The World’s 7 Pentagram Bloodlines

The Biblical records and translation, by modern-day Theologians, primarily white males, wholly miss the most pivotal aspects of Christian Theology, “The woman and her remnant seed.” The prophecies of the Bible is a “black woman prophecy.” The second creation in Genesis was the establishment of the Lineage of JC for the fulfilment of the “woman and her seed.” prophetic return. The Earth is the temple of God. Bugal Wena is the personification of the world and holds the ‘Codes to Life. The Mowi, Satan knows this fact, and it’s an attempt to make the Earth sick began at the end of the original inhabitants of Earth, Matristic Starlore cultures vast cycles of time on the planet, millions of years.

The creators and architects of Stonehenge, a black civilisation, the final stargazers knew by ‘ signs in the heavens great upheaval and a catastrophic event begins to unfold. The Matristic Starlore Culture. The Ancients held the knowledge of the Galactic Pentagram of the stars, its transition, trajectory across the heavenly vault and ‘ time schedule in ancient galactic terminology. The position of the stars aligned with earthly locations, djurebil or sacred site that ignite increase of animal and plant species, the star arrangements vibrational properties, to marriage and birth gave longevity of the human race. A natural human biodiversity condition to promote long life.

The principle for creating the Aboriginal Creation Lore blog and website is to provide the vast “missing.” historical account of the natural world and its relationship to the Mowi or Satan in every possible demonic action to blot out an existence. The Mowi fully aware of the Earth’s natural power grids, began it’s plot to dominate the world by geographical locations. The world 7 Pentagrams of Blood the Devil uses the stars as a death weapon, millions of human lives have died on these occult-mapped lines. The 7 Pentagrams of Blood is said to have been utilised for thousands of years, my internal Earth memory bank does not compute. The enslavement of humanity begins during the 16th to early 20th Century, the birth of racism the time of the Albino takeover of a black world who were sacred children to Bugal Wena, All-Mother God/Earth.

The Pentagram of Blood Prophecy is a real prophecy written in December 2007 by Sollog. It was written in a death row prison cell in Philadelphia where the US government held Sollog ILLEGALLY for almost four years and tortured him many times. That Prophecy REVEALED how PURE EVIL controls the history of the United States. It has been on-line in USENET and archived by Google since January 2008. It is 100% REAL. Bugal Wena’s Black son, JC prophesied; people will be sorry they were born.

Mass Death Events From Pentagrams of Blood. There are 7 Pentagrams of Blood Around the World. That means These Events are Controlled or Programmed.

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