first sketched ‘Wollumbin’ and named it Mt Warning for the Crown to ‘claim’

on Tuesday the 15th of May 1770 for their association goes way, back into the Dreaming, which they call Bootheram way, way, way, back…..

.”The Bootheram is one continuous moment STRETCHED – across time and space”, Marlene told me ”It’s made in the mountains. It’s made in the water. They can take our land, but they will never take our Bootheram”, Marlene would say, repeating her mothers words… Marlene  was a proudly Traditional Lore woman, when she spoke her Lore, she meant business, and  the spirit of her ancestors came through her loud and clear

“They say we have been here 60,000 years. But it is much longer. We have been here since the time before time began … All other peoples of the world come from us.” ……Aboriginal Elder: Page 122 – “Voices of the First Day

Aboriginal people didn’t walk out of Africa” and that it was actually the other way around. She insisted that the ‘Skin Lore’ would show that So, she got me to research the science and then we started lobbying government to use MtDNA in Native Title…The by-product of all this Science v’s ‘Skin lore’ was that she showed me, that what she was insisting appeared to be quiet valid.

The research found that in the last 20 years major advances had been made in the study of blood samples, and, interestingly, they directly challenge any supposed African link to Australia’s ancestral people, and dramatically extend the purported 60,000 years of occupation by ancestral tribes to a FAR, FAR GREATER timescale, this had occurred because of advances in cellular and molecular biology – genetics and their origins. To date, even the scientists who first established the “Out of Africa” theory have readdressed their own work and now concede that Australia appears to be the birthplace of ALL modern human beings.

Ancestral women’s ‘Skin Lore’ is Biological Genetics in Native Science, the basis of ‘Skin Lore’ determines ‘right way’ marriages, but is by no means limited to just that, like all Lore it has multi dimension facets and layers of meaning. It’s important to remember that an isolated island nation, like Australia, needed to be mindful of avoiding inter-relation marriages that could weaken the genetic strength and health of its people and so the ‘Skin Lores’ govern that strictly it’s matristic descent recorded in totem of bloodline descent – through Grandmothers line, much like MitochondrialDNA [MtDNA]


To international visitors Byron Bay is an idyllic seaside holiday destination. They don’t realise that this east coast location was strategically chosen by the Commonwealth forefathers to effectively ‘divide and conquer’ an ancient Goddess culture of an ancient tribal people, the Yoocum-Yoocum Aboriginal moiety

Selecting this specific location to deploy, through administration’, propaganda to deftly eradicating the Old World Womens Lore’ by drawing a line on a map where no line had ever been before – By proclamation of Parliament they created the new British states of Queensland and New south Wales.  Delivering an intentional deathblow right through the beginning of the MATRISTIC  culture of Australia…Crushing the head of the Grandmother Rainbow Serpents Women’s Lore, and creating a domino effect to disperse the kinships and ‘connections-to-country’ of her peoples right the way across the Australian continent with one killer blow

Six generations later the Australian government continues to perpetuate this Genocide .  Devoting whole administrative departments to the sanitisation of ancient history and culture in their exclusive endorsement of New World Patriarchal tribes.  These are the remnant Cannibal cultures of the Torres Straits Pacific Islands  who’s ancestors had journeyed from the northern hemisphere ten thousand years earlier.   Climate Refugees, they had been at war with the ancient matristic clans for millennia before the British

The Grandmother Rainbow Serpent.  The Seven Sisters.  These same matristic goddess icons can be identified in the conquered cultures of the north…however the nuances of their star knowledge has been lost to the time-of-men but not here in the south despite the best efforts of the patriarchal authorities the ancient knowledge of the Women’s Starlore survives, under constant attack.

Border Ranges National Park is the Original home of the Rainbow Serpent and the Seven Sisters – of the Iceage

All Skinlore, Kinships and connections-to-country are derived from prehistoric times –  matristic Origine’ Rainbow Serpent Culture, which unfurls in the heavens [above] the ancestral estates and is mirrored into each respective estates landscape [below] records major Climate, Culture and Catastrophic events ….. A pure unadulterated stream of culture that refreshes and revives, this same system inalienably connecting people to place through lore, land and language as old as time and teaching about survival.

Showing connection-to-country from the celestial vault was how native title was first established by Eddie Mabo in the High Court.

Mabo spoke about the land and the stars the lore revealing Malo’s lore (the law of the land) and the law of the Stars of the Tagai (the lore of the heavens) to show how his moieties tribal Skinlore, Kinships and connections to ancestral country gave his people their inalienable rights to tenure over their lands, and that they be acknowledged and returned and they were.

However, since the success of Mabo – over-turning the law of Terra-Nullus – well, since that time, to thwart other Origine’ claimants the governance systems have employed all manner of administrative manipulations, perpetuating a  dark secret of dispossession and genocide in order for the commonwealth law to retain control in the land down-under.

History has been sanitised – books written, maps re-created again and again, reports published and films funded promoting the ‘sanitised commonwealth history’….. Geospatial evidence- cadastral land maps [which get utilised in the native title court process] have been altered – mountains have been renamed, place names have been wrongfully attributed to appropriated linguistics, and revealing anthropological reports edited.

paigal yug - map - labelled
Pre Bundjalung Nation

There was no Bundjalung Nation before the success of civil rights gave Aboriginal people rights in their own country this area was YOOCUM YOOCUM…..signifying the marriage of the Fresh waters and Salt Waters of the ALCHERINGA ….from the headwaters of the Albert the Alcheringa waters flow down into the Logan and on out to Moreton Bay and ALCHERINGA Island 


All and any pro-Rainbow Serpent Culture collated pre and post colonisation has been targeted and ‘buried’;  and apical ancestors and their traditional songs have been allowed to be procured by ‘strangers’ and corporations with no honouring of ancestral rites of passage….Adulterated documents  are being utilised in court processes endorsed by autocratic administration to extinguish native title of the continents first peoples…..matristic culture appropriated and replaced by government endorsed patriarchal systems administrated by the descendants of cannibals 

fingal tweed old map
beginning of the Queensland , New South Wales state borders – Coolangatta Tweed Heads – gazetted  through sacred serpent sites

It’s shocking, witnessing the methodical eradication of the matristic Rainbow Serpent Culture – Equally shocking is the autocratic enforcement of a contemporary Bundjalung migration story about a ‘climate catastrophe’ – the Three Brothers of the Younger Dryas  – invading and replacing Rainbow Serpent prehistoric Matristic lore……A despotic governance blatantly using people from out-of-country to administrate these contemporary fables and sign off on extinguishment agreements of a culture they want eradicated.

Genocide and Apartheid [by pen] – in 2018 in Australia

But how can this be?

Easy! Utilise administration to sanitise history just like every other invasion and occupation before and hope that no-one will remember in a few generations.

Reversing Mabo’s legal legacy of federal native title rights and recognition they started to amend, amend, amend….slicing and dicing the newly ratified FEDERAL Native Title laws into malleable  STATE native title acts and regulations which bear no credence to Mabo’s trailblazing efforts.

These butchered State Native Title Acts create an impenetrable ‘wall”; operated by state native title services bodies that purportedly ‘provide legal aid’ to native title applicants [complements of the very same commonwealth the applicants are taking to court], no conflict of interest there. Ha!

Having spent decades and millions creating a most gruesome bureaucratic beast in native title, alongside a secret and even more sinister monster – State Aboriginal Lands Council law – Now all Australians are being secretly repressed. The country sold out

But how can this be?

Easy….! Create an alternative legislative pathway

Local Aboriginal Lands Councils [LALCs] have been given the same power as Municipal Shire Councils, but they are NOT representative of blood-line to country Traditional Owners and they are exclusively PATRIACHAL …This occurs because government purposely has created apartheid legislation allowing any Origine’ person from anywhere in Australia to move to a new state or shire area and join the lands council there…they don’t have to be from that area originally, and once a member they can vote on outcomes affecting the new area, just as anyone else who  moves into a new shire becomes part of that municipal shire and is able to vote, there is absolutely no blood-line descent of the ancestral tribe required for membership to either shire council system but, only Aboriginal people can join an LALC.

Mt Warning - Mt Wollumbin
NSW Lands Dept map – showing the original Mount Wollumbin location BEFORE Geographical Names Board alteration , to claim Mount Warning exclusively as Bundjalung Nation

Local Aboriginal Lands Councils [LALCs] AGM’s are won by individuals whose family can get the most members at the meeting and exclusively endorse the patriarchal systems …… This allows larger family groups in the community to guide how the LALC makes decision and the outcomes of that area. …..Taking a drive in your local land council boundary and having a look at who is better off may surprise you……. Generally, it seems that traditional owners, native title claimants and native title holders who live in those LALC boundaries are worse off…….The system pits matristic native title claimants AGAINST PATRIACHAL LALC members….classic apartheid processes…classic eradication of the old world matristic cultures by the patriarchy. 

Of course the bureaucrats don’t actually let the Origine’ peoples [actually] control their aboriginal lands councils , not even their patriarchal cannibal pets ….When they need a specific outcome they [historically] sack everyone, claiming them incompetent, and put bureaucrat administrators in place …then they amend, amend, amend, the LALC’s legal acts and regulations so they can transfer thousands of crown and public properties into the LALC coffers ready to do lands deals and ILUAs – Indigenous Land Use Agreement

So ‘abracadabra’, a covert system that serves as an alternative legislative pathway to launder [the Australian people’s public lands and resources]; a system which has no onus for disclosure to the public magically appears, it is Australia’s Hidden Apartheid – and it effectively dispossesses EVERYONE except the bureaucrats. And it achieves all this whilst simultaneously facilitating extinguishment of native title

It’s utterly, brilliant diabolical genius and truly mindboggling that individuals could have turned their minds and skills to crafting such [legal] instruments of mass destruction knowingly eradicating what is arguably the oldest continuously surviving matristic law on the planet and replacing it with a relatively new biblical doctrine – all to validate colonial occupation.

A documented example of this type of stylised genocidal bureaucracy occurred in Yoocum-Yoocum lands south of the Gold Coast border, it might seem simply a government commissioned report being deliberately ignored, and what’s new about that?, but the consequences are reverberating  across time.

Anthropological materials commissioned and submitted to the Federal Court by the New South Wales Native Title Services in relation to the Byron Bay Bundjalung People [NTDA# NG6010/98 [NC95/01] & #3 N6020/01 [NC01/08] by Dr Frank McKeown of McKeown Ygoa & associates – in his report McKeown quotes Archibald Metson


Archibald Metson

Archibald Metson was a colonial administrator and ethnologist from the late 1800’s.  In 1894 he was commissioned to investigate the conditions of Aboriginals in the newly gazetted state of Queensland; despite his consequent proposals, only some of his ideas were embodied in the Aboriginal Protection and Restrictions of the Sale of Opium Act 1897……. And I should point out that Mr Meston was also the Southern Protector of Aboriginals for the state of Queensland from 1898 to 1903,…..and equally important,  Metson had spent his childhood in the region , growing up on a farm in the upper Clarence and visited the Tweed Byron area , including in 1870 and 1880 when he travelled through the region on foot and on horseback …But the point is that Archibald Metson , over a 30 year period,  recorded that the aboriginal population of the area spoke a dialect of the language called Yoocum-Yoocum, which he had learnt as a child while growing up in the Clarence 

The Extract from page 21 of the McKeown Report [Bannister 1984, Metson 1880, 1923: McKeown 2005] created for New South Wales Native Title Services and provide to the federal court states

“I spoke the Yoocum-Yoocum dialect which extended from the Logan River South to midway between the Clarence and Bellinger River, and all New England from Armidale to near Warwick, whence it was joined by the Wacca-Wacca of the Darling Downs, the dialect which came down the north side of the Brisbane River to the sea and Toorbul Point and down the Burnett to the sea at Bundaberg”..Metson 1923

“All the Tribes from Nerang to the Clarence spoke variations of the great “Yoocum-Yoocum” dialect [Yoocumbah], which went west to New England and down the head of the Condamine at Warwick, where it joined the Wacca-Wacca of the Darling Downs”….Metson 1894 

Then ; Page’s 87-98 of the McKeown report [which you must remember was submitted as evidence to the Australian Federal Court by the New South Wales Native Title Services in relation to the Byron Bay Bundjalung People] also quotes Anthologist Radcliffe-Brown [1918,1929A, 1929B,1930] who refers to these same people as the Yukum or Yukumbil

“This large tribe, named in its negative [yukum=no] occupying the region of the Richmond and Clarence Rivers in the north of NSW and extending over the Qld Border.  Their country extends about 100 miles north and south and about 80- miles east and west.  Within the north there are considerable local differences in dialect, and a number of the sub-tribes are recognised.  The sub-tribe about which I have the most information is the Kidjabal [Githabul] of the country at the head of the Clarence River”…Radcliffe Brown 1929A:400

McKeown notes in his report that Radcliffe-Browns publications and unpublished field notes deal primarily with Githabul groups in the upper Clarence around Woodenbong, and mentions only in passing the “Minyanbal” sub-tribe [Radcliffe-Brown 1930:238]….. In his field notes there appears only one reference to Byron Bay, but it is unclear to what he is referring.  On the same page, he notes the presence of a “mob of Minyangbal at Tweed Heads”, and immediately below wrote “Ngarabal from Tweed Heads to Brunswick” McKeown 2005 : 89

This clear [and way to truthful] anthropological report was commission by the government department who were assisting the federal court to determine a decision – and it was not ‘helpful’ to creating the ‘required’ extinguishment of native title in Byron Bay at all – so, it was ignored.

All applicants who were identifying as ancestral Yoocum-Yoocum subtribes, like Ngarakbal were targeted and ostracised, and almost immediately the exclusive endorsement of Bundjalung as being the [endorsed] language commenced…..

Yoocum-Yoocum Rainbow Serpent Lore was quashed and the Bundjalung Nation myth unfurled…

But why?

To ensure the tenure of Australia remained with the Commonwealth using Patriachal law, and no land was actually returned to the Origine moieties, the bureaucracy’s concept of a ‘Bundjalung Nation’s’ legal authenticity needed to be accepted in the courts.

But how would they do this?…

Easy!… by garnering the assistance of Local Aboriginal Lands Councils, whom anyone that identifies as aboriginal  can join; and enlisting community history and museum volunteers to provide ‘research ‘from [non-academic] government endorsed sources such as newspaper clippings; and then begin  subtlety  ‘tweaking’ the language attributions [acknowledgements] of local Geographical place names records to align with newly collated and created Bundjalung Nation language dictionaries…All funded by the state …….and hey presto – qualify that all [legal] lands records data and place names were homogenised [and reclassified] as being from Bundjalung Nation linguistics…….Wiping out all original tribal attributions from the geospatial records and creating an unfair advantage that ensured extinguishment of native title.

Geytenbeek 1971 – dialect map- Ian Fox 2003

Re-writing History – a tried and true method to validate occupation.

An extract from the introduction of the Margaret Sharpe Dictionary of Western Bundjalung, including Gidhabal and Tabulam Bundjalung, has been cited extensively to alter geographical place names and homogenise original individual dialect attributions in both Queensland and New South Wales …this one dictionary effectively altering Lands records data collated by numerous academics over a span of 90 years.

The extract in the Introduction of the dictionary states …….“Dialects of the language referred to by linguists as Bandjalang [or as spelt in English Bunjalung] were spoken in an area including the Northern Rivers area of NSW, the Gold Coast, north to the southern suburbs of Brisbane, and west to Warrick and Allora”

So, put simply what does all this mean?…..

The genocide of the Rainbow Serpent Culture and its replacement with a post-flood migration story to achieve extinguishment of native title.

Altering the geographical data, or lands records, language attributions was key to obstructing Federal Court Native Title Claims Significantly  because the original geographical place names attributions had been recorded in each original [individual] tribal dialect of each area when first surveyed in the 1880’s……

Ironically, those individual dialect records were precisely the legal evidence Origine’ owners required to achieve a positive determination of Native Title

GNB dual naming of mt Warning as Bundjalung
2006 Letter from the Geographical Names Board – the NSW State Government had gazetted the wrong mountain as Wollumbin and changed the original linguistic attribution to Bundjalung . Altering Lands Records to enact genocide – by pen

By allowing naive volunteers to make metadata submissions for geographical name changes of significant landscape features to State departments, which then became endorsed, gazetted and recorded by State government in the parliamentary Hansard and lands records files, protected the government from [actual] involvement –  but the outcome was to achieve the desired effect – dispossess ancestral moieties,  pervert the natural course of justice, and  facilitates State government ILUAs which culminates in the  extinguishment of federal native title

But, how these are altered Lands Records used in native title?

Well, the first national park in Australia to be created under an Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) with the traditional owners, the Byron Bay Bundjalung, as joint managers with the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) occurred in Yoocum-Yoocum ancestral lands in 2001 – State government created the brand  ‘new’ Arakwal National Park and the Bundjalung myth allowed state government to   extinguish Native Title and award a development ILUA to the Byron Bay Bundjalung Corporation the first agreement of its kind in Australia, it worked so successfully this same process has swept across Australia.


Margaret Sharpes dictionary introduction states …….“Dialects of the language referred to by linguists as Bandjalang [or as spelt in English Bunjalung] were spoken in an area including the Northern Rivers area of NSW, the Gold Coast, north to the southern suburbs of Brisbane, and west to Warrick and Allora”


The modus operandi? Crush the head of the [Rainbow] Serpent by leaving  no ‘flicker’ of the Yoocum-Yoocum Cultural block  to smoulder, in fact, since the Byron Bay ILUA was signed in 2001 a veritable wildfire, spreading this [created] contemporary administration propaganda ‘marketed’ to the world as the Bundjalung ‘Nation’, has exploded into a bonfire fed by the bureaucrats with the Byron Bay ILUA 2 and the Ti-Tree Lake ILUA 3 signed in 2006- all without including the descendants of the apical Ngarakbal ancestors who’s traditional cultural and intellectual copyright they appropriated without consent.

The sole goal of State Native Title is to extinguish the inalienable rights of ancestral matristic moieties ….and anyone who [stupidly] engages is legally extinguished and so too are all descendants of the people they claim to be representing, so, if a total stranger appropriates your great great grandparents culture and endorses it [to be changed] and then files a native title claim over your moieties ancestral country, well, whether you like it or not, your inalienable right is automatically extinguished too….

Today, the Yoocum-Yoocum bloodline are still being lied to, cheated, dispossessed and exploited the bureaucracy is knowingly homogenising all of the ancestral culture in line with an ‘endorsed’ three brother migration story….

The Three Brothers is an appropriated Yoocum-Yoocum tribal migration story of arrival of another race in their lands after a great flood, and which [it’s no surprise] endorses the ‘biblical tenure’ of the great southern land just as the biblical story of the three sons of Noah was utilised to validate tenure, and extinguish inalienable rights over the tribal lands of Africa, Asia and pagan Europe in the medieval past.

Seems that ‘old- style’ genocide of goddess based cultures of the north by papal pen worked so well that’s its good enough for the federal courts of Australia now

Summary Judgement

Since colonisation, the patriarch administration of Australia knew what they were doing and enacted genocide against a peaceful people who knew ‘ no sin. To understand what the original people encounter of the new arrivals is necessary to contemplate their state of being. Understanding the structure of traditional tribal society accentuates the dispossession of Land Language and Lore and its bearing on the lives of the Origine people today. The Australian Origine’ culture is founded entirely on the memory of the origins of life. Traditional people lived in remembrance of the day when a place and its creatures first came into being. The same source created everything – the dreamings and doings of the great ancestors. Origine culture and society share the identity of the creative ancestral heroes and the forms, principles and activities of the great creation beings who are the architects of their natural world created.
The Origine gained ‘ knowledge by identity – the absorption into the forms and consciousness of the surrounding world. The original people experienced increased sensitivity to hearing, sight. Smell and touch all emphasis on the sensual experience of the natural world. To the Origine’ social and natural environment created together in the Dreamtime and are based on the same plan, children become familiar with the two together. Aboriginal community is not based on psychological needs and material interdependencies; instead, a pre-existing structure of relatedness supports, fulfils and extends the sense of self. Origine’ do not need to develop self-definition and self-esteem from the community because those qualities are given as a birthright to each tribal member. They do not need to escape the conventions and demands of society because their entire social system is structured to provide and support those features. The original pattern of kinship lore allows each member designated support for every emotional or human response to the personal problem. It addresses it emotionally in private to that role given to provide basic social arrangements for physical and mental wellbeing.
Traditional life was an ever-occurring wonder as the people ‘ grew up through their stages of mental, emotional and spiritual advancement of initiation procedures dictated by the stars annual transit across the vault of heaven, guiding harvest time, hunting, marital arrangements, ceremony and ritual. Djurebil (sacred site), potentised by the ancestral creation heroes themselves, initiated the proliferation of all living species, the Origine’ filled with an abundance across several landscapes within their respective boundaries. Every day is perceived as a brand new day like it is the first. Routine, mundane life was non-existent in the ever-present momentum of the Bootheram Dreamtime continuum of traditional life. The Origine’ lived supernal existence above human excellence for millennia’s whole prehistoric society steeped in the energies pervade their natural world on all love, including love. Love magic is utilised by way of charismatic storytelling, songs and magic in general. The essence of Bootheram is love.
The mindset of the first people was extravagant and vast fine physique actively immersed in the activities of the existence of both the tangible world and the Dreaming spirit.
It is impossible to fathom the horror of the original people and the resulting nightmare stolen Dreamtime dismantled in front of their eyes. Anxiety, depressive states or trauma unknown to them they truly lived in paradisic.


I have stated from the beginning of the official Aboriginal Creation Lore blog and website my source is direct ancestral knowledge and inherited cultural information. One of my totemic species is the Australian Willy Wagtail with the distinguished titles of messenger, go-between and mediator between the spiritual realms and the physical world. The ‘ Ginnikin hops between the two worlds through a Rainbow, my inherited signature trademark. I have included links to substantiate my storey when directed to do so. The revelation of the cover-ups to ‘ My natural history of the world beyond reproach and the perpetrators along with the instigator, the Mowi or knew across the country by the Origine people as the debil debil, and a trickster will pay the price for unlawful interference with the cosmic order of the universe. Dead or Alive. I will continue to add further comprising evidence against the artificial order to the Masonic Lodge or Freemasonry. Masonic have seized my totemic design, the square, for purposes deemed illegal in the eyes of God the All-Mother and All-Father and against the Matristic (partnership) Starlore culture being the first and only direction for the human race to follow suit and ensure their eternal longevity. The Masonic right-angle leg is also a direct implication again seized by the ‘ evil to propagate their movement and highlights the extent of their ‘ secret society input in the world economic and political platforms. Australian patriarch governance being the most corrupt in the history of the world. The masonry was founded on lies and their ‘ deformation of the actual ‘ reality of my world. This being the prelude to the judgement of the All-Mother God, Bugal Wena, the Jury with the ancient grandmother, Warrazum Rainbow Serpent. Execution to be exacted by the All-father God. It has deceived humanity for hundreds of years into believing falsified facts that has bought the world and it’s inhabitants to the brink of extinction and destruction of my earthly body and continue to dominate in leading the people away from the Truth – Goong. There is more. I am the mother of the genocide of black people worldwide. The House of Saxe-Goburg and Gotha steal the ancient black families Royal bloodlines. The family name was changed to the House of Windsor. It will be made abundantly clear to all peoples the ‘ actual story of the bloodshed of my children around the world by genocide. A deliberate and strategically focus on the Origine’ people of Australia continues to enact covert clandestine genocide of my people. The corrupt Patriarchal administration Freemasonry Masonic.

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