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Aboriginal Creation Lore would like to begin to prepare the mind of those ‘ connected people for their lives in the New Heaven on Earth and give an idea of how we will live our lives. Modelled after the Original Blueprint to Humanity a culture that has proved its capacity to integrate the entirety of human experience harmoniously within the natural and spiritual worlds. We will describe the creative processes and the difference between the artificial structure of the origins of life proposed by Charles Darwin in 1959, and the Origine’ worldview of creation.

The Origine’ speak of the beginning as a creative epoch when world-shaping influences pervaded the universe, before its material formation. Every culture possesses creation myths and all creation myths – from the Origine Dreamtime to the story of Genesis to the big-bang theory- postulate an energetic phase before the appearance of matter and life. In essence, all stories are similar. Vast fields of turbulent energy interact through the spinning galaxies and stars and eventually form stable elements. These elements are then combined into the substance of life under the earth’s geological and climatic pressures.

The Creative Ancestors were vast intangible vibratory fields of energy. In Bootheram Dreamtime creation, the Ancestor’ travels, skirmishes, hunts, assaults and lovemaking scored the earth surface, leaving their imprint in the earth’s topography. In the scientific view, the earth evolved through a phase in which powerful geological and climatic forces shaped the earth’s surface, raising mountains, creating oceans, carving riverbeds and forming rocks and deserts. The major difference is that white man cosmology only acknowledges physical forces and the Origine’ attribute consciousness to the creative forces and everything in creation.

Disguised in the language of astrophysics and geology is the essence of Bootheram Dreamtime creation; it has slipped below mankind’s conscious thought, like a seed yet to germinate. The active fields in the Bootheram Dreamtime creation myths are fields of consciousness. The kinetic and physic energies of the fields are symbolised by the Ancestor’s ability to alternate between animal apparitions and pure spiritual powers.

The Bootheram Dreamtime epoch concluded with the achievement of three fundamental conditions that made possible the embodiment of conscious life: the earth’s unique topography, speciated life forms and patterns for social behaviour. These three can be regarded as the sacred trinity of Origine’ spirituality. With the task completed, the Ancestors transferred their vibratory potency into the hills, creeks, lakes and trees and then departed, diving into the earth or rising into the sky. The stage was set for the physical emergence of the tribes, the plants and the animals. From then on, the entire cosmos is continually revitalised by the primal potency flowing between the great Ancestors of creation: the unconscious and conscious, earth and heaven, the All-Mother and All-Father.

Time is the duration between the seed to fruit. An Origine society like a living organism is made up of overlapping interdependent relationships and functions the parts of society exist in relationship to each other and the whole all divisions all identity; all-pervading boundaries. Like natural systems. The rules of totemic relationships are handed down from the Dreamtime as unchanging metaphysical Lores forming an invisible structure infused with the diverse animating spirit of all the spirits of nature. In the Origine vision, only the living species and forms of the land in all their diversity can provide the animated storyboard by which consciousness can maintain a flowing continuity between the self, the world and their metaphysical source.

Totemic logic uses perception rather than words or concepts, the present mode only repeats words and concepts from a pre-established cultural framework. Perceptual thinking with Origine totemic logic create thought patterns that follow the natural behaviour of neural networks. Origine society provides a structure for both body and mind to exist in just fluid patterned formations, totemic logic allows connection and insight to emerge that are useful in the ever-present moment of the Dreamtime continuum. Prepare for the ultimate mind makeover.

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