The Satanic Scheme of Things

Aboriginal Creation Lore, Gran, the Rainbow Serpent and I, Bugal Wena All-Mother, don’t know where to begin with our lifelong unending “annoyance.” of the Mowi, satan. And continues today. All demonic interference we have encountered inevitably backfire, without fail. Because the Mowi “delights.’ in people’s misery and instigate all human suffering on earth. The Thirteen Satanic bloodlines families set up their NWO campaign in Western Australia in 1829. The Dutch, French and British were in a race to map the longitudes and latitudes of the globe. Not for convenience but for sorcery. The British claimed the entire eastern Australian continent in 1770, then came back to invade the lands in 1788 in the First Fleet and establish a settlement.

As a tracker in the realms of the spirits and multi- existence levels, Granny does the sweep and covers my tracks. To us, the destruction of satan will be Granny and Bugal Wena’s utmost delight. As the Mother and the Grandmother of the children of my world, we must kill it. Not before the hounds of hell and our “scary” Dreamtime family have their way with it. There will be nothing left of the devil when Granny finish with it. The Mowi has no clue what it’s in for.

The earth has power grids interconnected worldwide. The grids were lifelines. The Mowi knows the world possesses a supply of powerful forces of energies to keep the soil stable, in balance and operational. The devil uses these earthly locations to make the planet “sick.” My world was made to last in its pristine natural state. The So-called advanced civilisation of man shortened the lifespan of earth. Previous world leaders in the 1700s to the early 20th Century disregarded and were void at the beginning of the Industrial Age, instigating the demise of the world’s health. Much to the delight of the Mowi, which planned out an unnatural system of living through its chosen elite, the Illuminati.

Apparently, the “big bad devil” doesn’t like to be beaten, sore loser to the maximum degree. Gran and Bugal Wena has been tracking it for over fifty years. The Mowi devil has ALWAYS known its day was coming. Again, Gran, the Rainbow Serpent and All-Mother God repeat, we deal with a bona fides idiot. The children of my world must know the TRUTH.

Predetermined Lores predetermine life.

A Fitting Fitting Finale For Misery – The Mowi Satan the Devil

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