Preserving the Seed

It is a question of preserving the seed within rests the chances for human survival during the closing and opening of an enormous cycle. The Australian government’s total lack of vision is viciously symptomatic of governments all over the world: instead of recognising the cultural treasure of the Origine people, it continually thwarts their efforts in Land Rights in a charade attempt to belatedly launch an “industrial revolution” in Australia. Emerging commitment to health and disciplines that integrate mind and body; disassociation of the naked body from sinfulness and immodesty to experience its natural strength and beauty; the spiritualisation of sexuality so that its metaphysical meaning is revealed; the empowerment of the Universal Feminine’s role in society and the living world and the inner stirring of the sense of the tribal and the spirit of kinship echoes of the voices of the first day.

The ancestral forces that hold the universe in balance will reciprocate with flowing fields to carry forth the inevitable rebirth of the human spirit. The butterfly from the cocoon, the flower born from the flower – these images share the same relationship as an attracting field to a magnet, all metaphoric images of the relationship of Bootheram Dreamtime to the world creation. These images do not depict evolution; they evoke the simultaneous presence of the primary division, that of the unconscious and the conscious. The Western tradition has precipitated a split in the Divine couple. The power and presence of the seed endure throughout the successive stages of growth.

In the Dreaming vision, there are no new energy, matter or events in the universe; all have existed from the beginning somewhere in the deep Dreaming of the Creative Ancestors. Therefore all living is reliving. Every action, every substance, every phase has already been accomplished in the Dreamtime and exists either as a temporary actuality or an enduring potential of this world the Dreaming, the enduring, changeless and timeless precedent. One need only is aware of the intricately interwoven fabric of the body, mind and spirit of nature to know any change or innovation is already contained and integrated into a fully realised wholeness. Nothing is left to chance or probability in the wondrous woven web of creation. As the Origine’ say, “the life of the universe is a one-possibility thing.”

The Keys to Life
The Key is the Dream

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