World Peace & Harmony

Many people worldwide have grave concerns about the planet’s welfare and are fighting governments to implement strategies to “assist.” the environment’s health. The world leaders’ unperturbed stance focus instead on the.’ power play countries display against another to ignite the mind and ignore the mass’s plea for “authentic.” leadership towards the end of human suffering. There is no solution in government affairs to the current crisis facing humanity.

World religious institutions fair worse which reject the physical world and sensual experience favouring transcendental and ideal states—leading nowhere. The predetermined Lores inherent in the natural world achieve their freedom and diversity because they also apply to the rules of the original social networking that gives every individual extended self-organisation and relationships to both their ties to a place of origin, its creatures and the clans with a social contract with up to four hundred members within their tribal boundaries and beyond.

The stars predetermine all marital and relational requirements.

Modern-day society individualised, singled out and placed in compartments and labelled as unnatural beings with a plethora of ‘complexes in the “boxes.” to an artificial order detached from the unified celestial binary cycles between the cosmos, humanity and the earth and govern all life.

The celestial cycles reimburse new life to the fullest potential. The possibilities are infinite. The original blueprint for humanity’s sustainable future is also a predetermined arrangement of the stars. From the heavens, the gift to earth. The world will continue to turn minus those who parlay to the Mowi. The devil’s principle of death and destruction made even more sinister selfish gain and drunk on the superiority of vanity induced by self-aggrandisement.

The record speaks for itself. Aboriginal Creation Lore the official voice of God All-Father Sky and All-Mother. The marriage between Heaven and Earth. No power or authority of the world can not interfere with the act of God. Let the record stand.

Peace Unknown

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