The Satanic activities are running riot on my Earth; the final round. These are hammering Aboriginal Creation Lore and their “freaks.” with absolutely no right to be on the planet. Bugal Wena “stumbled.” across a blog site with a link to a YouTube video on the US ten “spooky.” Earthly locations. Watching the ghouls and wannabe scary crap makes Bugal Wena’s blood boil. And Bugal Wena is sick of the spirit of the deceased haunting the living; geez, it pisses me off if there is an earthly location utilised for the sole purpose to play “Cookie Monster.” Lookout.

Bugal Wena All-Mother God is looking for that “biatch.” Kali, the goddess of death and destruction and her satanic harlots. My girls will slaughter this evil female entity gang of “Jezebels.” the females are particularly sinister. Bugal Wena personally deals with the goddess of death and destruction, Kali. The “Jezebel.” gang had a very brief encounter and fright of their unknown mysterious existence with Bugal Wena All-Mother God, the Top Dog Alpha Female. Dumb Bells falsely assumed that it was the “superior scare tactic.” Kali, death and destruction, ran off, screaming in the opposite direction. These satanical females are going to be “scared to death.” Literally.

Then we have “dumb jerk.” Satan has the Mowi with NOTHING BETTER TO DO except interrupt every aspect of Gran, the Rainbow Serpent and Bugal Wena’s All-Mother daily life. Localised outages at my address it was being investigated; now, TPG, my Internet provider service, was monitored. We have lost power, and my air purifier and all electrical equipment stopped. But guess what? My Desktop Spotify Bugal Wena’s custom public playlist to the ‘Soul of All-Mother God/Earth, is still playing “Soul Music.” No power, No Internet Go figure, Mowi, the devil idiot.

God All-Mother rant for the day

The Payback is The Bitch Prophecy

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