One finds where to begin in the unfolding drama of the world’s natural history; it is a continuation of a Bootheram, fulfilling both the traditional Oral and the written word end of days prophecy. A global awakening occurs ‘ Wake up stand up takes place in the hearts and minds of the people who lied to by knowing authorities who placed themselves in positions of power and privilege through deceit, corrupt systems and the continued slavery of human bondage through LIES! I have found in five decades; it takes three generations to forget one’s history or retain ‘ Glory moments in one motherland. Fortunately, the Spirit of ‘ Goong – Truth prevails in the final moments of the last chapter of Bootheram Dreamtime of the world; the masses have been taught since infancy what to believe and what not. Gross perversion in the course of justice and existence in itself. Unforgivable. It is necessary to adjust the human mind to wonders of actual life; it is a timeless revelation a long time coming. A change will occur in our lives when we know error in plain sight, especially to know it is a lie. The ‘ Original rebel, the Mowi, mentioned in previous blog posts and knew across the Australian continent as a trickster, the character is the vanity, pride and lust for power we see in today’s modern lifestyle. Antithetical to traditional life whose preexisting structure of relatedness supports, fulfils and extends the sense of self of the vast perceived access in the physical world ( tangible) and the ever-present moment of the Dreamtime Bootheram continuum ( the Spirit). Nothing else.

Princes garb suggests he was a Prince of the Holy Roman Empire

The lands of Kings and their Queens were from ancient black families worldwide. The original inhabitants were a black civilisation and came down from matrilineal descent. The Matristic Starlore recognised in ancient cultures as the ‘ Sacred Feminine epoch when the knowledge of a vibrant, thriving cosmos known to every living soul on earth; a birthright by virtue. The Lores of creation blur and become patriarchal overbearing domination and control. The evidence is clear to the near-extinct progression since Laws created or instead made up as it went along.

Hungarian King possibly Charles 1 (1288 – 1342
Charlemagne Karlsejn Castle Czech Republic. Charlemagne: Carolus Magnus meaning Charles the Great (742 – 814) was King of the Franks from 768 and Emperor of the Romans from 800 to his death 814
King/Saint Stephen on his throne 14th Century
Indian hunters in Bay of San Francisco, California
Indians of the Bay Area San Francisco, California

The ‘ Killings

Today it is common knowledge in Australia of atrocities against the original people during the invasion and colonial settlement. I was raised on the massacre stories from my maternal grandmother since age five. ‘ they shot us on-site deemed vermin and a threat to livestock and therefore a threat. My grandmother’s mother and father were survivors of the ‘ Killings as children. The slaughter begins the early 1840s to late 1860s. It is a deep and dark demonised attempt to halt the birth of the ‘ Seed prophesied in Genisis chapter 15. The Mowi knew the ‘ Seed was in the black race and were the people who were the first and only original inhabitants worldwide. There were no white race people on the planet. The white people called ‘ Albino in ancient scripts come from the black people. No white race, such as the Aryan race, did not exist until their numbers were significant to war against the ancient black royal families in Europe and Britain. The war on Middle Earth.

I am not here to provoke hate, ignite ignorance or blame. I am sharing to the world ‘ Bugal Wena Dreaming story, which began at age four. I am a ‘ Tracker from the Dreamtime the story has been fifty years since age four in ‘ streams of consciousness on multiple existence levels in the spiritual and physical domains. a ‘ Crime that commences back in time—the Mowi cause absolute chaos in the worlds of the Dreamtime creatures and spirit beings. Just like the creative ancestors who are the givers of life and lore, I had to make a sense out of the mayhem, crossed boundary lines, trespass, theft and hostage of my Dreaming family. I have made a record of these events in my blog posts.

The problem with the white seems to be Fear, Loathing, and Resentment on many levels. The Central Asian Dravidian Albino (European White) is very different from all other Albinos globally. All other Albinos choose to mate with and produce children with pigmented partners. Thereby producing pigmented children with skin colours that range from very dark to very light (see Heredity of skin colour in negro-white crosses by Charles Benedict Davenport, 1913), << Click here for more information>>. The Central Asian Dravidian Albinos are the only Albinos to mate with each other on purpose, thereby guaranteeing that ALL of their offspring will be Albinos just like themselves.

– A Native woman from New South Wales Australia –

The Dravidian Albinos is bizarre behaviour because the significant shortcoming of an Albino is sensitivity to the Sun. The fact is that in the Worlds latitudes below 40 degrees (Mason/Dixon line in the U.S.), the strength of the Sun is not suitable for fair skin people to outdoors for sufficient time to do the necessary farming required to feed themselves. Therefore they have had to ENSLAVE or pay pigmented people to do that work for them. The psychological damage is done to them because that physical shortcoming probably explains their often seen animalistic behaviours, which are invariably justified by irrational claims involving corrupt religious concepts and delusional claims of gentle civility.

– Dravidian Albinos India
– Badly Sunburned Albino child in Hyderabad –

In the Confederate States manifesto of reasons for leaving the Union: Mississippi’s primary reason for succession was that very thing, the White Man’s Inability to survive the Tropical Sun. Quote Mississippi: Our position is thoroughly identified with the institution of slavery—the most significant material interest of the world. Its labour supplies the product, which constitutes the most significant portion of the earth’s commerce. These products are peculiar to the climate verging in tropical regions. By an “imperious” (meaning power or authority without justification) law of nature, none but the Black Race can bear exposure to the Tropical Sun. (Hmm – “The Good, God Fearing People”, calling the supposed works of God “Imperious”?). These products have become necessities of the world, and a blow at slavery is a blow at commerce and civilization. << Confederate States manifesto quotes >>

This particular dynamic has also caused certain Schizoid behaviors in Whites as evidenced by Benjamin Franklin’s 1751 essay “America as a Land of Opportunity”. Therein, he and supposedly many other White migrants to America, wanted to clear out the native Blacks (the real American Indians << Click here for more on them >>), and not bring in any more Blacks from Europe or Africa, so that America might be a purely WHITE land. As is clear from the essay, at that time Europe was mostly Mulatto and Black, so clearly Franklin did not think this through, if not to the Americas, where would victorious Whites in Europe send the vanquished Blacks? Plus, his adopted home of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is only 125 miles from the demarcation line between safe farming and dangerous farming lands (because of Sun UV) for Whites. If other Whites had listened to Franklin, they would not have been able to settle lands south of the Mason/Dixon line, and U.S. History would have been quite different: << Click here for the Franklin essay >>

– Ancient Grandmother Rainbow Serpent –


Earth Mother

mother goddess is a goddess who represents a personified deification of motherhoodfertilitycreationdestruction, or the earth goddess who embodies the bounty of the earth or nature. When equated with the earth or the natural world, such goddesses are sometimes referred to as the Mother Earth or Earth Mother, deity in various animistic or pantheistic religions.[citation needed] The earth goddess is usually the wife or feminine counterpart of the Sky Father or Father Heaven. In some polytheistic cultures, such as the Ancient Egyptian religion which narrates the cosmic egg myth, the sky is instead seen as the Heavenly Mother or Sky Mother as in Nut and Hathor, and the earth god is regarded as the male, paternal, and terrestrial partner, as in Osiris or Geb who hatched out of the maternal cosmic egg.

The Origine cultures of Australia are the oldest living cultures in the world….the last unbroken Matristic culture on the planet, and its under threat of assimilation.  

Matristic Lore is neither patriarchal or matriarchal , but instead is derived from the ancient nomadic traditions which honoured both sacred masculine and scared feminine for their own essential qualities….qualities ‘gifted’ to them from the celestial realms from which all life descends

One of the reasons the Origine have survived for so long is their ability to live in harmony with the grand celestial cycles which impact our solar system and planet. The Origine people’s ability to adapt to change has allowed them to maintain their ancestral traditions unbroken since the Alcheringa, which is the Ngarakbal Githabul dialect for  ‘the beginning’ of the dreamtime.

Commencing on the east coast of Australia the ancient matristic lore of the Origine Dreamtime, the Alcheringa,  radiates across the continent.  Spiralling from the south celestial pole the ancestral creator beings rise one by one in the Australia skies in the unending celestial particle dance of All Creation.  Refreshing and recreating the journeys of the Sky Ancestors which birthed our solar system including this small blue planet we all call ‘home’

– Sacred Dogs that Guard the Realms of the Spirits –

All administrative governance is derived from the Roman church doctrines…..all law.

These Roman laws are exclusively patriarchal and have no inclusion of the matristic feminine model that exists to balance and sustain the earth in accordance with natural lore…..and so everything and everyone are subjected to entropic decay – and a dying planet

On the flip side the ancient natural lore, commencing with the All Mother – Grandmother Rainbow Serpent  who is terrestrially defined in Australia as radiating out from the Tweed Caldera Volcano, the most eastern land form of the southern continent still desperately fanning the ‘last embers’ of the ancestral matristic lore – a fractal lore of increase rights and obligations which once encircled and unified the entire planet …..even now this last fire battles from being extinguished as a result of patriarchal law processes…. and erased from the face of the earth just as the Romans encompassed all of the ancient serpent ‘goddess’ religions of the globe

However, today, science is validating the profound truths of the wisdom held within the ancestral matristic lores essence.  Academic researchers and historians are piecing together the surviving fragments of cultural heritage and working with Origine Wisdom Keepers to reignite the fires of traditional lore and culture of the matristic lineages of Australia in peace and harmony with all nations for the greater good…..the Vision – to rebuild a new global paradigm of community and love for all, from the embers of the old matristic lore.  A lore that encompasses and acknowledges the sacred connectedness of every life force and form sharing this precious orb, together….

One Earth. One Sky. One Lore

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