Secret Sin

Most people can’t take in the entirety of the world shadow ban on the actual natural history of the world and its direct impact upon human thoughts or consciousness today. The original records of human origins in Europe were destroyed in the 1600s after the execution of the last Black King, King Edward ii, inContinue reading “Secret Sin”

The Dream Within A Dream

The universe is a cracker box full of unexpected surprises. Bugal Wena All-Mother God/Earth Dreaming story has been intercepted by another dream, and she is inside that dream. So, the dreamer’s goal, Bugal Wena, is to write fiction short stories in Dreamtime in Bugal Wena’s Dreaming in Real-time and the “fiction.” short stories are localisedContinue reading “The Dream Within A Dream”

Autumnal Equinox from the ALCHERINGA

Latest Cosmological star arrangement leading up to Solstice 2022. From Cultural Astronomer, Author and Lecturer Stella Starlore. Autumnal Equinox Blessings Everyone…, just returning from a journey into the stars aboard the “Little Boat” and I wanted to share this with you all Galactic Grand Cross alignment plotted from Alcheringa Island – Quandamooka – Queensland AustraliaContinue reading “Autumnal Equinox from the ALCHERINGA”

World Peace & Harmony

Many people worldwide have grave concerns about the planet’s welfare and are fighting governments to implement strategies to “assist.” the environment’s health. The world leaders’ unperturbed stance focus instead on the.’ power play countries display against another to ignite the mind and ignore the mass’s plea for “authentic.” leadership towards the end of human suffering.Continue reading “World Peace & Harmony”

Cruising Home

The team at Aboriginal Creation Lore, Gran the Rainbow Serpent and myself, Bugal Wena, are on auto-pilot now the dilemma that entertains the masses into mass illusions of grandeur complete. Our efforts to right a wrongdoing and injustice to the world’s people are fraught with immense obstacles deeply entrenched in the human psyche over generationsContinue reading “Cruising Home”

Payback Time

The evilness and lies of the authorities were exposed. A world Grand Jury established and found the Coronavirus vaccine to be ineffective. A deliberate ploy to eradicate the human population for the minority elite who control the mainstream media and world governments. The Illuminati bloodlines families are the core to rampant, unbridled disorder, chaos andContinue reading “Payback Time”

Bring Back Life

Aboriginal Creation Lore blog and website is the official authority on the earth bestowed by the Highest Order of the Creator Spirit, Pronounced WOO-PA-Ra-Yo-wuh and the High 24 Celestial Elders. The conflict between good and evil on my good Earth continues unabated. Gran (Ancient Grandmother, Warrazum, the Rainbow Serpent), and I have been in spiritualContinue reading “Bring Back Life”

New Natural World Order

Aboriginal Creation Lore is the official voice of the earth and its creatures. For those people who have subscribed to our site, we will continue to blog daily as we move into the New Heaven on the Earth. Aboriginal Creation Lore believes the genuine value and worth of ONE soul are not compared, in theContinue reading “New Natural World Order”