Animal Kingdom Payback

The animals worldwide are retaliating; they had enough. These innocent bystanders stood the full brunt of so-called civilisation, and the tables have turned the animals fight back, literally. I hear of two stories of the poachers killed by the poached—a turtle and lions. The tiny innocent turtle, Asia, was spotted by a poacher as it was making its way to the river for a swim on a rocky riverbed. The sinister inhumane poacher thought of dollar signs, including a tasty meal. He was accompanied by his wife, who witnessed the event. The poacher stood near the tiny turtle and stooped to pick it up. Suddenly, an eagle swooped down from the sky and snatched the little turtle with its talons and flew up to the sky.

The ‘ out of bounds meal and a few measly dollars infuriates the sinister poacher, who curses the eagle with swearing and a display of a ‘ child tantrum. The eagle, well within its right with nature, also wanted a meal. The eagle flies high in the sky then drops the turtle to smash its shell on the rocky riverbed to get to its lunch. The lores of nature, wind direction, and a ‘great aim, the small turtle lands upside down on the head of the poacher and is instantly killed, the poachers head cushioned the fall of the ‘ heroic turtle, who then walked away from its two times cheat death at one time. The eagle flew away. Hooray.

A few days ago, I heard a similar story of a poacher whose love for the devil’s eye money paid the ultimate price—this time in Africa. As the animal kingdom does, a family of lions were ‘ minding their own business. A greedy also a very stupid poacher wants to make a quick buck on lion furs and lions paws. The evil poacher tracked the family and believed he was on a winner, and an obvious one, with a gun, pushed his umpteenth luck the final time forever.

Animals communicate and ‘ sense danger. The lion family matriarch smelled trouble, and she dispatched to her family the evil lurking in the shadows. (sounds familiar). The hunted lion family turned hunters to protect themselves and their cubs. The lion family surrounded the poacher then pounced. They devoured the body leaving the head as a warning to wannabe ‘ let’s kill a lion today, poachers. Hooray again, well, survival of the fittest and poetic justice. How many innocent animals were subjected to satanic cruelty over time? These psychopaths will answer All-Mother God, Bugal Wena and Gran, Warrazum the Rainbow Serpent.

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