Prepare for Judgement

Aboriginal Creation Lore, Gran, Warrazum the Rainbow Serpent and myself Bugal Wena, All-Mother God on behalf of the Higher Lore/Law to the known Universe have a sacred and spiritual responsibility and obligations to inform the inhabitants of Earth a ‘ cut-off point to the life of the world as we know it has been reached. Every moment that goes by somewhere in the world is suffering and it must end. Bugal Wena, the physical-biological form of Earth and All-Mother quality of life has declined rapidly and this impacts the quality of life for all creatures on the earth. To proceed further with life as we know it isn’t kind.

There will be no change in the hearts of the world leaders, particularly Australia; therefore Aboriginal Creation Lore, as the official advocate of the world and the heavens will take matters of the world into the hands of All-Father God, WOO-PA-Ra-Yo-wah. Hundreds of years of human trafficking by the minority elites are about to surface including the child-slave sex industry also a byproduct of the world’s elite families. These families pay homage to the Mowi, aka the devil. As a way to appease the Mowi, the sacrifice of children is a regular occurrence. The Royal houses in Europe and Britain are connected to the occult and the very reason these families hold positions of power and influence.

The alien “fraud” is about to become public knowledge any day when it does the door to mercy will be closed. The power of Satan the Mowi to deceive is enormous and it has caused ALL SUFFERING on the earth since it was excluded from the heavens. The Mowi will be executed in public and all will understand the true meaning of life. The damage caused by the Mowi and its Illuminati bloodlines families can not be described, such as the seriousness of their “sins” a place is prepared by God, especially for them. An event in 1958 a meeting of the Illuminati families took place. One family, Collins, where Centre stage. A leading female and her two sons, very high in the hierarchy of the families. The Collins matriarch sat on a throne with solid gold bars at her feet and bedecked with jewellery. Eight children were bought out all dressed in white and bowed down before her. The Collins matriarch chose one child she favoured the remaining seven children were sacrificed. It must stop.

Subscribers to Aboriginal Creation Lore are known to Heavenly hierarchical rule and safe. These precious souls believed in the dream of life and beyond and have made our five decades-long work most worthwhile and their rewards are beyond the imagination. The solution is easy; just believe that dreams come true.

The End Of Destruction
Pure Innocence

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I hold a goldmine of inherited cultural information and a direct connection between knowledge. Bugal Wena - Caring and Caring.

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