Payback Time

The evilness and lies of the authorities were exposed. A world Grand Jury established and found the Coronavirus vaccine to be ineffective. A deliberate ploy to eradicate the human population for the minority elite who control the mainstream media and world governments. The Illuminati bloodlines families are the core to rampant, unbridled disorder, chaos and confusion in the world and hold the false assumption they are above the law. These satanic families, dead and alive, will face the Judgement Throne of Gran, the Rainbow Serpent and Bugal Wena, All-Mother God.

Illuminati families’ satanic bloodline use many names; however, these names are given to Gran and Bugal Wena.

  • Rockefellers
  • Rothschilds
  • Bundy
  • Kennedy
  • Astor
  • Collins
  • Li
  • Van Duyn
  • Dupont
  • Onassis
  • Russell
  • Merovingian
  • Freeman

The Mowi, aka satan, implants its seed in the Merovingian family and intermarry within the Illuminati families who falsely believe they carry the origin of satan and that of Jesus Christ they say married and had children, False. Yeshua is Bugal Wena’s son who died for his mother.

The Illuminati stronghold on my world will not die but be placed into the “other side.” The place made for evilness created by the Mowi’s satanic families. The Illuminati has reigned on my earthly body for too long and is coming to a swift end.

Gran, the Rainbow Serpent, the original Galactic creator and Bugal Wena, All-Mother God, urge all truth seekers to share the Aboriginal Creation Lore blog and website with family and friends.

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