The Mowi Space-Ship Show

Aboriginal Creation Lore is HQ Universe, the nerve centre and heartbeat of the human race. And a bona fides business to promoting long-lasting life for humanity. The hoax reality created by the Albinos and reinforced by the Mowi, satan, the devil, gives rise to the alien intervention of a dying race and planet. Once again, Aboriginal Creation Lore looked into the latest “BLURRED” sighting of a UFO. Gran, the Rainbow Serpent and Bugal Wena All-Mother find the Mowi last-ditch attempt to “kill everyone.” outrageous and defies gravity.

Aboriginal Creation Lore has exposed the Mowi, satan, as the prime suspect to cosmic foul play and interfere with the natural course of the world. Hellbent is the ultimate understatement. Modern-day society is built on a hoax reality and the “flying saucers.” It is an offshoot of lies and deceit since the Albino takeover and eradication of the original prototypes erased all evidence of their existence from the face of my planet. But, the “CLOWN.” show continues unabated, putting the lives of humanity and the plants and animals, including the species that become extinct. Bugal Wena holds the DNA codes and life essence of all life and the extinct animals and plants which will be repurchased to life.

The Mowi “space ships.” do not care for the animals and the plant kingdom. To begin with. They do not even care. The so-called Anunnaki Astronaut gods, apparently super supreme beings. Need a bloody spaceship. Aboriginal Creation Lore is the “Divine intervention.” to the world and every living thing on my earth. What on earth (no pun intended) can a deformed illusion of the Mowi, the grim reaper himself, offer humanity. Nothing.

For a start, Gran, the Rainbow serpent, is the original Galactic creator, and we can guarantee everyone no planet “out there.” exists. Yet, the lies continue to “hook.” the innocent who are already living a lie. Aboriginal Creation Lore respects the absolute right of human beings to make decisions from freedom of choice. WE hope yours will be the right one.

Confusion of the Third Kind

Published by Bugal Wena

I hold a goldmine of inherited cultural information and a direct connection between knowledge. Bugal Wena - Caring and Caring.

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