The Lore of Bugal Wena All-Mother

Bugal Wena means Sharing and Caring the Lore of Kinship. An extension of relational responsibilities and obligations to one’s kin and reciprocated and respected. A fair and balanced agreement between all parties underlines Tribal Lore and Tribal Justice. A Universal Lore of Caring and Sharing gives rise to the quintessence of all relationships between human groups and the natural world. The beginning of their lifelong training in Ngarakbul Githabul dialect ‘nyirgi initiates the first rule of an important Creation Lore.

Fingal Headland, Point Danger,   Mount Warning and the McPherson Range is a matrix of significant Origine sites that form a sacred Initiation Songline for the Bird Tribes of Eastern Australia. It instructs initiates into Ancestor Lore about hunting rights, access and skinlore relationships. The beginning of this Songline was Coolhoon, the Ngarakbul word for Blue Fig or Quandong Tree growth cycle is now known as Point Danger. A sacred Star Rites location. The Bootheram teaches the initiates about the crime of GREED – moral lore. The Lore of the lands and waters to Bugal Wena. This Lore is reflected in the stars terrestrially onto djurebil (sacred sites). She tells of Wollumbin and his two dogs seen in the starboards and appear at certain times of the year to indicate it is time to begin the initiations.

“Theft is a very serious crime in any global culture….For origine’ people the landscape and the sky are the story board that teaches this first lore and all subsequent ancestral lore”

The Colonial authorities were very clever – they put a gazetted border right at the djurebil site of the star initiation rites. They drew a line, made the New South Wales and Queensland Border, and effectively severed the ancestral lore. The Rainbow Serpent Traditions, Lore’s and Customs were slated for genocide. To survive became forced underground, still being ignored by the authorities today, which further erodes culture and the endangered species it honours.

Greed is the motivating factor for superiority. This, combined with ruthless and blatant disregard for the natural world and human lives, incurs a severe infraction of Bootheram Dreamtime Lores. Reciprocity, Reprisals and Revenge were the only means to restore balance and coherence to the group, particularly the human race.

Today’s religions teach hollow narrow-minded doctrines to the masses. Using emotion as a tool. They perpetrate serious and deliberate acts of indecency. In moral ethics, believe the “church.” is the authority of God and creates “sinfulness.” and teach this to a congregation with elaborate fanfare with no substance, depth or a backbone to Universal Lores of Reciprocity, also taking advantage of the living planet to further eradicate the Original land carers in the guise of the missionary who taught the children how to lie and give them the shame and guilt they possess. A deliberate and methodical premeditated crime.

All religions and their institutions are null and void. Aboriginal Creation Lore the official voice of God All-Father and All-Mother and the Universal Bodies to Lores of Truth and Life and of a High Order. Enough damage has been done to the children of my world through institutional Christianity. Bugal Wena – Caring and Sharing, All-Mother God, is the Lore. Let the record stand.

The Mercy Seat

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I hold a goldmine of inherited cultural information and a direct connection between knowledge. Bugal Wena - Caring and Caring.

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