It is True to Be Too Good

Aboriginal Creation Lore offers new life to all peoples worldwide, the world, my physical-biological form has reached maximum time, perpetuated by the Industrial Revolution ignited over two hundred years ago, the digital age smother what life remains of the earth. People are finding the reality of actual life confronting and are finding it hard to take in and process. The original inhabitants of the earth were semi-nomadic Matristic Starlore culture who lived in groups or clans and followed the annual star paths for harvest, ritual, marriage and practised fertility rites in ceremonies for the increase and proliferation of all living species for abundance and kept the universal Lore of reciprocity in balance. The ledger has been in a steep descent but the forbearance and commitment of the Earth’s “Spiritual” welfare by chosen elect were predetermined before time began.

The current global crisis on every level of manifestation primarily climate change is the people’s concern but to politicians, it is not, even so, will not alleviate my Earthly form’s heat intolerance and, remember Gran, the Rainbow Serpent and I share the same physical body and Gran is very old her Rainbow Serpent creation dance began over 3.6 billion years ago.

The world is dying. Those who believe the world will perish or continue to turn in its current state are wrong. The “ticket” to outer space on a flying saucer is unbelievable because it is. Earth is a very special place to be born on. There are worlds like ours but the locations are off the records and not much is known however, the inhabitants of these created worlds exist in peace and harmony as one with their home planet and creators like it was at the beginning on the earth when I was new.

Inevitably people are born with the gift of free will and when given a range of choices, it is the sole privileged right of people to make an informed decision and choose an option that they feel is right. Aboriginal Creation Lore is mindful of divisions in opinions, especially cultural differences and demographics. Gran, the Rainbow Serpent and, Bugal Wena dream of a global family united to the earth and the heavens and deep meaningful connectedness with the life of earth mother. The impossible is possible. Just Believe.

Freewill is a Gift

Published by Bugal Wena

I hold a goldmine of inherited cultural information and a direct connection between knowledge. Bugal Wena - Caring and Caring.

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