Eternal Rebirth

Aboriginal Creation Lore would like to extend the invitation for the believer in truth, in return for life eternal. Guaranteed. The Bootheram Dreamtime continuum will continue to ignite the flow of all life on the Earth and bring about a change in the human spirit. For over three hundred years, the world has been blinded by fallacy created by a source steeped in lies and deceit. The intended course of the world’s natural history was diverted in the mid-1600s. Since then a “fake” history was created to give rise to Charles Darwin’s theory of the origins of humanity in 1859 as the ONLY established theory. However, genetic science tells a different story. DNA evidence suggests the origins of mankind proposed by Darwin are an outdated and false dichotomy on the basis man come from apes.

The Ngarakbul Githabul record the entire creation of the universe in their Bootheram and have been on earth for millions of years. The creation dance of the Rainbow Serpent began over 3.6 billion years ago. The Origine Matristic Starlore culture to the Rainbow Serpent Lore was the first. Bootheram or Dreamtime records the metaphors of the Ice Age and climate changes during the formation of the world. The Origine people retain their Oral history through the Stars, a Galactic storyboard of time and space. These same stars were once read globally by all cultures.

The universe is abuzz with new life, the re-establishment of the human spirit and the return of the sacredness and beauty of the natural world. The other half of the untold story is hidden from humanity who falsely assume the history of the natural world is complete. People have been ruled by an elite minority who established their reign on earth three hundred years ago. These families are the satanic bloodlines families, the Illuminati. The Illuminati stronghold on governments, the media and money dictate this planet and the distorted origins of mankind using Darwin’s theory that measures civilisation achievements on space exploration, technology and advances in science and medicine is mankind’s definition of “progress.”

The world is on the cusp of rejuvenation and restoration – Rebirth. The river has run its natural course and time stands to tell the destruction of great rain forests, extinction of plant and animal species, polluted oceans and waterways and the imbalanced natural lores of nature due to human interference that can not sustain life on the planet. So, we get a new world. As All-Mother God my world life span was shortened from world industrialisation and consumerism. Everyone gets a chance at a new life.

Rebirth & Regeneration
New World Dreaming

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