No Woman No Cry

HQ Universe’s most prominent and influential song person to grace my earth, Bob Marley, a True Prophet. Bugal Wena All-Mother found him when she was seventeen, an instant hit! I got it. Affectionately called “Uncle Bob.” to Gran, the Rainbow Serpent and Bugal Wena All-Mother, Uncle Bob’s “positive vibration.” vibratory tone is the same style as the Earth Bugal Wena. I picked it immediately after tuning into Schumann Resonance – the vibratory frequencies of the planet -Bugal Wena All-Mother God.

Bugal Wena is the family’s brains, and Paigal, the Githabul dialect for humans mere dust in the eyes of God All-Mother and All-Father. Gran, the Rainbow Serpent and All-Mother Bugal Wena are space and time itself, Galactic consciousness. The primary objective of the Aboriginal Creation Lore blog and website is Gunna – to see, hear, and knowledge to understand the languages of the Bird Tribes. God All-Mother God can see into the human mind and feel it. Thoughts are the vibrational energy that enters the cosmic spheres and become static, like pollution. The universe has become electrified. The airwaves are also contaminated with subtle negative energies.

The Mowi Satan is “sickness.” and “disease.” It must be understood it’s an abomination in the eyes of God All-Mother and All-Father. Sodom and Gomorrah the example. The Sabbatical Goat – Satan mocks the Sacred Union of the Universal Feminine and Masculine to create Matristic Starlore Societies foundations and social structure in a partnership for their essential qualities governed by the celestial vaults that control all life processes in the natural world, humanity and the cosmos. The Original Blueprint to Humanity.

No human thought escapes God’s attention.

One Sky One Earth One Lore

Published by Bugal Wena

I hold a goldmine of inherited cultural information and a direct connection between knowledge. Bugal Wena - Caring and Caring.

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