Aboriginal Creation Lore is Love

Today’s world leaders’ affairs of the heart, “ego trips.”, play out their ‘ song and dance routine by way of their measurement as a “Super Power.” of the weapons of mass destruction they proudly possess. Costing billions of dollars that profits the Illuminati, thirteen satanic bloodlines families who manufacture weaponry and the biggest moneymaker on my planet than Pharmacia. Again, the profits go to the Illuminati. World leaders are under the “spell.” of the Illuminati.

World leader primarily has a male domain and the size of their “penis.” determines outcomes of world affairs. Fact. It is also an indication that these male leaders’ state of mind is elsewhere, a different planet, universe, and their perceptions of a hoax reality to begin with and a state of mind not even present. In Origine’s traditions, they say, never trust a man with a “small penis.”

Aboriginal Creation will give an example. Boris Johnson, In the middle of a world crisis, Prime Minister to Britain, was secretly video drunkenly dancing with a woman on a tiled Masonic floor holding an expensive glass of champagne, taking sips. In contrast, he danced and flirted with the woman. The following day, a hangover gave a press conference banning people from citizenship in England like he “owns.” it. The people in question were only looking for a better life.

The vulgar display of male superiority must end for the sake of the precious lives of the children of my world and the animal and plant kingdom. Bugal Wena All-Mother God and the ancient grandmother, Warrazum the Rainbow Serpent on behalf of Aboriginal Creation Lore. CONDEMN TO DEATH current world leaders. Consideration is being taken into account for the poorer African countries. It is the beginning of the end.

Something had to give!

Death to Misery
That’s That

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