Cruising Home

The team at Aboriginal Creation Lore, Gran the Rainbow Serpent and myself, Bugal Wena, are on auto-pilot now the dilemma that entertains the masses into mass illusions of grandeur complete. Our efforts to right a wrongdoing and injustice to the world’s people are fraught with immense obstacles deeply entrenched in the human psyche over generations of time—the agents of the Mowi fight in legions.

A most beautiful natural mystic is flowing through the air on the planet, Kaya. Mellow mood has got an influence untouched and uncontaminated by satanic influences or artificial manipulation. The aromatics of the sight and senses will enlighten the world’s great dream and clarify doubts. To our loyal subscribers who believed in the pursuit of life beyond the confined program, we all know it to be an illusion and counterfeit, are the chosen few to enter into eternal bliss—the new creation of heaven on the earth.

Tune out of the rat race and get real and live. The earth vibratory tone and the music of Bob Marley are the same; Schuman Resonance enters the mind via two modes of transmission in deep neural activity an AC/DC, the original mind tuned into the natural wavelengths of animals, the natural world to sacred earthly locations worldwide and the cosmos. The Universal Lore of Reciprocity balance checks in place all bases have now covered the light bring the children home.

Aboriginal Creation Lore will walk the connected through the final chapter on the earth as we know it. You are in good company.

Journey Home
Going Home

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I hold a goldmine of inherited cultural information and a direct connection between knowledge. Bugal Wena - Caring and Caring.

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