The Destruction Of Innocence

Aboriginal Creation Lore, Granny (the Rainbow Serpent), and I, All-Mother God are the last bastion of truth remaining on the earth. The Illuminati, the family of the Mowi, aka the devil, satan, and the worldwide governments they “own” have begun the murder of babies via the death jab, coronavirus vaccine. We are dedicating our blogsContinue reading “The Destruction Of Innocence”

Darwin versus The Dreaming

Darwin’s Theory of Evolution- the creation story accepted for almost two hundred years by western civilization – is only a story. While Darwin and his proponents claimed to have “proved” his theory, it can not be scientifically tested. Nevertheless, Darwinism grew into an unquestioned scientific and academic orthodoxy. It has become the paradigm, or, lens.Continue reading “Darwin versus The Dreaming”


Horrific crimes against the earth mother and her children continue to this day. I had to wait over fifty years of blood, sweat, and tears to regain order in the realms of my spiritual family then find the ‘ people world far worse than demonic entities Encountered over a lifetime. An entire ancient genome sequenceContinue reading “Retribution”

The Conception of New Life

The first blog post was on November 26, 2020. Earth Birth. It wasn’t a new birth. Instead, the earth conceived impending new life. The timeline of the Universe I created in two charts, the square and the circle, where the equations for the rebirth of the world. The Earth’s Solar Plexus realignment at Uluru, centralContinue reading “The Conception of New Life”

Order of the Spirits

The Aboriginal Creation Lore website is accurate, honest and truthful. A “Goong” was passed down to me from my maternal Grandmother. Goong translates to – Spirit of Truth. When Gran (RS) and I cleaned the realms of spirits and dimensions of the Dreamtime creatures, we moved in the circle of spirits. Often, when entering aContinue reading “Order of the Spirits”


The Aboriginal Creation Lore website is accurate, the truth and nothing but the truth. We have put the evidence of cosmic foul play to the world’s natural history and the evidence to Out of Australia Theory. The “Albino”, Illuminati, created a fake account and a hoax of their so-called version. With the actual history destroyed,Continue reading “Fantasies”