Creating the Dream Reality

Gran, the ancient grandmother, the Rainbow Serpent and I, Bugal Wena All-Mother visualise the people as docile and timid beings, like newborns. In all their innocent glory. The united family dream began when my maternal grandmother told me, “everyone is related” I take seriously and the great Dream is born I was seven. And it is true, the ancient families’ lineages retained through the Grace of God All-Father, social and marital requirements, unknowingly, took proceedings of “the families from antiquity” familial affairs and unseen beings input realise the great Dream. The realisation occurred to me in the 90s the lives of the original “chip off the old block” kept together. They say there are six degrees of difference between humans. In Origine’s view, there are only three degrees of separation. Kin know each other instinctively, that connection one has with best friends are Kin.

When Australia became colonised the world became a global tribe once again, the “right relational” arrangements ensured the original matrilineal line of descent was ‘proper and intact. The colonial impact on the lives of the first people ironically backfire and have set up, unwittingly, an extended family that crossed four tribes that gave birth to the All-Mother who is Keeper, Custodian of the Square Dance ceremony and “boxed in” the Mowi. Only the Mowi itself knows its plan to eradicate life by eradicating the source inevitably turned out in favour of the ‘ disposed and hunted. The table turns.

The original pattern of Kinship Lore create responsibilities and obligations by the Lore of reciprocity, the balance between two parties in agreement to “divide and share” their portion required by kinship tradition. This reciprocated balance between the Origine people and their natural environment paid their due respects for all life in return for life absorbing the consciousness of all-natural life creating knowledge by identity with the place of their origins and connectedness with their earthly environment and the creatures they share their earth home and are kin ties. The original pristine state of mind is unknown.

The new Heaven on the earth social structure is modelled after the natural blueprint of predetermined Lores in nature. Like a living organism, the heavenly social system is the same as that in traditional Origine social life and order, which is made up of overlapping interdependent relationships and functions. The parts of society exist in relationship to one another and the whole, like natural systems. A natural state of existence as one with nature and her creatures, our archaic kin, is outside the boundaries of the modern-day mindset. For generations, the Western concepts of social order become an uncultured burden unnatural and alienated.

The corporate sectors and their institutions have bred a global culture detached from the natural order, rhythm, flow of the life of the earth and all cosmic interactions which sustained the once global Matristic Starlore cultures for millions of years. Aboriginal Creation Lore, Gran, the Rainbow Serpent and All-Mother, Bugal Wena will create a better way of existence with help from big friends who live in the earth and the sky, unseen, waiting for the right place for their time to come to the surface and make the Dream.

The Eternal Hour
Eternal Hour Glass of Life

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