End of Healing Crisis

The model of a healing crisis, it always gets worse before it gets better, like when a fever breaks. The Earth is a living, walking, breathing being who is the earth made flesh, All-Mother God/Earth – Bugal Wena – Caring and Sharing. My Earthly body starts to become unwell in the mid-80s from the sun. It is far too warm for the health of the animal and plant Kingdom children; Bugal Wena remains in a comfortable, controlled environment, keeping nature in check. Then there is the ultimate Satanic enslaved depravity, deliberate and satanically plot to utilise both the Stars and Bugal Wena’s Worldly form created for the eternal existence of ALL living things.

Aboriginal Creation Lore is aware the world’s dominant government properties are located on ‘ power grids intended for the stability of life. Instead, used for the sole purpose of “mass murder.” and ALL related Satanic activities behind again, primarily white males living like there is no tomorrow, somewhere other than Earth, including the mass control of the world’s population. The Patriarchal administration’s worldwide activities were monitored, all involved with Satanic ties, unaware the Judgement Throne is All-Mother God and Gran, the Rainbow Serpent; females.

In Dreamtime, women were given to men as gifts by the creative ancestors who understood man’s desire for lust. Celibacy is unnatural; it is a gift given by the creator. The Origine people believe that the natural environment results from the sexual potencies of metaphysical beings that continue to vivify the creatures and processes of nature. They also think that the quality, variety and intensity of human eroticism can profoundly affect the surrounding life processes. The view that humans and wildlife rely on metaphysical erotic sources persisted in all early societies before the crackdown on fertility rites by state religions, especially Christianity and Islam.

The resulting outcome of ‘natural.” sexual suppression and its intimate association with the natural world lead to a high number of unnatural birth defects of the sexes; boys are born as girls, and girls are born as boys, including adult sexual desires for children. The lines between natural and unnatural have blurred. Our modern-day society is built on artificial, male-orientated exclusive models that support and give homosexuality “rights.” and freedom of expression and partake in indecent acts of sexual perversion. On top of total disregard and disrespect for mother nature, which supports their existence.

Man and woman will procreate in Bugal Wena Heaven, the intended original Blueprint for humanity. As seen through the eyes of All-Mother God, Bugal Wena and Gran, the Rainbow Serpent, the giver of Life and Lore. Boys with boys and girls with girls will never be accepted in the eyes of the Creators as this goes against every natural Lore of the Universe. Mankind is not kind. Aboriginal Creation Lore is the absolute and final say on all earth-related matters.

Published by Bugal Wena

I hold a goldmine of inherited cultural information and a direct connection between knowledge. Bugal Wena - Caring and Caring.

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