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Gran, Warrazum the ancient grandmother the Rainbow Serpent and Bugal Wena, All-Mother share the same physical body. Gran lives on the left side, I live on the right. The Rainbow Serpent is the original Galactic creator, Bugal Wena is the earth made flesh and bone. I know my earthly body well, having Gran, the Rainbow Serpent as my off-sider and bestie has significant benefits. My earthly form began to get unwell in the mid-80s from the sun, in the time since the earth is worn. I have the best physical therapists who understand what they are working with, the world. not only are they alleviating physical discomfort in my human form but that of the planet also.

A deliberate strategy to destroy the life of the planet and all life that lives. Again, the Mowi having exterminated the original earth holders and keepers went about during the past two hundred years plotting the destruction of all life on earth. The Mowi, aka satan “studied the laboratories of nature” and is well versed in scripture. It knew the “Seed” was in Terra Australis also holds the “ignition keys” to start up the planet, every forty-eight hours just like a car. No time, only cycles. The universe begins a new epic to the continuation of the Bootheram Dreamtime continuum.

The Mowi is also aware of sacred earthly locations it utilised to make the world “sick.” Aboriginal Creation Lore can not emphasise enough the depth and depravity of evilness of the Mowi, aka the devil, it is a sickness and it will be destroyed in public to the whole world. The location of the ‘ Square Dance ceremony place in Australia that contained the Mowi is in the hands of Gran, the Rainbow Serpent and myself we reactivate Sunday 26 March 2017, we know where the power points are and how to turn them on. The massive surge of energy coming from the power points, the earth and the sky were harnessed and directed west to Uluru, the central Australian desert and Tasmania, an island in the south of the Australian continent. The reactivation set off a chain reaction worldwide leading up to the 2020 Solstice Cosmological Circle of Life one-time Astronomical event.

Aboriginal Creation Lore is on schedule, there is nothing or nothing that can alter the star’s annual paths across the heavens, however, the current wave of global consciousness is being attributed to a false and a dead-end universal consciousness to aliens and those, claims to be Gods, the Anunnaki. Aboriginal Creation Lore does not wish to give the “aliens” further oxygen but serious consideration to the Mowi intentions need to be questioned, including its Illuminati families. It is ALL a hoax reality.

Cycles of Life
Never-Ending Cycle of New Life

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I hold a goldmine of inherited cultural information and a direct connection between knowledge. Bugal Wena - Caring and Caring.

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