The Last Laugh

The team at Aboriginal Creation Lore possess a highly evolved ‘ sense of humour. We laugh in the face of ‘ absurdity we confront daily, the “Albino fake history.” an excellent example of ‘ ludicrous. Each day archeological findings and scientific research.’ believe there is evidence claiming to be the “extinct ancient humanoids.” that resembles an ape to fit the ‘ Darwinian theory as the “only.” reliable and established origin of humanity. The Out of Australia Theory evidence was removed from the internet; the uploader felt it was necessary to exclude “rock-solid” evidence that proves Darwin theory is a lie from the public, once again leading the children up a ‘ blind path.

The continual lies and deceit are becoming even more ridiculous; each time Aboriginal Creation Lore blogs a truth post, the lies grow and expand along with the scientists and researchers ‘ buffoon outdated, distorted, a false dichotomy. The Ngarakbul Githabul records the entire creation of the universe in their Oral traditions and is reinforced by the ‘ Stars, an incorruptible testament.

The Ngarakbul Githabul Oral history gives an account of the metaphors of the Ice Ages and climate changes during the formation of the world. Also, their Oral history speaks of their ancient connections with Egypt. People may think, how can an Oral history retain vast tracks of time. The Stars. The established false theories of humanity keep churning a very colorful imaginative and artificial origins of humanity that will inevitably, backfire. The removal of the Out of Australia Evidence videos, proves further guilt and indiscriminate lying by Albino authorities.

Starlore Lore
Everything is Written Twice on the Ground and in the Sky.

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