Bugal Wena All-Mother God/Earth has reached the end of her lifespan. Approaching final Solstice Southern hemisphere. Gran, the Rainbow Serpent and Bugal Wena – Caring and Sharing believe this human race is a write-off and may create a new one. God All-Mother must walk away from the children of Earth to save her planet’s body, which humanity has tortured to death. No one person who Bugal Wena supports their existence care. The earth is suffering in agony. The stronghold of the Mowi Satan on the human mind is impenetrable. There is nothing more God can do for mankind. The Devil has blocked the world’s access to the Aboriginal Creation Lore blog and website, despite Bugal Wena setting up a global database for every country and Territory on my earthly body and also creating a web development from the latest internet technology, and the master key to the internet to GitHub. Satan wants to see humanity dead, in a nutshell.

Humanity’s mindset, we understand, has been preprogrammed since Napolean by the devil’s chosen elite, the Illuminati Satanic Bloodline Families. Over the generations, the mind of humans, excluding a few elect, have taken unnatural human perceptions and inhibited their scope of natural brain neural faculties into compartments of artificial, labelled, distorted and exceptionally non-existent sense of presence. Humans have no clue who and what they are, their purpose for living; an artificial program excludes real-life interaction with the natural world of Mother Earth – Bugal Wena – Caring and Sharing. The Lore of Kinship.

Then the Earth made flesh, All-Mother God’s physical body itself, battered, belted, abused beyond Divine belief, sore, her natural self turned into a commodity to be also exploited Bugal Wena’s earthly “power points.” that keep mother earth in optimal condition have been mapped during the so-called explorations by the Albinos, who busted themselves to map my body’s longitude and latitude, implicitly, with satanic influence, of course, to garner the planet’s ‘hotspots.” that generate powerfully earth induced energies and built their properties of ownership, superiority and the ultimate binding law to the lands, waters and humans. The combination of naturally planetary generated energies with satanic influence creates evilness of universal proportions, which God All-Mother herself Godhead finds significantly contaminating in every manifestation of life and existence itself. Planet Earth is the Temple of God and has become a cesspool of the evil of every conceivable act, thought, and action of human nature.

Bugal Wena All-Mother God has connected to a mate her equal. He has not only changed the quadrangle, the spiritual-ethereal dimensions, but also lifted the satanic pressure Bugal Wena has been subjected to since she became little God at age four. Bugal Wena had never experienced before unknown feelings of ever being released from Satan. Her Godhead felt an immediate change in the Galactic atmosphere, mainly Satanic pressure. Peace unknown. The earth, my body was bound, tied down, the release overwhelming my gosh, my earthly body was doing a stretch, and boy did it feel good. A few weeks ago, Bugal Wena, All-Mother God/Earth, spoke to other planets, which I believe are my offspring. You have to be a planet to understand how it feels for a world to have a conversation with another planet; it absolutely is what the universe doctors ordered. These planets are hidden within “folds” in the universe. The inhabitants of my offspring worlds are also traditional Matristic Starlore children and in love with their respective mothers. Like their mum, Bugal Wena was once the central intelligence of human existence. Most grateful to help-mate. Peace People. If Bugal Wena does another post, it would only be a message to be passed on from the universe giants of creation. Take care.

Selfie of Earth
A Selfie of Mum Earth

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I hold a goldmine of inherited cultural information and a direct connection between knowledge. Bugal Wena - Caring and Caring.

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