Secret Sin

Most people can’t take in the entirety of the world shadow ban on the actual natural history of the world and its direct impact upon human thoughts or consciousness today. The original records of human origins in Europe were destroyed in the 1600s after the execution of the last Black King, King Edward ii, in 1646. Since researching the ACL website in February 2021, much greater information has surfaced on human origins. Humans are indeed a traumatised race; there are no winners here. Suffering and misery don’t discriminate. Spirit is not white or black but an embodied higher function inherent in humans and is best understood most commonly after exposure to a traumatic experience. Over time cumulative events worldwide all play a role in a universal response and common ground for a significant change to bring about new life on Earth.

I have already made a point about these historical disparities in previous posts. So, why must I reiterate? I’ve added information from a website actively investigating the world’s fraudulent history to simplify it. Black, white, and brindle people have been conned into believing what they’re told and taught in schools. An unnecessary human brain processing activity leads to dysfunctional cognitive development and skills. The elements of existence play no part in education programs. A void exists, leaving a gaping unrealistic worldview that promotes material perfection and social status, leaving most of us in the low-socioeconomic environment that holds up government policies and practices in control and nothing more. Like it or not, everyone is on the bottom of the ladder. People become like crabs in a bucket, clawing one another back to get out.

This work represents twenty years of continuing original research in our effort to explain to the Black people how the world came to be in its present condition; visa-vi who is in charge and subservient. One of the salient facts is that the people who call themselves “White People” are more plainly called Albinos; (the Latin words Album and Albus mean White), and the number worldwide is a mere 800,000 to 1,000,000,000 (One billion). Whereas the Black population of the world, exclusive of Turk mulattoes (non-black Arabs), Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thais, Cambodians, Vietnamese, etc. and other Mongol Mulattoes is 4.5 to 5 billion Black people. The modern Black man is at least 500,000 years old, whereas the Albinos guess they are 6,000 – 12,000 years old. Those facts must intuitively tell you that great racial calamities occurred during the millennia’s since Albinos (Whites) first appeared on the Earth – RealHistoryww explains everything inside.

There is a “NEED” to believe that white history is a fraudulent framework for establishing a way of life. The blog post is not supposed to highlight the historical disparities of the world; instead, it emphasises important cosmic events that move with the time-space continuum, leading to a significant change in the earth’s inhabitants. After the world takeover by the white race, the upkeep of the universe revolutions and the planet’s alignment with celestial bodies influenced to integrate and change atmospheric circulation patterns, including human thought patterns, declined. But, in reality, Star system regeneration is embedded into the Earth itself, and despite human efforts, it can not change. Mother earth knows her children, and the rightful inheritance of the human spirit will return. An untrue, false, misleading statement wreaks havoc everywhere when the human mind utilises an untruth and makes it a tool for personal advances and prestigious recognition; it becomes poisonous soulless disembodied self-gratification that is prevalent in today’s society. It won’t work. How can a lie do good things for humans? An imbalance of mind and spirit body is associated with wrongdoing, and no matter how much people want to believe the lie to be accurate, it’s always wrong. It cannot go both ways. Simply because it’s still a lie and remains so. It used to worry me a great deal at the beginning, but I realised the problem is a problem for them (white race), to deal within themselves, and very soon, they will have a lot of explanations. The overwhelming evidence of archeologist spirit upsurge is looming. Much sooner than we can think. Stay tuned.

A depiction of Earth with waves of enlightenment passing over. It’s happening today all wrong, and the troubles of the world will dissolve

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