Artificial & Fraud History

Aboriginal Creation Lore must note historical discrepancies to the “natural history of the world human origins clouded in mystery. We did some investigations.

“The history of the first civilisation question why human beings advanced so rapidly than those who already existed on the ancient planet. People, through their religion, try to offer answers to the creation of the world, adding the creative capacity of humanity “claims.” to be in the text written by one of the first civilisation in history—the Sumerians. The Sumerians emerged from Mesopotamia around 4500 BC and were responsible for creating large cities and a system of writing known as Cuneiform tablets on clay. Fourteen Cuneiform tablets were found in Iraq in 1849.” the narrator gives no names of the archeologists or who deciphered the Cuneiform “manuscript.”

“The Anunnaki Gods, according to Caledonian Calligraphy, the hierarchy of the Anunnaki Gods are; Anu it is claimed is the personification of heaven full of infinite wisdom the “oldest” of all the Anunnaki Gods.” “the goddess Ki represented the earth and is Anu’s wife. The union between Anu and Ki gave birth to Anunnaki, which translates to “children of heaven and earth.

“Why does Anu need a spaceship as the “personification of heaven?

“The Anunnaki astronaut gods “had to take a chance” saving their home planet using their technology, alchemy and magic and leave their dying planet Nabiri on the edge of our solar system and search for gold to save their planet! Along the way, the Anunnaki enslave workers to mine the gold. Every 3600 years, the Anunnaki home planet orbit is closest to the earth. Nearby, the world and Nabiri created conditions that melted the ice caps and caused worldwide flooding. The Anunnaki Gods used “genetic engineering.” to create the first human being, Adamu. In the beautiful garden full of fruit trees and exotic animals.

If the Anunnaki Astronaut Gods were supreme beings, why did they create new life on earth, not on their home planet, Nibiru?

The Anunnaki experienced initial Genetic engineering problems, creating Nephilim giants, who possess the strength the Anunnaki required for labour but lacked intelligence.”
The Anunnaki Astronaut Gods came to earth 445,000 years ago. They taught human beings knowledge in architecture, mathematics, music and writing. They also led human beings to establish a Monarchy system with a bloodline that kept the Anunnaki blood pure and how to control populations.

The historical account of the natural world is a lie. The Albino invasions into Europe, Britain and the entire original Black civilisations fell to the Albino domination who have corrupted the history books with fraudulent inaccurate information which is false and misleading and a one-sided view of the world by the Albinos, the white race are merely the Albinos to the pure black Dravidian Indian of northern India who migrated to central Asia about 10,000 BC.

The creation dance of the Rainbow Serpent began over 3.6 billion years ago. The Origine Matristic Starlore children were the first made here by the Creator Spirit, Nguthungulli. The Ngarakbul Githabul kept track of vast Galactic cycles of 26,000 years using two stones and is accurate. Our Bootheram or Dreamtime stories tell the entire creation of the universe.
When Bootheram first recorded, science hadn’t known birds evolved from Dinosaurs. The Ngarakbul Githabul descendants have always known. The Alcheringa Songline is a sacred story and can NEVER CHANGE.

Illusions of Grandeur
Fictional Distorted Reality

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