Ram Ram – Sick in Heart & Spirit

The earth holds powerful healers who descended from a holy lineage from ancient times. Australia is key to the health and spirit of the world and survival. The central desert is the most recognisable landmark on the planet, the heart and soul of my earthly form, Uluru. The last owner of the rock is uncle Cassidy Uluru. He speaks forty-two dialects, can not read or write and has no English. The most humble, meek and soft-spoken being to grace the earth. He is also a powerful healer. There is no other who has suffered in silence like uncle Uluru. The police killed his father, and his uncle was shot dead on the rock. Uluru is far too sacred to walk up to the top; it is the holy heart of the world. My life beat. It broke uncle Uluru to see the sacred symbol of the world walked all over like a mat.

The Rock is one of the most popular tourist destinations globally; millions of people visit to admire the beauty of the largest monolith of Earth. He would say, the people who climb up the Rock Ram Ram, sick in heart and spirit and have no nature of reverence for the holiness to the natural world.

The Rock was famous for its climb to the top. Uncle Uluru and traditional elders raise awareness that Uluru the Rock is living and very ancient; it’s also the Earth Solar Plexus chakra. Climbing the Rock was shut down to the public in 2019, and fines of up to $10,000 if caught scaling up the sacred natural monument. The Rock has a deep connection to the East Coast of Australia in Ngarakbul country iconic Wollumbin or Mount Warning.

Wollumbin also is sacred to the traditional owners, and the climb to the summit conflicted with traditional lores. Major Earth energy lines converged at Wollumbin. The summit is the first geographic location on the Australian mainland the first energy rays of the sun hit. It then goes underground. While meditating, I see in a vision a massive line that ran from Wollumbin to Uluru. The dots join.

The climb up the summit was eventually banned in 2019, the same as the ban on climbing Uluru. Two deaths occur on the mountain. The first was a senior man who lost his footing and fell to his death. The second death was a warning. A man was struck dead by lightning at the summit. It was serious. There was a significant operation from rescue workers to retrieve the man’s body on the mountain. I heard the news and immediately understood Wollumbin swallowed up the body.

The Australian continent is bow-shaped; the centre of the bow time dissipate, and energy is scattered throughout. Coming from the South, the Antarctic is an Earth artery that travels North and directly through the heart of Uluru. It continues North to the earth’s Crown Chakra in Tibet, the roof of the world. The interconnectedness to the internal nervous system of the Earthworks is a key; just like a car key, it starts up the whole world in a forty-eight-hour revolution.

When the energy rays hit the top of Wollumbin, it sets in motion the wheel of the world. There is a half-hour time difference between the East Coast and Uluru. The vessel carries fast through the earth from the East Coast of Australia to the red Centre. Like an electric current.

The current is intercepted by the artery that travels North from Antarctica. It picks up the animating frequency directly from the East Coast of the Australian continent, moving the energy from East to West then North to Tibet. The Githabul is the ancient marriage clan of the Ngarakbul, and Yelgun is their word for Sun. Ngarakbul is ‘ first Sun country, the first on the planet.

It works like a locomotion train, in action driving wheels pushing forward all interconnected and in motion simultaneously. By the time the first solar energy rays from East Coast Australia reach the Tibetan highlands, the cycle disperses the first light of day around the world in a similar way to the neural networks to the brain and spinal cord to the entire nervous system of the human body. The earth is the same in function and performance. Dual-action completes its whirlwind networking in forty-eight hours. And rewind to begin another date; it takes not twenty-four hours for a date to revolve around the world but two days to complete itself. It was marking off the calendar of the world time. The Earth is a living, breathing entity, Bugal Wena, Caring and Sharing. Earth Mother.

The cycles of life a revolution.

World Revolution

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