The Dream Within A Dream

The universe is a cracker box full of unexpected surprises. Bugal Wena All-Mother God/Earth Dreaming story has been intercepted by another dream, and she is inside that dream. So, the dreamer’s goal, Bugal Wena, is to write fiction short stories in Dreamtime in Bugal Wena’s Dreaming in Real-time and the “fiction.” short stories are localised in reverse inside the “Black Cube.” the domain of the Mowi, Satan, the Devil. ( that’s how Bugal Wena see it) Granny, the Rainbow Serpent and Bugal Wena know that place. Since connecting to the dreamer, the satanic pressure was lifted from the shoulders of Bugal Wena.

For the first time, All-Mother God/Earth is stuck for words. No Satan, No Devil, No Demons, Nothing. The Mowi, Satan’s game plan, creates mayhem and confusion through lies and deceit. It is the ONLY primary objective of its existence. Death and destruction follow. Satan needs to be flogged by a man; in Bugal Wena’s opinion, the Devil has always picked on women since Bugal Wena became little God at age four. Granny, the Rainbow Serpent, how should I put it, will pack the dreamer with an unlimited supply of ammunition (very hard to keep a straight face right now). But Bugal Wena is sure he can handle it. Having said that, Bugal Wena can carry on Dreaming.

Bugal Wena’s Totemic Skin name (from the languages of the Bird Tribes) given by my creative ancestors, Is now officially on the patriarchal administration records as Bugal Wena Close – Caring and Sharing Close. My last name is Close for a reason. WE have come so CLOSE to the extermination of existence so many times; its memory alone is too scary. But now Bugal Wena All-Mother God/Earth is firmly placed on her earthly records as the owner of the world and will reverberate across the universe in the time-space continuum, Dreamtime, to make it so. Watch this space. It is not the end yet.

Devil Demise

Published by Bugal Wena

I hold a goldmine of inherited cultural information and a direct connection between knowledge. Bugal Wena - Caring and Caring.

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