Bloodlines to Antiquity


The Metaphor of the Feathered Serpents in Ngarakbal Githabal Country

There is global mythology of Feathered Serpents throughout ancient tribal nations….and as the last great continent to be invaded, Australia’s original people hold the least corrupted of the ancestral lore….The most eastern extremity of the Australian Continent is the ancestral country of the Ngarakbal Githabal people, who refer to themselves as “Bird Tribes”…Their ancient traditional Lores and Customs are a rich repository of metaphoric lore of creation…..

Feathered Dinosaurs - Bird Ancestors
Feathered Dinosaurs – Bird Ancestors

In 1987 the Murgon site also produced an isolated tooth that is thought to be from a condylar, which has been named Tingamarra porterorum…….Condylarths are an ancient group of placental mammals known from various other world regions. The presence of Tingamarra in Australia indicates that placentals were indeed present there when the continent broke away from Antarctica.  The world’s oldest fossil bat was also found at the Murgon site….. Ancient marsupial fossils have been found on other continents, notably North America and Asia.

The Bootheram [Dreaming Lore] of the Ngarakbal Githabal says that “the first bird flew from the Bunya Mountains” and that Bird was the “Kirra”, the White Cockatoo….There is a coastal beach village on the New South Wales Queensland border, in Ngakakbal Githabal country…and if you follow the ridge from Kirra beach, all the way up the Macpherson Ranges and continue following it up and up, you come to the Bunya Mountains volcano, where all the ancestral totems are being uncovered from the ancient Gondwanan landscape…….right where the ancestral Bootheram Lore has always know them to be.


The Ngarakbal Githabal people are direct descendants of the ancient Carpet-snake clans – “Bird Tribes” or Feathered Serpent Traditions…..

Their totems and ceremonies bear witness to correct and factual evolutionary creation sequences. Their lives and traditions travel through the landscape, climbing four ancient volcanoes, into the adjacent ancestral lands of the Wakka Wakka peoples of the Bunya Mountains.

The oldest known Australian marsupial fossils are from a  55 million-year-old Early Eocene site at Murgon in southern Queensland, in the Bunya Mountains volcano lands of the Wakka Wakka people.   This site has produced a range of marsupial fossils, many with south solid American connections…..and South America also has rich mythology of Feathered Serpents.


When the Bootheram was being recorded, western science hadn’t discovered that birds evolved out of dinosaurs. This has only come to light in the last decade. But the Ngarakbal Githabal descendants knew, they have always known…they ARE the Bird Tribe.


A comprehensive restoration of black history worldwide. Vast timeframes of pre-historic Kingdoms lay strewn across the globe amidst.’ mysterious plagued with falsified input from ‘scholars over the previous 1700 and 1800 centuries. The man had modified history to entertain vanity and lust for greed and superiority. Thus the natural history of the world is a LIE! The Oral History of the Origine of Australia tells the story covered over by the coin’s reverse side. Evidence including DNA represents the ‘wipeout of the ancient genome sequence, and considerable anomalies in the field of Anthropology and Archeology founded does not add up and are in direct conflict with the Academic theory first proposed by Charles Darwin Evolution of Species 1859. The world once globally united to the ‘Stars. Also, we cannot bypass the ‘spiritual emphasis that has gone without notice until now. The previous pages shed light, including my blog posts on interference on ALL levels of existence. The evidence of ‘cosmic foul-play is vast. My focus is the Matristic Pentagram Starlore societies of the Northern Hemisphere connected to the planetary ‘Songlines that begins in the Great Australia Bight in the south of the Australian continent. This ‘Songline travels north through southeastern Europe, Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland, the Islands above the British mainland, including the Nordic. They belong to the Matristic Starlore cultures, semi-nomadic groups or clans. For the Origine’, their bloodline spread backward through millennia, not only connecting them to a human ancestry but to the totem lines of plants and animals and to the Metaphysical creator beings.

Is what the experts say

Homo-sapiens – Us

The Genus and species to which all modern human beings (Homo-sapiens) belong and are attributable fossil remains of humans in Africa, from 400,000 years ago or more. (In Qesem Cave near Rosh Haayin, in central Israel, human teeth indicate modern man (Homo sapiens) in Israel as early as about 400,000 years ago, thus proving that modern man is much older than 400,000 years). Homo sapiens distinguished from other animals and earlier humanoid species by characteristics and habits such as bipedal stance and gait, brain capacity averaging about 82 cubic inches, high forehead, small teeth and jaw, defined chin, construction and use of tools, and the ability to make use of symbols such as used in language and writing. Some of these features are found in the immediate ancestor, Homo erectus, but they are characteristic only of Homo sapiens – Us in the aggregate.”

The ” Old People have always been. The above statement clearly defines the model of original humankind. It concurred with the Oral records of the Origine’ who have been present on the earth for millions of years and were the first. The sacred creation dance of the ancient Grandmother Rainbow Serpent began over 3.6 billion years ago. The time before time went further when life existed in the pure ethereal state prototypes or the original blueprints and codes to existence. Time itself was in time with itself; it did not exist. 

Little evidence remains of a globally connected community whose lives are dictated by the celestial bodies’ annual movement; the stars remain and tell the story of the world’s natural history. 

Feathered Serpent Deity

The Aztec feathered serpent deity known as Quetzalcoatl is known from several Aztec codices, such as the Florentine Codex and the records of the Spanish conquistadors. Quetzalcoatl was known as the deity of wind and rain, the bringer of knowledge, the inventor of books, and associated with the planet Venus.

Early Starlore

Starlore or starlore is the creating and cherishing mythical stories about the stars and star patterns (constellations and asterisms); folklore is  based upon the stars and star patterns. Using the stars to explain religious doctrines or actual events in history is also defined as star lore. Starlore has a very long history; it has been practised by nearly every culture recorded in history, dating as far back as 5,500 years ago. It was also practised by prehistoric cultures of the Paleolithic and Neolithic period prehistoric cultures of the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods.

The Serpent in the Garden

Again we look into the writings of Ellen White, who describes the serpent in the Garden of Eden, The second creation. She writes; in Patriarchs and Prophets (1890) chapter Three page 52,

“The tree of knowledge had been made a test of their obedience and their love to God. The Lord had seen fit to lay upon them, but one prohibition as to the use of all that was in the garden; but if they disregarded His will in this particular, they would incur the guilt of transgression. Satan was not to follow them with continual temptations; he could have access to them only at the forbidden tree. They would be exposed to his wiles if they attempted to investigate its nature. They were admonished to give careful heed to the warning which God had sent them and be content with the instruction He had seen fit to impart.

To accomplish his work unperceived, Satan chose to employ as his medium the serpent—a disguise well adapted for his purpose of deception. The serpent was then one of the wisest and most beautiful creatures. It had wings, and while flying through the air, presented an appearance of dazzling brightness, having the colour and brilliancy of burnished gold. Resting in the rich-laden branches of the forbidden tree and regaling itself with the delicious fruit, it was an object to arrest the attention and delight the eye of the beholder. Thus in the garden of peace lurked the destroyer, watching for his prey.”

 All lore of the Australian Origine Dreamtime culture descends from the Stars through  the Matristic lineages .

The Matristic lineages are the original Dreamtime linages whose traditional lore and customs depict the creation lore of the Sky Ancestors, who made them. 

These traditions are distinct from a Matristic Dreamtime epoch and follow strict kinship and Skinlore codes. They are very ancient. Arguably the oldest living lore on the planet.  Many global cultures refer to their own matristic epochs as the Sacred Feminine. As the last conquered continent in Australia,  the Matristic culture still survives, albeit under duress….

Global Matristic culture is followed by a Patriarchal epoch whose traditional customary lores commence with a migration story of people arriving in the southern continent.  They are far less ancient, and many of the ancestral sacred sites of the Patriarchal lineages were inherited by right of occupation. These traditions have distinct traditions and customs and similar Skinlore marriage lore codes.  

Invasion and occupation of the continent by Colonialists commenced in 1770, rendering over 300 distinct ancestral ‘countries’, each with their own lore’s, languages and traditional boundaries conquered with all Origine survivors contained and homogenised as just one race collectively labelled as Aboriginal irrespective of their epoch, ancestral county or kinship skin classifications.  This dispossession occurred right across the continent.  Ensuing assimilation processes caused further confusion. Today, the more significant global population is unaware of the two epoch lineages or the original 300 plus individual counties that once made up the Great Southern Island.  

 The Matristic lore is metaphorical of creation.  It commences in the cosmos, with associated rites, rituals and ceremonies singing the creation of the galaxies, our solar system, our planet and all life upon the earth. Each Sky Ancestors’ celestial journey spirals across the starry skies of our local Milky Way galaxy and project as a holographic reflection of the creation down onto the landscape.  As above so below.  

” And the dragon was wroth with the woman and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.” Revelation chapter 12 verse 17

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