A Crying Shame

Aboriginal Creation Lore, Gran the Rainbow Serpent and Bugal Wena All-Mother God find the “authorities.” campaign to eradicate ALL TRUTH is absurd and ludicrous beyond belief. The depths of depravity in the demonic planes now infest the people. Our Mission Statement is that Aboriginal Creation Lore aware that people have free will to make informed decisions. The official blog and website were implicitly created to tell the children the truth.

Aboriginal Creation Lore business on the internet Gran and Bugal rage at mass hypnosis taking place everywhere fueled by demonic entities and possession. I sent an email to Google to take note and give the link to the page of the All-Mother God. Wherever the truth goes, problems ALWAYS follow; it’s criminally insane after decades of personal experiences with satanic attacks or an ambush, inevitably, ALL plans of the Mowi, or, satan backfires. Between Granny and myself, we consider it a bona fides “idiot.” and taking advantage of the situation for what?

Before all the agricultural-based societies of India and the east, there existed timeless, indigenous, gathering and hunting communities in the same regions. As the earth’s magnetic energy slowly diminished and the dance of creation in this cycle began to turn twilight, the psychic potencies of the Dreaming both in humans and the earth declined. The diminishing of the life force resulted in deep doubt, uncertainty and separation between humans and the world. Agriculture was the most significant collective reaction to this vision loss and alienation.

The men had no longer had the role of ecstatic trance-dancer; the wild, wandering, highly sensitised and perceptive hunter; and the mystic absorbed in of animal Dreaming. A man became the guardian instead to tedious cycles of controlled cultivation, the builder of complex stagnant settlements, the soldier/defender of fixed boundaries and territories, the deceitful profiteer of material possessions and exchanges and the ruler of subjugated flocks, both human and animal.

For women was equally radical. No longer could they embody all the forms of the Universal Feminine: the ravished virgin, ritual prostitute, the all-loving mother, the healer and nourishing wife, the laughing storyteller, the naked dancer, the wondering old silent wise woman. The Universal Feminine primarily took the form of the earth-mother hag, whom men tormented and exploited to maintain their authority over her natural power to give life and nourish.

As the Origine’ say, “white man has lost their Dreaming.” The Origine’ is tuned to receiving suggestions, images and potencies directly from the pervading, pulsating voice of the earth and the prevailing echoes of the Creative Ancestors in the world and the heavens.

The River has Run it's Course.
The Lores of All Life CAN NOT CHANGE

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