Hidden Power of Earth

The previous months since April 16 have been chaotic for remarkable planetary restoration or repair. During this time, much information presented itself (I trust my sources) in a sequence of events unfolding as the cosmos displayed an astrological portrait of the time-space continuum in sync with Earth, in particular, the Planet Leylines. It’s also an empathetic release of the Earth’s mother’s natural biological response to the global consciousness of humans suffering from the disorder of conflicts outside of their choice.

What is a Leyline?

A Leyline is a conduit, if you will, of spiritual energy that runs through the Earth. There are many of these lines across the globe, and they tend to intersect in a grid-like pattern. Points where these lines intersect are considered vortexes of physical or spiritual energy. It is now thought Leylines denote the transmission of electromagnetic currents within the Earth. Heavenly bodies influence such winds. Magnetism is an invisible web extending to the universe on every level, from atom to galaxy. Magnetic fields of influence integrate the universe, earth, and every living creature, so each communicates its rhythmic essence in resonance with others. Origine has always respected the force of magnetic energy, and they recognise the capacity of blood and red ochre to increase their sensitivity to it. Leylines’ connections with geographical faults, underground springs, astronomy, astrology and geometry.

The planet’s alignment on 24 June influences Earth’s Leyline’s alignment with celestial elements. I wrote a post on electromagnetic fields of energy that permeate our world and the universe. Human thoughts or consciousness arise through the transmission of electromagnetism frequencies transmitted within the spirit body (Dowie) to the physical brain in the same way Earth communicates with all levels of life. The Interconnectedness and interrelatedness of understanding of the natural world in ancient times.

The last planet alignment was in 1864

Astronomer Fraser Cain Publisher of Universe Today, says most people view the Big Bang as an explosion-like starting point. But in reality, imagine a grid that goes on forever in all directions. In the beginning, the cubes on this grid were very close together. That was the moment Creatives emerged or the moment of the Big Bang. Something expanded every part of that grid; all the cubes got further and further away from each other. The square represents solidarity: a static, earthly, and material perfection. It suggests dependability, honesty, shelter, and safety. The Cube is considered the building block of nature because the Ancient Greeks believed that the element of Earth was comprised of cube-shaped particles, given their shape stability.

The Quantum Sciences are discovering geometry is at the base of all subatomic interaction; ancient civilisations already knew; sacred geometry is the fabric of space-time itself. The grid forms Earth’s Leyline’s alignment with celestial bodies and replicates our local universe’s spiritual embodiment. The great Dreamtime ancestral creators.

I posted blogs on my encounters with the spiritual world and interactions over many decades. It was necessary “to grow up.” It’s a lifetime of learning. Spirit beings are also waiting for the hidden creatures worldwide to emerge from their secret places. I created a graphic design of my astonishing encounters with the Fairy Emus. These beings’ energies tuned in to a higher metaphysical realm I had never experienced before. It was very emotional. The Fairy Emus is a sacred body associated with Nguthungulli the Father.

Spirit beings of high order reside at earthly locations. The spirit of place is integral to cosmic and global health; maintenance and care for the land assist in healing within ourselves and the natural world.

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