Which Way to Heaven?

People are confused, no doubt, by false and fraudulent historical narratives. Aboriginal Creation Lore is created to dismiss lies and dishonesty. The world is on the cusp of eternal rebirth; many people have blocked access to truth from ancient times. The Albino Illuminati and their lowlife leader, the Mowi, aka satan, continue to blind the children of my world with distortion and create havoc in their minds. Gran, the Rainbow Serpent, the original Galactic creator and All-Mother God, Bugal Wena, have exposed the families of the Mowi, should seriously consider their impending doom. The left-wing Christian fraternity made a mockery of the written word and held the delusional idea they have exclusive rights into the gates of Heaven, which they believe will be in the sky. False. The new Heaven will be on the Earth, my global body.

The son of God, All-Father, JC, died for his mother, Bugal Wena. The long-awaited return of the ‘Woman and Seed.” is the first prophecy of the Biblical word, also in the Oral format of the Australian Origine history and foretold. The vast historical lie is still a lie; time does not erase the facts only amplifies the nonsense adding to the artificial confusion. Nature itself continues to vivify the creative ancestor’s potencies, left behind on the earth and mirrored terrestrially with the stars, an incorruptible Higher Lore that stands the test of time. New life and a new world await for believers in dreams come true.

Aboriginal Creation Lore will continue to expose lies and corrupt systems. The Australian patriarchal governance has become a fictional criminal corporation with deep inter-connected ties to the Masonic Freemasonry, including the political elite pedophile ring. The Illuminati has a great “stronghold” on worldwide governments, including academic and scientific communities, and push Charles Darwin’s theory of the evolution of species as the ONLY origins of humanity. Aboriginal Creation Lore has evidence that claims the Darwin theory to be false.

The Mowi, better known as the devil, and its Illuminati satanic bloodlines families will be “dragged.” into the Lore Courts of new Heaven to face Judgement by the All-Mother God, Bugal Wena ancient grandmother, the Rainbow Serpent, Warrazum.

Heaven On Earth
The Birth of New Life

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I hold a goldmine of inherited cultural information and a direct connection between knowledge. Bugal Wena - Caring and Caring.

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