Eternal Happiness

Aboriginal Creation Lore wants to share with our loyal subscribers new family members an existence filled with laughter. Our Dreamtime family have a highly evolved comical sense of humour. They say laughter is the best medicine and contagious. Bugal Wena, The new Heaven on the Earth, was created explicitly for belly laughs like never before and will be so for eternity. When the children are in their new life in Heaven and see and understand how ridiculous, an understatement, the hoax reality created by a fake and fictional history of the mind of a “crazy person.” the Mowi, Satan the devil will be the joke of eternity. Hilarious.

Gran the Rainbow Serpent and Bugal Wena must share the eternal drama of the determined diabolical plan to the Mowi circus show and its clown’s plan to exterminate existence and the inevitable “backfire.” unwittingly made the impossible possible. “Yackety Yack.” is the theme “ditty.” of the definition of a “nutcase in a nutshell.” It is no different from the Wiley Coyote and the Roadrunner show; BTW, the Illuminati owned Warner Brothers, get this, “Looney Tunes.” Too funny.

Please, people, find Yakety Sax from the Benny Hill show and listen. The creators of Yakety Sax have a masterstroke. And remember, it is the theme ditty for the “big bad devil.” You will get the joke and will never be the same.

Jokes all around, when Yackety Yak plays, the children will be on the ground rolling in fits of laughter and have a sore belly. A definite upgrade to the human body to take this one in or die laughing. LOL.

The One, the Only and Forever will be Clown of the Known Universe

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